White Robed Chief Chapter 386

Chapter 386 Brute Force

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“Your Highness, you’ve finally arrived.” Chu Li closed fist saluted.

Prince An’s gaze was cold as ice. The way he lightly stared at him was like he was looking at a dead man, “Chu Li, today is the day you give me your head!”

Chu Li laughed, “Now that Your Highness has cultivated the Asura Power Technique, you will be able to kill me?”

“You know about the Asura Power Technique?” Prince An frowned.

Chu Li said, “I heard from others. I heard that to cultivate this technique, one would need to undergo inhumane torture. For Your Highness to be able to persevere through it, I truly admire you!”

He already knew from looking into the Omniscient Mirror that Prince An’s entire body had changed its appearance.

His face and limbs looked no different than normal people, however, the body that was concealed by his clothes was covered in warts, like multiple pigeon eggs, hideous beyond compare, others would not dare to gaze upon him.

However, incredible amounts of power were stored in those warts. His muscles and skeleton had already undergone changes. His muscles had become sturdy and solid, and his skeleton emitted the lustrous light of gems, like it had transformed into white jade, the texture and density no different from a jade stone.

Going through all these physical transformations, he could speculate that Prince An was not lacking in power right now, he could not be compared to an ordinary person anymore.

He could imagine, for a body to undergo such changes, it would certainly not be a comfortable process. It would be enough for a person to be unsure if he was still alive or already dead.

Prince An’s face was completely expressionless. His mood did not change at all, it was not in the slightest bit similar to how agitated he was before.

In the past when Prince An saw him, he was unable to conceal the loathing in his heart. In fact, it was like he was looking at his natural enemy, and wanted nothing more than to just kill him. He only tried his hardest to control his impulse and instead acted calmly. All that was only possible because of how deeply he concealed his shrewdness.

The calmness now was different. It was as if he was looking at a stranger, his icy cold gaze containing only a sliver of light killing intent.

Prince An coldly said, “The fact that I can persevere is thanks to you, Chu Li.”

Chu Li said, “Is it your hatred towards me that allowed you to continue persevering? …Your Highness, there is something I do not understand. What is it between us that causes such deep hostility? Why is it that only one of us are allowed to live?”

“…All my painstaking effort was destroyed by you in one day, how could I not hate you!” Prince An said coldly.

Chu Li shook his head and said, “Your Highness, that is not true. Even though I have killed ten masters, however, ever since I entered the Residence, it could be said that I could count as several masters myself. The might of the Imperial Residence did not diminish much at all, at least, not enough to cause Your Highness to hate me this much!”

His Light-body Technique was unique. He cultivated it profoundly, similarly to Chen Kong. It could be said that one of him equaled to a total of ten others.

Prince An frowned, “Why are you asking so many questions? Today is the day of your death. Don’t worry, I will send the Second Lady to accompany you.”

Chu Li laughed, “Are you that confident, Your Highness?”

Prince An was not provoked by his stalling. He calmly spoke with him, lightly and


The reason why Chu Li was being so long-winded was that he wanted to make use of Xu Ning’s absence to probe under Prince An and look through his thoughts, to see if he could find the cultivation approach of the Asura Power Technique, and any ways to break the technique.

The price for cultivating this technique was too large. He had no intentions of learning it.

Prince An said, “You have a personal relationship with the Second Lady, don’t you?”

Chu Li was startled, and laughed in spite of himself, “You are mistaken, Your Highness.

There is nothing between the Second Lady and me!”

“You are deceiving others as well as deluding yourself!” Prince An said coldly, “Enough. Even if you do have personal relationships, or don’t have personal relationships, it doesn’t matter anymore. Today the both of you will become ghosts sharing the same fate!”

His voice dropped, and he stepped forward once towards Chu Li, a fist smashing into Chu Li’s chest.

Chu Li pivoted to evade, the fist sailing harmlessly past him.

He realized even as Prince An was saying all this, his heart was calm and stable as if he was talking about other people’s affairs and had nothing to do with himself. Sure enough, he was incredibly indifferent.

This was undoubtedly abnormal, it must be a side effect of cultivating the Asura Power Technique.

The Asura Power Technique must have changed his disposition to only be murderous, extinguishing other human emotions.

