White Robed Chief Chapter 383

Chapter 383 Poisoned

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Such unique and quick cultivation speed will definitely have its side effects and risks.

He understood well that everything on earth was a balance of yin and yang, bad and good. Heart technique that was mastered quick and powerful would mean its risk was high. Although one could not see such risk at this point of time would mean that this risk was more dangerous.

He indistinctly felt that the fast pace advancement of the Heavenly Demonic Power would signify that there would be pitfalls at the end of the cultivation journey and during then, it would be too late to stop. This was accorded to the Heavenly Demonic character.

He had been resisting the temptation to cultivate.

It was a shame that the circumstances now have forced him into cultivation. Knowing it was a poisoned wine, he could only taste it. At least this would only harm him. If he chose not to cultivate, he would be harming himself as well as Siao Shi and the House of High Duke.

He had no other choice but to cast all doubts aside and focused on cultivation to ensure that he could cultivate until the third stage in the shortest time.

Firstly, he placed the little black rock on his palm and had the Heavenly Demonic Energy engulfed it until it was full before putting the little black rock down and started cultivating the Heavenly Demonic Power.

He visualized the gigantic Heavenly Demon in his mind while his body performing the thirty-six forms as the Heavenly Demonic Energy from the void was infused into his body, blending together with the Heavenly Demonic Energy in his body. The energy circulated in his body, changing and strengthening his mortal physique.

Once he was done with the thirty-six forms, his body was strengthened by a tad and the Heavenly Demonic Energy was half consumed. The rest returned to his chest and completely transformed to his own to circulate as he wished without the sluggishness that he felt earlier.

Then, he opened his eyes to continue to engulf the little black rock’s energy to the fullest and circulated the Heavenly Demonic thirty-six forms repeatedly so that the cumbersome Heavenly Demonic Energy blended into the voided Heavenly Demonic Energy to strengthen the body. Once it was consumed, the Heavenly Demonic Energy became his.

This way, the advancement was quicker, and he felt the Heavenly Demonic Energy tumbled like a rolling snowball. In a short span of three days, it increased ten times than it was before.

He continued to engulf and cultivate the Heavenly Demonic thirty-six forms, strengthening his body. The Heavenly Demonic Energy continued to grow as if it was endless and would continue to expand until he could not take it anymore.

As he was cultivating, suddenly, he realized that his body was a vessel which the Heavenly Demonic Energy continued to strengthen in order to accommodate more Heavenly Demonic Energy.

And if there was one day the Heavenly Demonic Energy was unable to strengthen the body anymore and even if it engulfed another inner energy, it would not grow. This meant that it needed to break through to the next stage.

Seven days later, he felt that he had reached this limitation. As the voided Heavenly Demonic Energy blended with the Heavenly Demonic Energy and circulated in his body, he did not feel that it went through a strengthening. It was a similar feeling to a regular inner energy circulation.

He no longer engulf the energy from the little black rock. He cultivated the Heavenly Demonic thirty-six forms again and again until the Heavenly Demonic Energy in his body was slowly diluted by the voided Heavenly Demonic Energy.

Finally, the Heavenly Demonic Energy in his body had dissipated and his chest was filled with only the voided Heavenly Demonic Energy.

The next moment, the giant Heavenly Demon in his mind suddenly talked and a heart instruction appeared in his head. It was as if he already known it but did not remember and he was struck by that thought.

Once the heart instruction was initiated, the Heavenly Demon in his head had a change in movement and it performed a new move. A large figure demonstrated seventy-two slow yet steady movements elegance and natural poise.

Chu Li emulated its movements and displayed the seventy-two movements slowly but he felt he lacked the charm and poise.

He then performed with no rush and at ease. The Heavenly Demonic Energy in the void landed slowly and blended into his body, strengthening his body once again.

Suddenly, he had a thought that if he grew a little and got closer to the Heavenly Demon in his head as if a punch was enough to break the sky and one stomp could penetrate the earth.

He consciously knew in his heart that this illusion came from the gaining of power. He needed to overcome this illusion or he would be easily lost and be disadvantageous to his cultivation. This was the inner demon.

Suddenly, he understood.

One stage in advancement, one stage of inner demon. This was the con of the Heavenly Demonic Power.

The Heavenly Demonic Power was developed at an incredible speed but the inner demon was also powerful. Only by overcoming this inner demon that he could obtain a quick advancement and great power.

He performed the seventy-two movements continuously and each time he did it, he became more elegant and poised.

His body continued to be strengthened as the circulation of Heavenly Demonic Energy carried on at a faster speed and larger quantity.

In the end, the Heavenly Demonic Energy condensed in his chest into a droplet.

This droplet was similar to a drop of ink in the purest black just as that little black rock he obtained. The surrounding light was completely absorbed and it couldn’t repel light.

Triggered by his will, the droplet appeared in any part of his body in a blink of an eye. His body was the existence of an illusion and it posed no resistance to it.

He tried to pick up the little black rock and the droplet appeared in the palm of his hand. He shape-shifted slowly and turned into a tiny swirl, perpetually swallowing the energy of the little black rock.

Once this energy was sucked in, its surroundings formed into a fog.

Chu Li let go of the little black rock quickly and this moment of engulfment was more than the engulfment in these ten days put together. The third stage of this Heavenly Demonic Power was robust. If he was to cultivate until the fourth stage, what would it be like?

He circulated the seventy-two forms and the Heavenly Demonic Energy in the void concentrated into this droplet. The droplet circulated in his body, strengthening it. Half of the fog fused into his body while the other merged into the droplet.

He attempted to base on the reference in the heart instruction and have the droplet integrated into his heart.

His heart was beating hard and his blood veins flowed like an endless river. With the thumping of his heart, the raging energy was pumped into each inch of his body.

His patted a rock beside him lightly and the rock turned into powder. It was as if he patted a tofu.

Chu Li sighed. But of course.

It was compelling that such an intrusion force of physique strength without the aid of inner energy.

With the thought of his mind, the droplet left his heart and hung above the heart with an indistinctive existence.

He let out a smile. He got to give it to Heavenly Demonic Power, an ultimate art inherited by Triyastrimsa. What a miracle!

As he immersed in happiness, his alarm bells suddenly tingled. His brow raised and he disappeared and reappeared in his courtyard in the Imperial Residence of Prince An in the next moment.

He flashed appeared in Tianshu Courtyard.

In the bedroom of the main house of Tianshu Courtyard, Siao Shi was bending over from her couch and vomited blood.

Xue Ling sat cross-legged behind her, channeling but it was no use. She couldn’t stop the bleeding.

Yang Xu was holding a spittoon and looking at the black blood that Siao Shi spat out. Her face went as white as paper and her hands were trembling.

“Young master,” Xue Ling saw him appeared and called out immediately. “The young lady is poisoned!”

Chu Li nodded and with a swept of his gaze, he found that her internal organs reeked poison. Her blood was black. This violent poison was Seven Step Broken Intestines.

Siao Shi lifted her head to look at him. She wiped away the blood from her lips. Her voice was weak, “Why did you return?”

Her beautiful face glimmered in green. Her gaze was dull and her breath was weak but she acted as though it was nothing, “I can’t die with the Spirit Blessing Pill.”

Chu Li shook his head, “Let’s get rid of this poison first.”

His Omniscient Mirror spun and suppressed his uprising rage, a violent spiritual energy infused into Siao Shi’s body.