White Robed Chief Chapter 388

Chapter 388 Reinstatement

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“Your Highness, mundane matters must first be settled properly so your heart can be at ease. It will not be too late to go into isolate cultivation then either, or else your mind will be occupied, and you will be unable to calm your heart.” Xu Ning said while doing the Anjali Mudra.

Prince An chuckled lightly, “There are not many mandane matters. Just leave it to them.”

Xu Ning said, “Could it be that after Your Highness became influenced by the Asura Power Technique, you have forgotten your ambitions to seize the throne and achieve hegemony?”

He sighed inwardly. The influence the Asura Power Technique had on one’s temperament exceeded his expectations. In such a short time, it was as if Prince An had become a completely different person. He became indifferent to the matters of the Imperial Residence and only thought about cultivating. In his heart, he only wanted to kill Chu Li, only wanted to get stronger.

If things continue like this, he would undoubtedly become a top-notch master and even be able to kill Chu Li, but he would no longer have any desire for the throne. He would not seek the throne, instead, he would pursue murder, he would pursue more power.

Xu Ning did not know if this was a good or bad thing to Prince An, but he did know that if things continued developing like this, Prince An would become a slave to the Asura Power Technique. He would become someone who only thinks about killing.

“Your Highness, I have a request.” Xu Ning said while giving the Anjali Mudra.

Prince An turned to look at him, “Please speak, Revered Sir.”

“I request Your Highness to take two hours every day to read Buddhist Scriptures,” Xu Ning said, “Once in the morning and once in the evening.”

“Two hours!” Prince An frowned.

His time was limited, where could he find time read scriptures!

Xu Ning said, “If Your Highness does not wish to become a killing machine, it would do you good to recite an hour of Buddhist Scriptures every morning and night, in order to suppress the urge to kill!”

Prince An considered.

There was a lingering fear in his heart from the earlier scene, he almost lost his life.

The Asura Power Technique was indeed incredibly powerful, and he advanced extremely quickly. However, it was true that there were drawbacks, and needed Buddhists Scriptures to be resolved. It seems like the only choice would be to take up two hours every day.

“Very well, I shall agree!” Prince An said lowly.

“Amitabha Buddha…, very good, very good!” Xu Ning pressed his palms together and bowed.

Prince An said, “I want to reinstate Chu Li as Head Chief!”

Xu Ning calmly looked at him.

Prince An said, “Before I kill him, I want to make use of his abilities. Since he wants to meet me, then I will grant him that wish!”

“His Highness is able to set aside his grudges?”

“Hmph, I only want to see him struggle hopelessly in his life, and die a painful and meaningless death!” Prince An smiled coldly, “So what if he gains the hearts of others, in the end, he will still die by my hand. When that day comes, he will definitely be inconsequential and, and all his efforts will turn into water and flow away. He will take along the feeling of endless regret to his death!”

“Is Your Highness not afraid that he will harm the Imperial Residence?” Xu Ning asked curiously.

Prince An chuckled, “What is there to harm in the Imperial Residence? As long as I am present, the Imperial Residence is present too. If I am not here, the Imperial Residence will not be here. Just let Chu Li do as he pleases!”

Xu Ning nodded his head slowly, not uttering a word.

Prince An’s heart was becoming colder. He was even indifferent to his own wife and children.

This was definitely the influence of the Asura Power Technique, but if he did not naturally have selfishness and apathy in his bones, the Asura Power Technique would not be able to change him this quick either.

The most heartless people were from the royal family. Everyone born into the royal family had shallow emotions and selfish by nature. It was something that could not be changed.

Prince An said, “I will go report and come back immediately for isolated cultivation. Please wait, Revered sir.”

“As you wish, Your Highness.” Xu Ning bowed with pressed palms.

In the early hours of the morning, the sun was bright and sunny, the air particularly fresh.

After Chu Li finished cultivating, he went to Tianshu Courtyard.

Xue Ling was in the courtyard cultivating. Yang Xu and Siao Shi sat to the side watching, as if viewing a dance performance.

Siao Shi sat on the low couch, her body draped in a bluish-white robe, wearing a light-blue gown, accentuating the fairness of her skin. Only her hair and eyes were black in color.

