White Robed Chief Chapter 389

Chapter 389 Fa Heng

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“For what reason have you called for me, Elder Chui?”

“Hehe, it was not me. It was Young Alliance Leader who requested to see you, Head Chief.” Elder Chui’s round face suddenly became serious and somber, “Head Chief, please wait a moment!”

Chu Li nodded his head.

A moment later, Han Fei opened the curtain and entered the restaurant, appearing in front of Chu Li.

Chu Li appraised him in surprise, laughing, “Brother Han, what happened? Did you get hurt?”

Han Fei’s complexion was pale, his body frail. He waved his hands and sat across Chu Li, “Let’s not mention that.”

Elder Chui carefully supported him.

Chu Li extended his hand to rest on Han Fei’s arm, frowning, “What overbearing inner energy! …Who did this!”

As he maneuvered the spiritual energy inside, Han Fei felt his body warmth, and his expression shuddered.

Han Fei sighed, “I do not know his name, but he is a strong Bastard!”

“Only one person?”

“Brother Chu, since you entered the Imperial Residence, you might not know, but recently a devil has appeared beside Li River who likes to eat human brains, and quite a few people have been killed. I went forth to deal with him, but I got beaten up and almost lost my life.” Han Fei shook his head while sighing, “If Young Yan and the others had not desperately tried to save me, my brain would have been eaten already!”

“How are they?”

“They were all heavily injured.” Han Fei smiled bitterly, “If it weren’t for the Spirit Blessing Pill Brother Chu gave, Young Yan would have lost her life!”

“Eating human brains?” Chu Li frowned and said, “Did he train some kind of Forbidden Art?”

“That has to be the case,” Han Fei felt like he was bubbling in warmth. He felt much better, and sighed, “This bastard’s body movement technique is extremely quick. His Claw Technique is eerily bizarre. I was no match for him!”

“If not even Brother Han can match up to him, then he must have eaten many others, right?”

Chu Li knew that Han Fei’s Light-body Technique was unsurpassed and incomparable to a normal human’s. If he said that the opponent’s Light-body Technique was quick and he was no match for him, it proved just how amazing he was.

“The number is more than twenty. Thank goodness that he only likes eating the brains of martial arts masters. He does not bother ordinary people.

“The House of High Duke has mobilized, but is still unable to find him.”

“This bastard is unusually crafty and witty. When there are many people, he will not appear at all. In addition, his Light-body Technique is incredibly fast, which makes him very hard to catch!”

Chu Li could not help but frown as he listened.

It seems that this person was really a nuisance.

He liked to eat human brains as well, it seemed, which caused a very bad impact. If the House of High Duke did not bring this under control swiftly, their prestige and intimidating power would disappear again, and the people in the martial arts world would once again begin to stir.

Chu Li looked at Han Fei’s meridian, and let out a small smile, “It’s a good thing that we have his inner energy.”

Han Fei sustained heavy injuries, he could not completely get rid of the opponent’s inner energy.

With this overwhelming inner energy, Chu Li would be able to use the All-Seeing Divine Power to find the opponent.

He acted as he thought, and immediately sensed the inner energy, activating the All-Seeing Divine Power.

A moment later, he loosened his grip and showed a smile.

“Young Master, have you found him?” Xue Ling asked hurriedly.

Chu Li said, “Yes, I’m going now. You go back to the Residence and wait for me.”

“Be careful, Young Master!” Xue Ling said hurriedly.

Chu Li laughed and said, “Do not worry, I will be back immediately Brother Han, I will go take care of this bastard, and stop him from harming anyone else.”

“If Brother Chu is acting personally, there will be no problem.” Han Fei laughed and said, “But be careful of his Claw Technique, it is truly unstoppable. You must prevent him from running if he feels the situation is not good.”

Chu Li smiled and nodded his head, and suddenly disappeared.

Han Fei breathed out, sighing, “Hopefully things go smoothly. That bastard really deserves to die!”

Xue Ling said, “Young Master Han, what did that person look like?”

“He does not look bad, he looks around forty years or so,” Han Fei said while shaking his head, “Judging by just his face, I don’t think anyone would imagine he is such a vicious person!”

