White Robed Chief Chapter 387

Chapter 387 Isolated Cultivation

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Chu Li raised his head to look at Prince An.

Prince An’s eyes were bloodshot, his gaze icy cold. His face was gaunt and bony, and he looked more similar to a skeleton than an actual human.

He glared at Chu Li without a shred of emotion except killing intent, and struck his fist again.

Chu Li heaved a sigh, feeling like he had run out of other options. He really did not want to display the Heavenly Demon Power!

The ball of water hanging over his precordium descended, entering his heart.

His heartbeat suddenly turned slow and heavy, the blood in his body as if becoming a large turbulent river. He could faintly hear a sloshing and whistling sound, and endless power starting permeating into every inch of his body.

Chu Li raised his hand and easily grabbed his fist.

“Bam!” Chu Li’s body broke through the wall and landed in the courtyard.

He held on tightly to Prince An’s fist and viciously pulled forward.

Prince An’s gigantic figure collided with the wall with a bang, widening the hole.

Chu Li pulled Prince An up and leaped out, his body so fast it didn’t even leave a shadow.

Prince An struggled fruitlessly. In front of Chu Li, he was like a child going up against an adult. It was as if his arms were shackled by iron cuffs, he could not break free no matter how he tried.

He was once again dragged outside. The hole widened yet again, and the wall looked as if it would collapse any moment.

With a fierce throw from Chu Li, Prince An hit the top of the wall with a ‘bam’.

He took a step forward and collided his fist with Prince An’s face.

Prince An flew upwards in the night sky.

Chu Li lunged, once again striking him in the face. Prince An’s falling body rose up again.

Chu Li stayed at the edge of his fall and punched him again.

With three hits, Prince An also rose and fell three times, and finally reacted. His body stayed motionless in the air, slipped a little, forcefully avoiding Chu Li’s fist, and raised his right hand to point a finger towards Chu Li’s pulse.

His fingernail grew longer at some point, growing to the length of a finger, grotesque and sinister.

Chu Li met it with his fist.

With a muffled ‘bam’, the impact caused Prince An’s arms to get blown back and his body to whirl.

Chu Li punched his face again.

This time it was Chu Li whose speed was abnormally fast, his shadow unclear. At first glance, it only looked as if Prince An himself was moving uncontrollably.

Seeing Prince An disappear, Chu Li did not pursue.

A ball of water quickly appeared above his precordium, and the endless energy he felt earlier dissipated. His body was suddenly overcome with an intense hunger, as if he could eat an entire bull.

He heaved a long sigh of relief, looking down at his white robe. The robe was spotless as usual as if the one who was thrown past the wall was not himself.

The might of the Heavenly Demonic Power was truly astonishing, but when the ball of water entered his heart, he was using the energy of his flesh body. For a pure body to be able to achieve this much was considered impressive. He realized that even if he used the Omniscient Mirror, he still could not completely perceive the profound and subtle aspects of the body.

Prince An sat in the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron, unmoving.

His body reverted back to its original size, his face still as handsome as ever, with no trace of being in a battle. However, his heart was turbulent with feelings of rage and the urge to kill.

He had thought that when he cultivated the Asura Power Technique, even if he had to suffer through excruciating pain, as long as he could kill Chu Li and get rid of the devil in his heart, it would be well worth it.

He would never have imagined that even after learning the Asura Power Technique, he still could not defeat Chu Li!

Chu Li already cultivated several Mystical Arts similar to the Asura Power Technique, and possessed superhuman strength and speed.

What Mystical Art exactly did he cultivate?

Currently, in his heart, the only thing feeling stronger than his bloodlust and resentment was this question. He wanted dearly to know exactly what Mystical Art did Chu Li cultivate to be able to match up to him with the Asura Power Technique!

When he cultivated the Asura Power Technique and obtained the Body of Asura, he thought that except for Enlightened Masters, Grandmasters would stand no chance against him. He would first kill Chu Li, then take care of Lu Yurong. After that he would obtain hegemony over the entire land; the seat of the throne would not be far away.

He never thought that he would be stopped before he even took the first step. Chu Li was stronger than him!

