White Robed Chief Chapter 380

Chapter 380 The Move

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The three of them had their backs against each other.

The plan for the trio including Liu Xing to attack one at a time went up in smoke. They couldn’t possibly crush each one at a time so they separated, one against one.

These three Grandmasters’ cultivation level were high.

With a “bang bang”, waves and waves of fist energy violently surged, causing sand flying and pebbles rolling outside of the Imperial Residence. It was a dynamic display of strength. The surroundings were quiet as the night, without the slightest movement.

There was already a crowd gathering within the walls of the Imperial Residence but no one dared to stick out their heads as the impacts caused by a Grandmaster were massive and could easily cause collateral damage. Better safe than sorry.

The strange thing was that there wasn’t one Grandmaster in this crowd, only a few of the scribes and maids. The protectors were only the lower ranked protectors.

“Bang bang bang bang…” In a string of dull crashes, the trio including Liu Xing had the upper hand. Their techniques were quick and their fist techniques were a notch above. If it weren’t for the three from the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng to go all out, they wouldn’t be able to hold out a few rounds.

Once a Grandmaster would go all out, their forces were to be reckoned with and couldn’t just take the bull by the horns.

The trio including Liu XIng concluded that they didn’t want to end up where neither side gains, they patiently wore the three out.

This was the Imperial Residence of Prince An. There were still Grandmasters in there and at any given time, there would be back up and covered. Once these three old bastards were worn out, they would be subject to their whims. There was no hurry.

Having these thoughts, they were in no hurry in their fight, as they stuck close to them yet not bluntly ganging up on them. The entire scene was at a stalemate.

They had fought for a moment as the trio started to feel odd.

There weren’t any masters coming out of the Imperial Residence. The Grandmasters didn’t seem to know what was happening on the outside. There was no sign of them.

Their hearts sank deep.

It seemed that when the three of them first arrived, they had yet to build a relationship with the rest and these other masters in the Imperial Residence seemed to reject them, without a thought to lend a helping hand!

Thinking about this, their rage started to build.

These three were young and aggressive. They thought quite highly of themselves, and of course believed that everything should revolve around them. These group of people were simply too much. They needed to give these people who looked on with folded arms a taste of their own medicine!

Huo Yuhao coldly blurted, “Old Liu, old Xiang, let’s not waste time. Let’s resolve this fight quickly. The faster the better.”

“Right!” The two nodded.

The three of them changed their earlier battle plans and struck continuously. Their fist energy violently soaring, suppressing those from the Imperial Residence of Prince An to the point they were unable to lift their heads.

The three from the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng were experienced veterans. Although they were at a disadvantage, they firmly held on.

“Heh, not bad!” Xiang Feixue cackled, and disappearing from his spot. He ditched his opponent and appeared behind Liu Xing’s opponent. A knock of his folding fan and the middle aged man shook, Liu Xing’s fist energy took a direct hit at him.

“Bang!” The middle aged man flew.

Xiang Feixue lightly flashed appeared in front of his original opponent, wielding his fist once again.

There were only two remaining from the three. Liu Xing went against Huo Yuhao’s opponent, teaming up with Huo Yuhao.

The middle aged man who was up against Huo Yuhao was instantly in grave danger.

Xiang Feixue repeated the same tactic and flashed disappeared, casting aside his opponent again and reappearing behind that middle aged man. His folding fan silently whacking.

“Bang!” The middle aged flew away.

The trio turned their gaze onto the last remaining elderly.

The elderly looked gloomy as he turned to leave but was encircled by the trio.

“Bang bang bang bang…” With continuous dull crashes, the trio’s fist energy was slamming against the elder. The elder’s mouth was bleeding blood yet the adrenaline fueled assault did not end as if in a trance.

“Humph!” A cold scoff was heard.

Chen Kong in blue appeared glidingly behind the trio like a ghoul.

The trio’s internal alarm bells were buzzing as they immediately retreated backwards and charged towards Chen Kong.

Chen Kong flashed appeared beside one of the middle aged man. He took out a pill and pushed it into his mouth and then appeared beside another middle aged man, and pushed another pill into his mouth.

The trio including Liu Xing’s faces darkened. They didn’t think that this fellow’s Light Body Technique was this good. They had witnessed Chu Li’s the day before and today there was another. There were indeed multiple hidden talents within Fairy’s Capital.

