White Robed Chief Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Leanne Xue

The two of them walked out of the Tower of Gazing. Chu Li could tell that Su Ru was rather unhappy.

"Chief, if I stay in the Public House, they won't be able to raise their hands against me!"

He smiled and said.

"You can't possibly be planning to stay in the Public House forever, are you?"

Her anger showed through her tone.

"Even though you're an Scribe."

"I'll lay low for a little and it'll die down, I'm sure of it. It'll all be alright. The Temple of Tempest is a busy temple. They won't bother spending their time to kill me."

"You're clearly incorrect!"

Su Ru furrowed her dark brows.

"These monks are a little stubborn. The second they decide on something, they'll get it done! Everyone that they had wanted to kill is now dead. Don't be ridiculous, and don't you dare leave the Public House!"

"Is the town safe?"

"The town is safe, yes."

Su Ru hesitated.

"They still have rules to follow, they usually won't cause trouble in town. But you're still better off staying in the Public House!"

"That's a relief..."

Chu Li smiled.

Su Ru sighed.

"You're really a troublemaker, aren't you, Chu Li? You went and offended the Temple of Tempest! This is just going to spawn a mountain of trouble, I tell you!"

Chu Li had spread out his hands.

"I can't help it, Chief. I'll always feel like helping those powerless around me. If I hadn't destroyed the Raging Tiger myself, I wouldn't be able to face my own conscience!"

"Hah..fine. Let's go."

Su Ru was at her wit's end. She had nothing else to add. He was indeed doing the right things, but those types of people were never treated well. The world was already unfair as it was.

The two of them passed through the thick forest. There was a small courtyard behind the trees.

There were a total of twelve small courtyards. They were all equally distanced, allowing each court to be functionally isolated, so as to not disturb each other. All of them had sufficient personal space, with designs that were quite creative.

Su Ru brought him to the middle of one of them.

"This is the guest room to Lady Siao's place."

Su Ru pointed at the flurry of courtyards.

"They were initially used for her friends, but since it's been so rarely used nowadays, it has become quite quiet here. No one really comes here anymore."

"It looks pretty good."

Chu Li had a good look around the place.

The courtyards were in the middle of the woods. It was very hidden and quiet. Chu Li enjoyed these types of ambiances the most. The aura here was vigorous, and the air was fresh.

"Have a look at this one! What do you think?"

Su Ru opened the door to one of the courtyards. To the west was a bamboo forest with a pagoda next to it. To the east was a parterre with a pond of fishes within it. He was able to enjoy the scenery of the bamboo forest whilst he was in the pagoda. There were also plants, fishes, and insects all over. It was tranquil, at least.

They stepped out, and Chu Li sized up his surroundings and nodded with satisfaction.

"You'll be living here, and traveling to-and-fro the East Garden. Would it be fine to build the spirit land in the woods, here?"

"This should be fine, I suppose."

"Is it not too small?"

"We haven't even started. There's no need for it to be too large. We'll try and see where it goes."

He had no experience of it, he had only known how it worked theoretically. He needed to try and figure out how it worked, or else if he had gone for it and failed, it would have been a great loss.

"I suppose that's fine too. The spirit dirt will be sent by tonight. You'll be able to work on it then."

Su Ru started to look excited.

"The Andromeda you had grown was very delicate. Lady Siao really did improve. Your contributions know no bounds!"

Chu Li smiled.

"Don't let your guard down just yet. Lady Siao needs a lot of unique herbs for her cultivation, and you might not be able to make it all grow!"

Chu Li smiled.

"I understand."

Su Ru clapped her fair looking delicate hands.

A well-rounded and plump young lady appeared at the front door. Her figure was erotic.

She was wearing a snow white gown. Her dignified manner was of a girl from the noble family. She behavior had an elegant feel to it, and the light pressure of arrogance could be felt.

Chu Li turned his head and looked at Su Ru.

"This is Xue. A maid, for you."

Su Ru smiled.

"Instruct her should you have anything you need her to do."

"It's an honor to meet you, Master."

Xue bowed as she walked towards him.

"This is...I don't think I need one..?"

Chu Li hesitated.

Su Ru smirked.

"You can't always be doing things on your own now, can you? Just make use of her, no worries! She's smart and knows everything about the island!"