Siao Shi gave him a glance, and sent him an imperceptible smile, “Congratulations, Head Chief!”

Chu Li smiled and said, “What are you congratulating me for?”

Siao Shi smiled and said, “Is being promoted not worthy of being congratulated for? …Sister Song and Sister Xue came here immediately at the crack of dawn to tell me that not only did Prince An reinstated your position, he also let you take control of the affairs of the Imperial Residence. You did not just regain your position, your position right now is even higher than before!”

“They are all superficial in the end,” Chu Li laughed and said, “Once Prince An exits isolation, he will immediately take it back, he will confiscate the position of Head Chief away from me as well.”

“That might not be the case,” Siao Shi scoffed, “You are Rank One, if he dares do something like that again, the imperial court Chancellors will not agree. They would definitely want him to honestly and genuinely acknowledge you as Head Chief!”

Even if Prince An was a Prince, his rank did not reach Chu Li’s. Even if it was the Imperial Residence, he could not simply act as he wanted, or what would the strictness of the ranking system be for? If the foundations of the imperial court were to be shaken, the Chancellors would surely not allow that to happen. Even the Emperor would not be allowed to do so.

If it was the House of High Duke, position was absolute. The position of High Duke was extremely high as well; other Chancellors would not be able to be over-critical, and the House of High Duke would not care either.

However, the Imperial Residence was in Fairy’s Capital, under the eyes of all the Chancellors. The rank of the Prince was not high enough, and the Imperial Residence did not care about position as much as the House of High Duke. As a result, Prince An could not exactly suppress Chu Li.

Chu Li shook his head and said, “In the end, it is still Prince An’s Imperial Residence.”

Xue Ling finished up, saying, “Young Master, that Master Chui from the Jiang Chuan Alliance has arrived in Fairy’s Capital.

“Oh?” Chu Li smiled.

He initially thought that Elder Chui wanted to go to Chong Ming Town. He did not expect him to come to Fairy’s Capital.

Xue Ling said, “He passed the message that he wished to meet with you, Young Master.”

“Hm, very well.” Chu Li said while nodding, “I imagine it must be of great importance. Did something happen in Jiang Chuan Alliance?

Xue Ling frowned and said, “It seems a top-notch master has appeared whose martial arts were abnormally high and likes to eat human brains, stirring up distress in Li River.”

“The House of High Duke did not act?”

“They could never find the bastard. He appears and disappears uncontrollably, his Light-body Technique is extremely good!”

Chu Li pondered, “Could it be that he has information about that person?”

“I do not think so,” Xue Ling lightly shook her head.

She accepted the towel that Yang Xiu passed, and wiped off the beads of sweat on her white forehead, “If it really was that piece of news, Elder Chui could have just told me.”

“I will know when I see him,” said Chu Li.

Once he finished eating breakfast, he bought Xue Ling along with him and left the Imperial Residence.

Walking in the Imperial Residence, all the Scribes and maids he met bowed and paid respects to him, calling him Head Chief.

Chu Li nodded his head, his expression peaceful. He could feel the respect in their hearts, his prestige wasn’t bad now.

The two people walked along the avenue of Fairy’s Capital for around half an hour and arrived at a small restaurant at the side of the avenue.

The small restaurant had only ten tables which were polished spotless. Even though it was relatively old, it exuded a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Xiao Er came forth and saw Xue Ling. His smile widened and he attentively served tea and water.

Chu Li’s eyes swept the restaurant.

In Fairy’s Capital, these kinds of small restaurants were commonly seen. Many wealthy people also come to these kinds of small restaurants for a change of pace. These restaurants usually had exceptional skills, or else they would not be able to sustain themselves in Fairy’s Capital.

Elder Chui appeared very quickly. He wiped his hands clean and closed fist saluted with a chuckle, “Head Chief!”

Chu Li appraised him and smiled, “Elder Chui, you have become even sturdier. Looks like you have been well.”

Elder Chui looked like he had gotten even fatter; his eyes disappeared when he smiled, “Haha, yes, yes. Living in Fairy’s Capital has been particularly nourishing.”