They were high in fighting spirit as the continued to dash towards Chen Kong.

Chen Kong did not bother to be entangled with them. He picked up the other three and had the only elderly that was standing to leave with these people.

Liu Xing’s bunch saw this and knew in order to fight Chen Kong, the only way was to take care of that elderly.

They charged forward but caught a glimpse of Chen Kong appearing behind Xiang Xuefei, swaying his palm out lightly.

Xiang Feixue’s Light Body Technique was superb. His movements were quick. Once his internal alarms were buzzing, he immediately wielded his folding fan to block.

“Bang!” Xiang Feixue flew.

“Old Xiang!” Liu Xing and Huo Yuhao struggled to punch at Chen Kong.

Chen Kong’s figure flashed and flashed away, distancing himself from the range of the duo’s punches. He caught up to Xiang Feixue and swaying pressed his palm down.

Xiang Feixue spurted out blood as his originally descending body rose again, like a puppet that was tossed into the sky.

Liu Xing and Huo Yuhao went all out on their attacks but could not stop Chen Kong from appearing behind Xiang Feixue once again and pushing his palm ahead.

“Bang!” With a dull crash, Chu Li appeared before Chen Kong.

The duo immediately retreated as howling winds violent raged with sands flying and pebbles rolling.

Chu Li in his swaying white robe moved backwards to retrieve Xiang Feixue in the air. He guided his spiritual energy in to stabilize his wounds then borrowed Xiang Feixue’s energy to contort in the sky and dash towards Chen Kong.

Chen Kong was also charging this way.

“Bang!” The two’s fist and palm energy thunderously collided.

“Great great, Chu Li, now this is addictive!” Chen Kong chuckled. “These little ones are still too raw.”

Chu Li answered, “Senior Chen, it’s better for you to leave.”

“We will return!” Chen Kong laughed out loud and seeing the elderly had already left with the three, he followed glidingly behind as charmingly and carelessly. His voice lingered in the air, “Chu Li, unless you personally escort them, or else each one that’s out will be dead.”

Chu Li scoffed and turned to Liu Xing and the rest.

Liu Xing was staring back at him, closed fist saluted bitterly.

The three of them were acting uneasily but knew that if he did not turn up, the three would have been at the end of the road.

Those bastards in the Imperial Residence, namely Meng Zhi made no efforts to save them. They were even saved by this opponent!

Chu Li nodded at them and with the swaying of his white robe, he left.

Those below who witnessed the battles were heated in discussion.

“This Head Chief is too generous. These three fellows are not good people, they should just die.”

“Shh! They are still part of the Imperial Residence!”

“So what if they’re part of the Imperial Residence!”

“Alright you, your mouth will get you in trouble!”

The crowd started to disperse and leave.

Chu Li did not take their discussion to heart. After returning to Tianshu Courtyard, he has yet to speak to Siao Shi as his gaze was fixated at the Cultivation Courtyard.

Prince An had allowed the two princesses to leave and Xu Ning to hold him as they slowly arrived at the Cultivation Courtyard.

Entering the Cultivation Courtyard, Xu Ning supported him into the Nine Dragon’s Tripod Cauldron. Then with a chant of Amitabha, he sat outside the cauldron.

He sat with his legs crossed, similar to a meditating monk with his eyes shut tight. His hands, were slowly kneading the Sarira beads.

Prince An sat quietly within the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron. He did not move an inch, seemingly went blank.

Chu Li saw the expression he carried in his face, and knew he was struggling and hesitating, as if facing a life and death choice.

To see such hesitation on Prince An was quite rare.

Chu Li emboldened the Omniscient Mirror to its fullest. It was a shame Xu Ning was around that he couldn’t see through Prince An’s thoughts.

Prince An let out a sigh and had made his decision.

He reached his hand into his clothes and slowly took out a pitch black stone, about the size of a fist. The dark ink stone piece seemed to be simmered in a light glow.

He clenched tightly, and finally crushed the stone, revealing a darker little rock, about the size of a thumb. It was an extreme darkness as he absorbed all the light around.

Chu Li was stunned internally and felt a magnificent energy within this thumb sized rock. It was an irresistible power!