Chu Li analyzed her and activated the Omniscient Mirror

She was someone who was proud and arrogant. She looked as if she was respectful towards him on the outside, but she really could not have cared any less about him. It would be a little troublesome to have to utilize a maid like this.

"Are you not satisfied?"

Su Ru smiled.

"Xue is the prettiest among the island! Do you not like her?"

Chu Li looked over at Xue again and smiled.

"Isn't this a waste of talent?"

"You're rank six, and she's rank eight! It's not a waste of talent at all! But it's fine, you take your time and settle down, and I'll be back at night."

Su Ru waved her small hands and stopped for a bit before she turned and left.

"That's right, Xue knows martial arts too! She isn't as weak as you think she is! So don't think about bullying her!"

"I wouldn't dare!"

Chu Li smiled.

Su Ru had a soft smile. She left elegantly as her gown waved in the winds.

Chu Li observed Xue. She was looking down, and her delicate face was stiff. She made no movements as if she was a statue. She stood still, allowing Chu Li to look at her however he wanted to.

Chu Li coughed slightly.

"There's no need to be so stiff."

He walked to the pagoda and sat next to the stone table.

Xue walked towards him and held out her delicate hands. She started getting busy. She added some water to the small furnace and lit up the fire. Her moves were skillful and elegant, it was soothing to the eyes.

Chu Li continued to observe.

"I'm quite picky, as I have a lot of shortcomings, and I'm quite demanding! I hope you're able to stand it and refrain from complaining to the Chief!"

"There no need to worry, Master. I'll try my best to become a maid able to handle my responsibilities to their best!

Xue said.

Chu Li smiled.

"Admirable! Responsibility is what I ask for!"

"Everything in my watch, I shall do well."

Xue coldly replied.

The maids of the Public House were also guards, and they belong to the Public House. They were not owned by anyone, Chu Li was not able to do whatever he wanted to the maid.

Chu Li shook his head and sighed. He had a beautiful maid next to him, but he was uncomfortable. The power of women was formless. It prevented people from ordering them around. It would have been better if it had been a butler, much easier too.

It was truly unfortunate as all the men in the island were Protectors. Not one of them was an Scribe.

The furnace started to spark, and steam began to rise.

Xue took a teapot made of white jade and made a cup of tea for Chu Li. She offered Chu Li the cup of tea with both of her hands and a cold expression, but her moves were all full of respect. There was nothing to pick apart.

Chu Li sipped the tea. The scent was light and cleansed his organs. The tea itself was tasty, and her skill in brewing them was amazing. It seemed as though she had been through vigorous training.

He drank as he enjoyed the scenery of the bamboos. He spaced out as the sound of the rustling bamboo and nature robbed him of his thoughts.

He thought of how should he deal with the Temple of Tempest. It may have been said that they were not likely to cause any trouble in town, but there was no guarantee to that statement.

His situation was incredibly volatile. As if there were a sword hanging on his head, and it would drop if he made any wrong moves.

His only choice in order to get through this was to make it to the stage of Grandmaster.

But to reach that stage, he first needed the finest of the artistic concepts. Only when he had achieved enough to earn himself a name would he have the chance to train in a sect.

But even before that, Lady Siao had to complete her innate mastery first. At that point, he would have been credited for assisting her and Siao Qi would not depend on him any longer. Only then would he have a chance of entering a sect to train.

The crutch to this was that he did not know what kind of spirit herbs Lady Siao needed, and whether he was able to grow them or not.

They were both innate masters, but the levels of their power were different. When innate masters trained to a point where they were a part of nature, and their inner strength had become as pure as nature's aura, they will have completed innate mastery, and finally, step into the domain of the Grandmasters.

Chu Li had benefited greatly from the Scripture of Life and Death, as well as the Omniscient Mirror. He had essentially skipped the later stages of innate mastery, and he was only lacking in artistic conception.

They were both innates, but their skill and power had a gap in them. The Infinite Sea of Azure was indeed powerful, but it could not win against the Sentient Menace. If the Sentient Menace was trained to its extremes and was complemented with artistic conception, it would have allowed one to face off against everyone in the world.

At this point, he was very clear that what mattered now was to train the Sentient Menace. In that case, even if an assassin was sent for him, he could easily have escaped.

He stood up and walked out of the pagoda, and made a weird posture. He began practicing the Sentient Menace.

