White Robed Chief Chapter 384

Chapter 384 Hoped

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Rage overcame him but he maintained his cool as he focused on the poison in Siao Shi’s body.

Verdant Recuperation entered her body, increasing her chance of survival.

Although the poison was powerful but under the protection of the spiritual energy, it would not devour her life source but sustaining only external wounds.

With the building of life in her body, her body was renewed and her internal organs were kick-started, revving and circulating at horse powered speed, dissolving the poison at multiple folds, eliminating it bit by bit.

He knew that Xue Ling must have had Siao Shi take the antidote but to no effect. Using the Spirit Blessing Pill was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut and so he could only use a silly method by increasing her life force with spiritual energy and depended on her body’s ability to drive the poison out. It needed a few days to complete this.

Siao Shi got up and Yang Xu handed over a handkerchief quickly.

Siao Shi wiped her lips clean and looked at Chu Li, “Didn’t bother you with your meditation in seclusion?”

“How could I think of seclusion at a time like this?” Chu Li glared at her unpleasantly. He was suddenly struck by a thought and the droplet hanging in his chest appeared on the palm of his hand.

A shapeless magnet was embodied and the poison in Siao Shi’s body seemed to transform into poisonous gas and bit by bit seeped into his palm, infusing with the droplet.

He was amazed internally as he would never thought that the Heavenly Demonic Energy could be used like this. This way, he could be considered immune to poison.

A brief moment later, the poison in Siao Shi was absorbed entirely.

The green in her porcelain face disappeared. Although she was pale, her eyes resumed its liveliness with no trace of the earlier dullness. She looked different.

She glanced at Chu Li with amazement but did not question how Chu Li have done it.

Yang Xu took a long sigh of relief and her body went limp.

Xue Ling wiped the sweat away from her forehead.

If something were to happen to the young lady, they wouldn’t be pardoned even by death. They almost scared their wits out.

Chu Li said, “The two of you should rest to calm down.”

He could tell that once the two relaxed after the intense nerve wreck, they were exhausted. Even Xue Ling who was equipped with high-level cultivation could not take it.

The two ladies got up and saluted. They then excused themselves and left.

Siao Shi smiled, “You’re not going to ask who did it?”

“There’s no point in asking,” Chu Li smiled, “I will find out.”

“Prince An has already recovered,” Siao Shi responded dully, “He seemed to have changed, as though he’s not the same person. Quite terrifying, really.”

“Uh huh,” Chu Li nodded.

He had already seen Prince An.

Prince An was sitting quietly in his study den and Xu Ning was standing not far away in a corner. It was easy to dismiss him.

Prince An was dressed in blue, holding a scroll to flip through. He was vigorous in spirit as a treasured knife drawn out of a scabbard. Sharp and alluring. There was a murderous intent that people could not stare down to. An intent that could kill at any given moment.

“So he has mastered the Asura Power Technique?” Siao Shi asked.

Chu Li shook his head, “There’s a little bit to go. This Asura Power Technique is indeed powerful. He himself has recovered.”

He was quite clear on how severe the wound Prince had sustained. Even with his Torso Tuning Technique making his body invincible, such a severe wound would require at least half a month to recover.

“You’re no match for him?” Siao Shi asked.

Chu Li smiled, “I will only know once we exchange blows. You think that Prince An did this to you?”

“Who knows?” Siao Shi snorted, “He came over to ask of you. He was quite upset finding out you’re not around.”

“Looking for me…” Chu Li frowned, “Looks like he’s absolutely certain he could kill.”

“Maybe he was thinking of killing me to lure you out?” Siao Shi continued.

Chu Li scoffed, “So it didn’t cross your mind to crush the sarira beads.”

If it weren’t for her, Xue Ling would have immediately crushed the sarira beads the moment she was poisoned to inform him to return. It wouldn’t drag this long.

“I have the Spirit Blessing Pill, I won’t die,” Siao Shi smiled.

Chu Li shook his head, “I will investigate. Go rest now.”

“Are you returning to meditate in seclusion?” Siao Shi asked.

Chu Li answered, “I still need a while.”

“All right then,” Siao Shi responded helplessly.

In just a few days of his absence, Siao Shi felt empty. Each day grew longer but knowing he was cultivating in seclusion, she dared not interrupt.

Chu Li returned to the formation outside the Horsing Racing Town and continued cultivating the Heavenly Demonic Power.

