White Robed Chief Chapter 381

Chapter 381 Asura

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Chu Li’s head was spinning as he was faced with an important decision.

Should he snatch this rock or let Prince An utilize this rock?

Although he was unsure how Prince An was going to use this rock, he could guess that Prince An used this rock at a time like this to strengthen his powers and increase his cultivation levels to exterminate him.

Naturally, he should snatch it without hesitation, destroying his plans and eliminating danger at its infantile stage.

However, seeing Prince An’s face of struggle and hesitation, this rock must be dangerous and he could most likely end in death.

He may not be able to sustain such a terrible magnitude of power and combust instead.

This was a great opportunity to discard Prince An and didn’t have to be by his own hands. If he caused his own death or killing himself, even if His Majesty was an Enlightened Master, he couldn’t do anything about it.

His earlier plots and schemes were only to come to this effect and increase the chances of him being consumed by cultivation with no guarantee of death. Now that there was a chance before him, should he take a bet on Prince An’s luck?

Then, he decided to grab that rock.

He realized Prince An’s luck was exceptionally well. He survived the crisis from the last time and this time he was going to use this rock, he may not die and have his cultivation improve by a large margin.

Prince An could remove this struggle and hesitation to use this rock meant that he could exchange for humongous strength to affirmatively destroy him.

He didn’t want to wait until Prince An was powerful and resistance was futile to escape out of the Imperial Residence with Siao Shi.

He had remained in the Imperial Residence with countless plots and efforts in order to seize the Residence as a stepping stone to gain a chance to be an Enlightened Master and step into the Enlightened Master’s Boundary.

Every emperor of the Great Ji Dynasty could become an Enlightened Master, it must be more than meet the eye. If he could figure out this profundity, he could then find a way to the Enlightened Master’s Boundary.

Once he leaves the Imperial Residence, he would lose this chance to find out.

With a flash of his figure, he disappeared out of sight.

Siao Shi saw that he was absent-minded and stopped talking. Seeing his face of solemnity and flashed disappearing, she started to worry. It seemed something had happened.

Chu Li appeared in his house and changed into a blue garment swiftly. After a change of clothes and appearance, he appeared outside the Cultivation Courtyard.

Summoning Imminent Skyline, he appeared inside the Nine Dragon’s Tripod Cauldron.

Prince An was just holding that tiny black rock and sending it into his mouth with a determined face.

Chu Li’s sudden appearance gave him a fright. The rock that was darker than ink stumbled and fell but he tightly gripped it.

Chu Li extended his arm and grabbed onto his wrist. He tightened his grip.

“Humph!” Prince An snorted. His face went pale.

This gentle grip of Chu Li almost had his wrist snapped in half. He loosened his clench.

Stretching his arm out to grab the falling little black rock, Chu Li disappeared without a trace.

“Ah!” Prince An screamed ragingly.

Xu Ning opened his eyes and glided to the Nine Dragon’s Tripod Cauldron. He uttered, “Your Royal Highness?”

“My Heart of Asura!” Prince An’s face was ferocious. He almost crushed his gnawed teeth, “Was snatched!”

Xu Ning frowned as he looked at Prince An.

Prince An’s face remained savage, “I want to slice him inch by inch! I swear I’m not human if I don’t kill him!”

“Your Royal Highness!” Xu Ning looked left and right, “Did someone really came?”

“Don’t tell me I’m dreaming?” Prince An remarked unpleasantly, “So you’re saying the Heart of Asura ran off itself?”

Xu Ning frowned, “Your Royal Highness, I was guarding outside and did not see anyone. I believe it’s not easy to go past me.”

“Then who could it be?” Prince An took a deep breath and suppressed his raging hatred and anger. He paced himself, “Could it be Chu Li?”

Xu Ning asked, “Did Your Royal Highness take a good look at his face?”

Prince An thought about it and scoffed, “An ordinary face which I do not recognize. It was not Chu Li!”

Xu Ning pressed his palms together peacefully, “Without a heart technique, even if he obtained the Heart of Asura, there is no use. Your Royal Highness could take your time to investigate. You will find him. Your Royal Highness and the Heart of Asura is destined, do not worry.”

“I will find it!” Prince An gnashed his teeth, “I will show that fellow what is a living hell!”

Xu Ning asked, “Will Your Royal Highness be nursing your wounds in seclusion here?”

“Yes, just here. It’s quiet,” Prince An replied dully, “Revered Sir, please guard me.”

“Yes,” Xu Ning pressed his palm together and glided out of the Nine Dragon’s Tripod Cauldron and returned to his cattail hassock.

He sat on the cattail hassock and kneaded his sarira prayer beads. He had already guessed it was Chu Li.

Only those who held the sarira beads could pass through his detection.

Chu Li and Princess Siao each carried a sarira prayer bead. Princess Siao was not equipped with martial arts so she wouldn’t be able to come over. So that left only Chu Li. What a tactic.

He did not continue with his thoughts and once again threw all miscellaneous thoughts away to meditate.

Chu Li returned to the house and changed into his white robe. He recovered his original lap peace and lowered his head to look at the black rock in his hand.

This was similar to a diamond, sturdy as it could be. He could not crush it with his powerful grip. It was pitch dark beyond words, darker than any black he had ever known, with a possible shimmer of light. It seemed as though it could engulf sight and spirit.

He held it in his palm as the little rock poured out violent energy continuously. This energy was invading his body.

This was a strange energy. Extremely cold, poking at his body like needles that circulating inner energy could not banish it out.

The Heavenly Demonic Power leaped onto it and enveloped this energy. It instantly swelled up.

This odd energy was in its purest form, highly beneficial to his Heavenly Demonic Power.

He allowed the Heavenly Demonic Power to consume it until he could sense distinctly that the Heavenly Demonic Power reached its boiling point where he loosened his grip and this rock fell onto the table.

He frowned as he fell into deep thought, thinking of a way to resolve this.

Such a powerful force was easy to attract attention. He could not have it on him. Prince An would uncover it easily.

He thought about it before disappearing and appearing outside the Horse Racing Town, stepping into the formation.

He buried this little black rock under a pine tree. He patted his arms and got up to leave. With the suppression of the formation, others would be able to feel the surging energy but unable to close in nor find it.

He suddenly frowned as he saw the pine tree withering at an alarming speed.

Chu Li circulated the Scripture of Life and Death subconsciously, transferring the surrounding spiritual energy to this pine tree and found it was corroded by this weird energy and dying swiftly. With the assistance of the spiritual energy, it was at a slow death.

Chu Li dug out the little black rock quickly and finally, this pine tree recovered thanks to the bountiful spiritual energy.

Thinking about it, Chu Li buried this rock under a giant rock with no visible flora around that it could kill and change the formation.

Chu Li disappeared and returned to the Imperial Residence.

Prince An sat cross-legged in the Nine Dragon’s Tripod Cauldron. His palms were pressed together. His mind was visualizing a huge figure.

This figure was a huge mountain peak, standing between heaven and earth. Its ugly body reeked of death. Its face was ferocious and frightening. The criss-cross on his face made its features unrecognizable. Its gaze was cold and heartless. The air it blew was sometimes icy cold and sometimes fiery hot.

Prince An chanted an incantation and slowly, a boundless energy came out of nowhere and onto him.

He was overjoyed. This Asura Power was indeed powerful. Its powers took effect immediately.