White Robed Chief Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Forced

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After Chu Li returned to the Imperial Residence, he used the Omniscient Mirror to observe Prince An.

With the protection of Xu Ning, he couldn’t peer into Prince An’s thoughts but could see a boundless energy coming out of nowhere, similar to the energy from the little black rock. Its form was as pure as water and could be touched if one extended his arms out.

His brows were in a tight knot. It seemed that snatching this little rock did nothing to stop Prince An’s cultivation.

A moment later, Prince An loosened his grip slowly and knocked on the Nine Dragon’s Tripod Cauldron.

Xu Ning supported him out of the cauldron and sat on the cattail hassock.

“Your Royal Highness, was the cultivation successful?” Xu Ning asked.

Prince An was filled with spirit and was ecstatic. He smiled, “This Asura Power Technique is indeed a divine power! How extraordinary!”

Xu Ning sighed, “Your Royal Highness shouldn’t be cultivating this.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Prince An waved his arm, “It’s not a forbidden art so it doesn’t matter. I can still afford a few sacrifices.”

“This Asura Power Technique will have Your Royal Highness’ character change. It’s better to study more Buddhism to vanquish the hostility in your heart,” Xu Ning continued, “Without the aid of Buddhism, your hostility will grow until you are overtaken by urges to massacre and you wouldn’t be able to resist it.”

“Revered Sir, please relax. I’ll show proper restraint,” Prince An laughed.

Xu Ning couldn’t tell that His Royal Highness did not take his advice to heart. He did not waver at the possibility of being engulfed by this Asura Power Technique.

Although he had never cultivated this Asura Power Technique, he knew abstains of cultivation.

However, he had stepped into this mortal life and entered the Imperial Residence not to change anything but to observe everything, to see through the hearts of mortals and the illusory mortal so he would not change the thoughts of Prince An. He would remain an observer.

Due to Prince An’s inner demon, his determination to obtain power was imminent. He knew he could not get across to him so he decided to look on coldly whether his determination would lead him to emperorship or a bitter struggle to nothingness.

Chu Li came to Siao Shi’s house.

The lanterns were just lit and Siao Shi was lying on the couch, reading. The light from the lanterns illuminated her beautiful face and was mesmerizing. Her face of spring flower, her eyes deep as water. Her gaze could bewitch one’s soul.

“Does the young lady know of Asura?” Chu Li sat in front of the couch and came across the light tantalizing scent.

“Asura?” Siao Shi laughed and her porcelain white arm gently put down her book. Her gaze turned, “You grew up in Buddhism, how can you not know Asura?”

Chu Li asked, “Has the young lady heard of Asura Power Technique?”

Siao Shi frowned and muttered, “I feel like I haveit’s quite an ancient inheritance, it should be lost now?”

“Why is it lost?” Chu Li questioned.

Although he could go through a book fast enough, he was not faster than Siao Shi.

She read from day to night, and it wasn’t just from the House of High Duke but sourced from elsewhere. The books in the Island of Symphony were comparable to that of Tower of Wisdom. As Chu Li had limited time, he could not flip them through.

Siao Shi said, “Asura Power Technique was originally the inheritance of Temple of Tempest but they found that those who cultivated this had a heavy killing intent. Too heavy to be suppressed by Buddhism so it was sealed and never to be brought to the land.”

“If someone were to cultivate it, would the Temple of Tempest intervene?” Chu Li asked.

Siao Shi thought about it and shook her head, “If it has been sealed, how could it be leaked? Security is tight at the Temple of Tempest and filled with masters. How could it be leaked?”

Chu Li exposed, “Prince An is cultivating the Asura Power Technique.”

“He?” Siao Shi frowned and thought about it before sighing, “It could be taken from the secret storage in the Imperial House.”

“There’s martial arts reference of the Temple of Tempest in the Imperial House?”

Siao Shi nodded lightly, “Although the relationship between the Temple of Tempest and Imperial House seem peaceful, there are tensions brewing between them. Stealing the Asura Power Technique from the Temple of Tempest is feasible.”