A lot of inner energy rushed through his body, circulating the heart technique of the Sentient Menace. The energized and pure inner energy slowly turned into threads of odd spiritual energy, whirling around his body.

The cultivation of the Sentient Menace took up too much energy. Even with all the thirty-six styles, an innate master would have dried up his reserves with only a few tries, but he stood on the Scripture of Life and Death. His inner energy reserve was virtually endless. He continued cultivating and progressed incredibly quickly.

Without the Scripture of Life and Death, the followers of the Temple of the Tempest had to rely on pills, and they required tons of them. The Sentient Menace was built around the usage of these pills.

That meant that only the followers of the Temple could afford to train the Sentient Menace. If a different sect were to be given the guidebook for the Sentient Menace, they would not even be able to train it, as they could not afford the sheer amount of drugs the Temple used.

His vigorous inner energy changed into streams of weird spiritual energy, circulating in his muscles with the heart technique of the Sentient Menace. He began to feel more and more energized, and that he had endless amounts of power.

He cultivated it over and over, he had almost no rest and trained from the morning until the afternoon. He only stopped when Xue delivered lunch, but even then he only sat and ate on the table quietly, still immersed in the power of the Sentient Menace.

Xue observed him from a corner, without saying a word. There was only the sound of Chu Li's munching coming from the bright living room, it was loud and clear.

After he had finished eating, Chu Li put down his chopsticks.

"I'll be out for a bit. You don't have to follow."

"Yes, Master." Xue replied.

He did not cultivate immediately after his meal, he instead walked around outside to digest food. He left the courtyard and went through the woods and through the side of the island. He boarded a boat and returned to the East Garden.

Lee Yue was in the middle of cooking and asked what Chu Li wanted to eat when he saw him return. Chu Li replied that he already had lunch.

Lee Yue helplessly looked at him. Chu Li told him that he would be spending most his time in the Guardian of the Jade from now and that Lee Yue no longer had to leave any food for him.

Lee Yue's eyes brightened.

"Brother, you won the lottery!"

Chu Li smiled.

Lee Yue took out the food and sat at the stone table, and began eating.

"The Guardian of the Jade! That's Lady Siao's private domain! You're going to stay there!? That's equal to joining her circle. Your day is coming soon!"

Chu Li smiled.

"It's not easy. She's not lenient if I don't reach her standards!"

"That's true as well" Lee Yue said as he gobbled a mouthful of rice.

"Lady Siao is very fair and strict. She doesn't allow for mishaps. If you're trying to waste her time and do nothing, she definitely won't forgive you! Tread carefully!"

Chu Li said.

"It's up to you now, the East Garden, that is."

"Leave it to me!"

Lee Yue slapped his own chest.

"But if anything happens, you'll still have to deal with it!"

Chu Li nodded

"Of course. I'm responsible for both sides."

"How about the residence outside the Public House? Can you take them at the same time?"

Chu Li smiled as he said.

"I have Sister Zhao Ying to help."

"Heh! I see you're making progress with Sis Zhao Ying!"

Lee Yue smirked.

"You're going to take her soon, aren't you?"

"It can't be that easy. A woman's heart is like a needle falling into the ocean, I can't be reckless, you don't try anything stupid."

"Of course not!"

Lee Yue hit his chest in promise.

"My mouth is sewed shut! By the way...it seems that Zhuo Feiyang is off in isolation for cultivation again, so you'd better watch out!"

Chu Li nodded.

Zhuo Feiyang's qualifications were really high. If he actually trained well, it would have been no problem for him to reach innate mastery. Chu Li's wisest course of action was to not underestimate Zhuo Feiyang.

Even though Lee Yue was guarding the East Garden, he was oddly well-informed. He had friends from every circle, and he also has to form connections every time he ventured out of the islands. He had hold of many secrets at this point. There were both real and fakes ones, but all of them were interesting and worth listening to.

He continued to eat as he described and explained why Zhuo Feiyang began isolating himself again.

It was due to the fact that he was embarrassed about not being able to win over Zhao Ying. He got angry and decided to isolate himself to cultivate.

Zhao Ying' swordsmanship was then unbelievable. She was impressive in the Hall of Martial Arts. No one could best her in swordsmanship. She was getting more and more well-known as another martial arts genius.

Lee Yue reminded Chu Li to be swift so that Zhao Ying would not slip out of Chu Li's hands.