It was all that wretched man’s fault for taking away the Heart of Asura. If he had the Heart of Asura, coupled with the Body of Asura, he would definitely be able to kill Chu Li!

The boundless resentment and bloodlust inside of his body churned, becoming fiercer and fiercer. It changed a boiling killing impulse and made him want to rush out of the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron and start a massacre.

“Amitabha Buddha” a chant sounded from beside his ear.

As the mantra entered his ear, his heart and spirit abruptly quieted down. The seething killing intent stopped, but immediately bubbled again.

“Amitabha Buddha” the chant rang again.

His heart and spirit once again quieted, the burning killing intent calming a fraction, like adding a bowl of iced water into boiling water.

“From what I have heard, the Buddha used to live in Sharvasti” The peaceful sound of chanting slowly resounded, and the Buddhist mantras carried over to his ears. The killing intent slowly abated, eventually returning to calmness.

“Many thanks, Revered sir!” Prince An sat inside the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron and gave an Anjali Mudra.

Xu Ning returned the greeting from outside the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron, and serenely advised, “Your Highness, you must suppress your ire.”

“Yes, I had forgotten myself,” Prince An nodded his head and said, “When I was exchanging blows with Chu Li earlier, I lost to him yet again. My heart was overcome with hate and wrath It really could have been dangerous!”

He knew that if Xu Ning had not used the Buddhist Scriptures to suppress his urge to kill, he would have already rushed out of the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron and went on a massacre.

If no one stopped him, he would have massacred everyone in the Imperial Residence, including his two Princesses and his two daughters.

The side effects of the Asura Power Technique was incredibly strong, much stronger than he had expected.

Xu Ning said, “Your Highness, there is no hurry to take revenge. Do not have your eyes blinded by the desire to obtain revenge. Your Highness must have realized that ever since you saw Almsgiver Chu, your heart has not been able to quiet down. Your mind has become dull. Has your cleverness and wisdom been cast aside as well?”

Prince An thought while frowning, and slowly said, “Now that you have mentioned it, Revered sir, I do indeed find it strange. Why is that?”

“If the heart is not calm, the spirit will not be clear.” Xu Ning said gently, “Your Highness’s heart was lost, so naturally there will be no wisdom.”

“Wisdom” Prince An came out from the Nine Dragons’ Tripod Cauldron, falling in front of Xu Ning, and sat on the cattail hassock, “I am not interested in obtaining wisdom now. I only want to obtain more power so that I can kill Chu Li!”

“Sigh” Xu Ning clasped his hand in front of his chest and bowed, not saying anything more.

If the Prince obstinately insisted on doing things the wrong way, even he tried his best to advise him, it would be useless. He could only watch from the side as he continued in his blind ways.

“Revered Sir, what martial arts did Chu Li cultivate?” Prince An said deeply, “Why does he have such mighty power to be able to fight on equal grounds as the Asura Power Technique. It is called a Mystical Art lost in history, and yet I have never heard of it before.”

Xu Ning said, “Almsgiver Chu was born with wisdom and is profound in Buddhist austerities. He is said to be someone with intelligence, so he must have cultivated Buddhist martial arts.”

“What a shame! What a shame!” Prince An shook his head.

If it was Buddhist martial arts, then he had no hope.

He had never had much fate with Buddhist austerities; he couldn’t even read Buddhist Scriptures. Ever since he learned this Asura Power Technique, he had advanced abnormally quickly, a thousand miles in a single day. If he continued cultivating like this, he might even reach the Heaven God’s Boundary.

“Revered sir, I want to go all-in in isolated cultivation,” Prince An said lowly, “After this suffering, I will definitely be able to win against Chu Li. Revered sir, please be my Guardian!”

He had confidence in the Asura Power Technique. After all, he only cultivated a short period of ten days, while Chu Li might have cultivated for two years, so how could he compare them? According to his own current advancement, not long after, he would be able to surpass Chu Li.”

It would not be too late to kill him then!

“Very well,” Xu Ning pressed his palms together and bowed.

“We start today!” Prince An scoffed.