Reaching the third stage, the cultivation speed was still haste. The little black rock seemed to harbor endless energy as it provided the purest force for him to engulf continuously.

After cultivating the seventy-two forms the fourth time, it was the break of dawn. He flashed appeared in his courtyard.

Xue Ling was already waiting for him.

After resting for the night, Xue Ling’s face was glowing.

“Any leads?” Chu Liu sat at the stone table.

Xue Ling brewed and served tea with both her hands, “Deputy Commander Meng is suspicious.”

“Meng Zhi?” Chu Li was deep in thought, “When did he leave the Imperial Residence?”

He scanned the Imperial Residence in his head but did not find Meng Zhi. He must have left the Imperial Residence.

“Two days ago,” Xue Ling scoffed, “It was that night that the young lady was poisoned.”

“Do you know what he went to do?”

“It seems that Prince An has ordered him to do something,” Xue Ling answered, “Could it be that Prince An had him to poison?”

They were already cautious from being poisoned but still could not guard against it.

Chu Li shook his head, “Prince An did not need to waste his time. It should be Meng Zhi’s own doing. All right, I will handle it. All of you need to be careful.”

He waved his arm as he spoke. He put down the cup and disappeared.

Chu Li appeared in Meng Zhi’s house. He found a few strands of his hair in the empty house.

The Omniscient Mirror was summoned at its potential. With its incredible insight, the strands of hair were found immediately. Without the Omniscient Mirror, it would have required some time.

Returning to his courtyard, Xue Ling had already left. He circulated the All-Seeing Divine Power and disappeared quickly.

The next moment, he appeared in a densely packed woods of pine trees.

The air in the morning was exceptionally refreshing.

Meng Zhi was sitting alone by a bonfire. A wild rabbit was roasted on the fire, sizzling with oil. The aroma was spreading.

He was flickering the wild rabbit and taking a sip from the wine pot beside him from time to time. He looked at ease and carefree.

Suddenly, Chu Li appeared and stood before him, “Commander Meng, what a joy.”

Meng Zhi lifted his eyes and glanced at him. He remarked coldly, “What a joy for Head Chief to seek me out too.”

Chu Li said, “It was you who poisoned, right?”

“That’s right. It was me,” Meng Zhi nodded. He flickered the wild rabbit with a firm expression.

Chu Li asked calmly, “You think I won’t kill you?’

“Yes,” Meng Zhi lifted his head and gave him a glance, “You won’t kill me because my big brother is called Meng Jian, a disciple of Mountain of Amethyst.”

“Mountain of Amethyst…” Chu Li sighed and shook his head.

He originally would have entered Mountain of Amethyst when advancing into the Grandmaster’s Boundary. However, fate had it that the one in Mountain of Amethyst was in seclusion. He couldn’t wait for him and obtained the inheritance of Heavenly Demon and advanced to Grandmaster.

And so the tie between Mountain of Amethyst ended. He would never thought that he would bump into them here.

Meng Zhi looked at him certainly, “Head Chief would know of Mountain of Amethyst?”

“I heard of it but never seen,” Chu Li responded.

Meng Zhi continued, “Mountain of Amethyst is similar to Deer Cliff. Its disciples are scarce to the world. They are not to leave the mountain without a high level of cultivation. My big brother has left the mountain. My trip now is to see big brother.”

Chu Li smiled, “Who would know if I were to kill you now.”

“My big brother would know,” Meng Zhi looked at him with glee, “My big brother would avenge me.”

“So you’re saying that I can’t kill you?” Chu Li said dully, “You will still be at my tail in the future, right?”

“That’s right,” Meng Zhi burst into laughter, “Just as His Royal Highness. You know that His Royal Highness is onto you yet he couldn’t do anything about it and only held it in. I am the same, you can’t do anything about it.”

“You are different from His Royal Highness. Your big brother and His Majesty are different,” Chu Li’s inched, “I have always bully the weak and fear the strong.”

“Humph! You think you can take on my big brother? Okay, even if you can defeat my big brother, there’s still the people at Mountain of Amethyst!” Meng Zhi exclaimed delightfully, “Even His Royal Highness dare not offend the Mountain of Amethyst!”

He was ecstatic beyond words seeing how Chu Li was angered yet holding it all in. He was trembling in bliss and in love with this thrill.