“Bam!” A muffled noise resounded, Prince An’s chest suffered a blow. It was the Lu’s Fist Technique, concretely refined as if a hammer struck him.

But Prince An was completely unharmed, and he stepped forward again, his speed abnormally quick. His attack was also abnormally fast, and his fist once again approached him.

Chu Li’s Omniscient Mirror was constantly activated.

This fist technique could not penetrate Prince An’s body at all. His skin and flesh was too tough, completely eliminating the intrusion of inner energy. Even if the inner energy was stronger, it might not be able to enter his body.

Prince An’s speed was abnormally fast, and Chu Li could not dodge in time. He shot out his fist to hit Prince An’s own fist.

“Bam!” The two retreated.

Chu Li retreated four steps in one breath.

Prince An only retreated one.

The corner of his lips lifted in a cold smile, and he stepped forward again, one fist shooting out.

Chu Li frowned.

A vague feeling of numbness trailed from his fist. The toughness of Prince An’s bones far exceeded his expectations. His own fist felt as if he just hit an iron stone.

Chu Li stepped to the side to evade, turning to strike Prince An’s right rib.

Prince An’s body movement technique flashed abnormally quick, his arm fiercely twisting as if it was boneless and turned towards him in an impossible angle like a Spirit Snake, fist clashing with fist.

Chu Li felt his fist go numb again.

However, his torso tuning paid off, the Heavenly Demonic Power refined his body continuously, strong and sturdy. He had not tested how strong it actually was, so he let go of his limbs, and decided to face his toughness by force.

“Bam bam bam bam” A string of muffled noises filled the night air and carried in the air.

Xue Ling took a peek, and turned around to return to Tianshu Courtyard.

As if the grandmasters in the Imperial Residence of Prince An were deaf and could not hear anything, no one came to investigate.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Li’s fist began to feel limp. However, he felt his blood start pumping and heat up, the feeling of fighting something tough incredibly exhilarating.

Prince An’s expression turned somber.

He had realized how tough his body was long ago, and he initially planned on using his body to crush Chu Li. Who would have thought that the results would not go as he expected. Chu Li’s body toughness was not inferior to his own!

“Very good, no wonder you have caused me so much trouble!” Prince An said coldly.

He initially thought that he could easily kill Chu Li as if using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. It seems though, that Chu Li hid his abilities very deeply. His true abilities were far stronger than what he imagined. For Chu Li to be able to fight on even ground with him, it could be said that he was a genius.

Chu Li sighed, “Your Highness, why must we fight to the death? If the two of us work together, Your Highness’s high ambitions would be fulfilled easily!”

In order to go up against Prince An, he first had to get rid of all other ambitions and act from the shadows, only then would the chance arise.

Prince An remained motionless and stared coldly at him. His eyes suddenly turned red, and his clothes billowed wildly, his wide robes becoming form-fitting in an instant.

His entire figure suddenly rose and swelled. It was as if Chu Li was a small child in front of him, not even reaching his shoulders in height.

He took a large step forward, but Chu Li did not react.

“Bam!” Chu Li flew outwards, crashing into the wall.

The taste of copper filled his mouth, and he spat out a gobble of blood.

Prince An did not give him the chance to react and took yet another large stride forward.

As if several Prince Ans appeared at the same time, his body movement technique was quick enough so that it seemed as if there were multiple shadows.

He shot out a fist, fast enough that even the shadow was not visible.

This time Chu Li was able to predict the by using the Omniscient Mirror and turned his head in advance.

“Bam!” A hole in the shape of a fist appeared on the wall beside his body.

“Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!” With a string of four punches, fast enough that there was no shadow, four holes looked as if it had exploded on the wall.

The four holes were all exactly at the sides of Chu Li’s head. Each blow only missing him by a hair’s breadth, alarmingly lethal.

Prince An’s speed multiplied, his blows no longer visible to the naked eye.

If it weren’t for the Omniscient Mirror, even the foretelling of a Grandmaster would be useless. By the time the foretelling activates, the fist would already have reached, there would not be enough time to react at all.

“Bam!” Chu Li finally could not dodge the fist.

His entire body embedded itself on the wall, the bone of his left shoulder felt like it had been split open.