White Robed Chief Chapter 385

Chapter 385 Passing The Blame

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Chu Li laughed, “How would you know that His Highness would not dare to offend the Mountain of Amethyst?”

“It seems that the Head Chief is still not aware of the Mountain of Amethyst’s prowess,” Meng Zhi smiled gleefully, “Among the four major sects, the Temple of Tempest is the head. The other three sects are the Temple of Titanium, the Mountain of Amethyst, and Deer Cliff. Among these three sects, the Temple of Amethyst is the most mysterious. So if His Highness were to face with the Mountain of Amethyst, he would have to be prudent and cautious. If he were to offend the Mountain of Amethyst, the consequences would be severe!”

“Does the Mountain of Amethyst have Enlightened Masters?” Chu Li asked.

“No, but they have an abundance of Grandmasters!” Meng Zhi said, “The Head Chief should understand that even people with the same rank of Grandmasters can have the difference between the clouds and mud. The Grandmasters of the Mountain of Amethyst are different from the Grandmasters of the martial arts world!”

Chu Li nodded his head.

Acquired masters, Innate masters, Grandmasters and Enlightened masters were fundamentally the same as the age of a person. Acquired masters were infants, Innate masters were children, Grandmasters were youths, and Enlightened masters were at the prime of their lives.

In a battle between martial arts masters, it was very hard to win against someone of a higher rank.

It was just like an infant going against a child, a child going against a youth, a youth going against someone in their prime there was essentially no chance of winning.

In the eyes of the Grandmasters from the four major sects, the Grandmasters from ordinary factions were very weak, not even able to take a hit.

That was why the people of the martial arts world held the four major sects in great regard and dared not provoke them.

Meng Zhi knew all these so he was confident that Chu Li would not dare to kill him. If he got killed, Big Brother would definitely take revenge for him. Even if Chu Li was able to flaunt his might in front of him and if Chu Li went up against Big Brother, he would not amount to anything!

Thinking about this, he stared at Chu Li in glee, “Head Chief, the circumstances are stronger than the people. If you offend the Mountain of Amethyst, it might even implicate your House of High Duke. There is no need for that so even if you were to be wronged, it should not matter much!”

Chu Li sighed, “Even if I don’t kill you personally, I can just send someone to kill you instead.”

“Big Brother will still come after you!” Meng Zhi laughed, “Don’t think you can hide from my Big Brother!”

“Even if I do not kill you, you will still tell your Big Brother and let him go against me, right?” Chu Li shook his head while looking at the wild rabbit on the shelf.

The oil popped out continuously, dripping onto the fire, emitting a popping sound.

“That’s right,” Meng Zhi looked at his helpless expression, feeling himself getting more excited.

Chu Li pondered and shook his head helplessly.

Everyone had their weaknesses, but when it came to a selfish person like Meng Zhi, nothing would work against him. He could use his family or even his lover but those would not work either. The only thing that mattered to him was power and status.

“It seems like I can no longer not kill you,” Chu Li said while shaking his head, “What is the name of the person you sent?”

“You should give up on finding that out,” Meng Zhi looked at him with a smile on his face, as if he was basking in each and every helpless expression Chu Li showed, “If I die, he will find my Big Brother and tell him that it was you who killed me.”

Chu Li said, “Where does he live?”

“Did you think I would tell you?” Meng Zhi chuckled, “Head Chief, unless you become an Enlightened Master, you should behave better or you might even cause the Princess to suffer along with you.”

Chu Li narrowed his eyes, remembering how Siao Shi suffered when she got poisoned.

Her face was pale and slightly greenish, but her expression was peaceful as if she could not feel anything at all.

Chu Li knew that she was going through excruciating pain. With severe poison wreaking devastation in her internal organs and even her bloodstream, it would be a surprise if she did not feel any pain. However, she did not even utter a word of complaint.

“You should not have said so much,” Chu Li let out a sigh and pointed lightly.

The Spear Finger Strike was quick and soundless.

Meng Zhi’s heart jumped in warning and he hurriedly shrank his body back. However, he did not manage to evade the Spear Finger Strike and his shoulder got hit.

It did not matter where the Spear Finger Strike hit. All the veins and the heart would rupture, leading to a sudden death.

Chu Li pointed two fingers at him and his death was guaranteed.