“Why is he eating people’s brains?” Xue Ling furrowed her brows, “That’s too strange!”

There are people who like to eat pigs brains or brains from other animals, but no one likes to eat human brains.

Elder Chui chuckled from the side, “Maybe human brain tastes better!”

“Elder Chui!” Han Fei glared while shouting, “I’m in the middle of a meal!”

Elder Chui laughed, “Young Master, I was just jesting. Perhaps that person’s taste is a little special. I have never tried before!”

“Get lost!” Han Fei waved his hand.

Elder Chui chuckled while closed fist saluting to Xue Ling, bidding farewell.

Xue Ling sighed, “Elder Chui might be right, that person might have special tastes.”

“There is no such thing!” Han Fei shook his head, “I suspect that bastard must be training some kind of Forbidden Art which requires him to eat human brains. However, now that Brother Chu has gone, there will be no problems anymore!”

“I certainly hope so,” Xue Ling was still slightly worried.

Chu Li appeared inside a forest in a flash and saw his target.

Besides him, there were five other monks.

Among the five monks, he recognized one. It was the young genius Fa Yuan of the Temple of Tempest, the same one that almost killed him the previous time.

Currently, the five monks were surrounding an elegant middle-aged man, whose face was somber and serious.

Chu Li sighed inwardly. People really could not be judged by their looks. For such an elegant looking man, who would have thought that he was such an evil person who likes to eat human brains.

Chu Li kept his body hidden in the trees, the Scripture of Life and Death operating, concealing his presence from others.

Fa Yuan along with the four middle-aged monks surrounded the elegant middle-aged man. He pressed his hands in front of his chest and bowed, saying, “Brother Fa Heng, come back to the temple with us!”

The elegant middle-aged man laughed lightly, shaking his head, “Fa Yuan, why did you have to come to your death!”

Brother Fa Heng, you have walked on the path of evil. The sea of hardships is without boundary, but if you turn around you will see the shore. You will need Buddhist austerities to fully eliminate it, or else it will be hard to escape a death from self-destruction.” Fa Yuan sighed while doing the Anjali Mudra, “If Brother persists on doing things the wrong way, following cause and effect, it will be hard to turn back!”

The elegant middle-aged man laughed, “Now that I have cultivated this technique, cause and effect is inconsequential to me. Fa Yuan, go back, I will not kill you all today!”

Fa Yuan sighed and said, “Why are you going through all this trouble!”

Fa Heng laughed while shaking his head, “Fa Yuan, there is no trouble. I feel free and unfettered, I kill who I want to kill. This is true happiness. Now that I think of it, the days spent chanting scriptures in the temple were miserable beyond words!”

“Brother Fa Heng, it seems we have no choice but to force you to come back!” Fa Yuan shook his head and said, “I would never have imagined that Brother Fa Heng would walk this path. If I had known earlier, I would never have let you cultivate this technique!”

“There’s no need to talk so much, you should just act.” Fa Heng laughed, “Since we used to be from the same faction, I will not kill you, as long as you can take me down!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he immediately appeared twenty feet away.

“Amitabha Buddha” Five chants sounded at the same time, four monks leaped into the air, gently landing all around him and surrounding him.

Fa Yuan said, “Brother, now that the Exorcists are acting, you should be careful!”

“Hmph, so what!” Fa Heng barked a cold laugh. Several shadows suddenly materialized from his slim body, each shadow lunging towards one person.

The four monks narrowed their eyes, seemingly ignoring his right fist, and thrust their own fists toward the sky.

“Bam!” Fa Heng’s figure appeared in mid-air, glancing at the four in surprise.

His body movement technique was different. He deceived countless amount of people, but he could not deceive those four Exorcists. As expected of Exorcists!

Fa Yuan’s finger force attacked him soundlessly and without notice, the Spear Finger Strike shapeless and formless in its demonstration, impossible to defend against.

Fa Heng’s figure swayed for a moment, and two more shadows appeared, dodging the Spear Finger Strike and once again lunging towards the four monks.

The four monks did not move, once again thrusting their palms in the open air, shaking Fa Heng out again.

Fa Heng frowned. The first time might have been a fluke, but the second one definitely was not.