“Asura Power Technique…” Chu Li sighed, “I have a bad feeling about this.”

The energy of Asura Power Technique was pure and surpassed that of Empyrean Fairy Power and could be a terrifying existence than Lu Yurong. Moreover, Asura was the enemy of heavenly beings. No one could triumph over rampaging killing intent.

Siao Shi frowned, “What should we do?”

Chu Li answered, “Let’s lay low.”

“Leave the Imperial residence?” Siao Shi asked, “We need a reason, though?”

“Isn’t the young master about to wed?” Chu Li remarked, “Say you’re back for a look. Prince An wouldn’t comment on it. He can’t wait for us to leave so that we don’t disrupt his cultivation.”

He shook his head and sighed.

Once Prince An mastered his cultivation, he would first come to take his life. He was his biggest inner demon. He would also come after Siao Shi and the House of High Duke. They couldn’t hide forever.

“Is there any art to restrain the Asura Power Technique?” Chu Li asked.

Siao Shi shook her head.

Chu Li frowned as he fell deep into thought.

“This Asura Power Technique is hard to cultivate. Did he really succeed?” Siao Shi continued, “It’s said that it is painstakingly torturing and require a firm will or else one would collapse and die under the suffering.”

“If it is cultivated, then its impact must be shocking,” Chu Li nodded.

“If it really can’t be done, then let’s hide in the Temple of Titanium,” Siao Shi smiled “We did build a bit of relationship with them, they won’t leave us to die, will they?”

She felt that hiding in the House of High Duke was no use. Once Prince An mastered the Asura Power Technique, he would definitely head to the House of High Duke to seek her and vanquish the House in the process. It was best not to return.

Chu Li smiled bitterly.

Ever since he cultivated the two divine powers, the debt was cleared with the Temple of Titanium. There was no mention of benevolent with the Temple of Titanium.

“Fine, it’s better than I meditate in seclusion,” Chu Li thought.

He had been hesitating from cultivating the Heavenly Demonic Power as he was worried about its future trouble.

But the reality was forcing him into cultivation. He was in a similar situation as Prince An. He didn’t have any other choice but to cultivate the Asura Power Technique and he was so as well. Sometimes, living in this mortal world, one had to do something in spite of oneself.

“Where are you going in seclusion?” Siao Shi asked.

Chu Li answered, “Near Horse Racing Town.”

“Oh, there…you’ll remain in the formation?” Siao Shi asked.

Chu Li nodded.

He wasn’t in the know what would happen if he cultivated the Heavenly Demonic Power. He did not want others to see nor pry.

By remaining in the formation, even if something were to happen, outsiders could not pry in.

“All right, I have the sarira beads after all,” Siao Shi smiled, “Moreover, there are many masters around. I don’t have to worry about assassins.”

Chu Li got up, “I will leave now.”

“Go,” Siao Shi responded, “There’s really no rush though. If anything, we can gather up all the masters in the House of High Duke. I don’t believe we can’t get him!”

Chu Li smiled and flashed disappeared.

He felt that his Heavenly Demonic Power could possibly go against the Asura Power Technique.

That energy from the little black rock was swallowed by the Heavenly Demonic Energy. If that were the case, then the inner energy of Asura Power Technique was harmless towards him.

The Asura Power Technique triumphed on this inner energy. The pine tree withered upon straining. It had the force to destroy everything.

He himself had the Heavenly Demonic Energy protecting his mortal body so he was in the clear. The current task was to upgrade his Heavenly Demonic Power so that the engulfment ability of the Heavenly Demonic Energy would increase.

He appeared within the formation outside the Horse Racing Town and started to cultivate his Heavenly Demonic Power.

The practice of the Heavenly Demonic Power was engulfment and digestion, swallowing the purest of inner energy and then circulated to digest which in turn, transformed into Heavenly Demonic Energy.

This practice of cultivation was a rolling snowball, at an extreme speed and hence the reason why Chu Li was reluctant to cultivate further.