He pointed with his right hand and snatched the wild rabbit with his left, slowly placing it on top of the shelf. Then he dug a hole and buried Meng Zhi in it.

The Temple of Tempest and the Mountain of Amethyst were rivals. It would be impossible for Meng Zhi to find the killer.

The Spear Finger Strike from the Temple of Tempest was a secret that was not passed down. Disciples would not be able to learn it unless it was directly handed down to them by the founder. Other than the disciples of the Temple of Tempest, outsiders will not be able to cultivate it.

Chu Li was not in a hurry to leave. He sat to the side, and even after half a day passed, no one came.

After such a long delay, even miraculous pills and medicines would be unable to save Meng Zhi. Chu Li finally relaxed and disappeared and reappeared in one of the gambling houses of Fairy’s Capital. The people of Fairy’s Capital will not care about the death of one rotten gambler.

He returned outside of Horse Racing Town and continued to cultivate.

He thought that the little black stone had limitless power and that it would take him a long time to cultivate but he never thought that only after ten days, the little black stone would suddenly run out of power and got reduced to powder.

The empty water droplet on top of his heart already became the size of half a heart and could be called like a ball of water. It looked almost unperceivable as if it was existing inside his body and at the same time existing in another void, causing him an intriguing feeling.

With the current state of the ball of water, others will not be able to perceive it.

It was a shame that it merely reached the third layer. The little black stone could not help him overcome the fourth layer.

That night, he returned to the Imperial Residence of Prince An.

Early evening when the lanterns are first lit, he sat at the stone table of Tianshu Courtyard. The courtyard was illuminated brightly as if it were still daytime.

Siao Shi was covered in a thin blanket and reclined on the couch. Her lips lifted in a smile, her expression cheerful and pleasant.

Yang Xu and Xue Ling sat at the side and the four spoke and laughed.

“It’s about time you came back,” Siao Shi laughed, “If you stayed out any longer, I would have been annoyed to death by Leng Qiu!”

Chu Li smiled and asked, “Why did she annoy you?”

“Every morning and noon she comes by once, running here to ask when you will be back or if you had forgotten about the grand hunting event,” Siao Shi’s jade-like face glittered under the light of the lanterns, glowing a gentle light.

“The Hunting Ceremony” Chu Li smiled, “She still remembers it.”

“She talks about that from day to night. How could she possibly forget?” Siao Shi said, “It’s happening soonXue Ling, how many more days until the Ceremony?”

“Three days,” Xue Ling smiled, “The two Qiu Ladies have been terribly excited these past two days..”

Chu Li sighed, “It is not bad to be carefree as well. How is the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng recently?”

“It has finally become peaceful,” Xue Ling said, “Ever since those three went there, the Imperial Residence of Prince Cheng no longer able to take advantage anymore. The people in the Residence dared to venture out now.”

“Oh” Chu Li said in surprise.

Even though Liu Xing and the other two were strong with their martial arts, it was not enough to make Chen Kong afraid. It seemed that Prince An acted and suppressed Chen Kong or else judging by Prince Cheng’s temper, he would not let matters rest out of the kindness of his heart. He would definitely want to completely crush Prince An to the ground.

Prince An’s spiritual energy was thick and dense, indeed different from before. There was an overwhelming power hidden inside his body which struck fear into his heart.

They treated me with much respect,” Siao Shi grinned, “It’s all thanks to you. It seems everyone is catching onto your generosity and kindness.

“Prince An would be furious is he hears that,” Chu Li shook his head, laughing. He raised his head and looked to the West and said suddenly, “All right. It is getting late, I should go back and rest. You should sleep early too.”

“So early?” Xue Ling exclaimed.

Siao Shi narrowed her eyes at him.

Chu Li smiled while shaking his head, stood up to walk to the exit, “When Lady Qiu comes by tomorrow, tell her not to worry. I will definitely make time for her!”

By the time he finished speaking, he was already out of Tianshu Courtyard.

His figure quickened suddenly and returned to his own courtyard.

The moment he closed the gate, a figure fluttered lightly from the top of the wall as if it was a leaf drifting gracefully in the wind, soundless and silent. It was Prince An.

He glared coldly at Chu Li under the moonlight. The corners of his lips lifted in a cold smirk.