White Robed Chief Chapter 390

Chapter 390 Cooperation

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He knew that his body movement technique had been seen through.

The Exorcists specialized in capturing people, forming what seems to be a gigantic net. As long as one gets trapped inside the net, no matter how they struggle, they would only grow weaker, and finally get captured and subdued.

This was the special inheritance of the Exorcists, the other disciples of the Temple of Tempest would not have learnt this before.

When he was still in the temple, he heard that the martial arts of the Exorcists were unique and distinct, and that they were secretly restraining the martial arts of the Temple of Tempest. If the Exorcists were to act, the Exorcists would not suffer any losses. As such, the disciples of the Temple of Tempest complied with the commandments and did not dare disobey them.

The Light-body Technique he cultivated was peerless, and it was hard to perceive if it was genuine or a sham, but it was unable to remain concealed from the Exorcists. It seems like the rumors were not exaggerations. The Exorcists would be able to suppress him, in which case it would make it hard to fight them.

“Good! Very good!” He laughed loudly. His figure suddenly shrunk, the long tunic becoming a long robe, billowing in the wind, dragging on the ground.

He pulled on both sides of his robes and wound them around his waist, his eyes sharp and piercing like a long sword.

“My four Brothers, that is the Revolving Nirvana Technique. We cannot let him continue any further, the quicker we subdue him the better!” Fa Yuan said hurriedly.

He said as he lightly pointed, the Spear Finger Strike becoming unpredictable, not following a straight path, like a catkin floating in the wind. It rounded an arch towards Fa Heng’s back, soundlessly striking.

Fa Heng groaned, feeling two forces collide with each other inside his heart meridian. His heart meridian felt like it was about to rupture, but it was as if an invisible force was pressing onto it, forcefully holding it together.

Chu Li felt like his eyes had been opened up to another world, who knew that the Spear Finger Strike had this kind of change.

Obviously, this was the second later of the Spear Finger Strike. He could see clearly the line of trajectory. However, even if he were to learn the technique from Fa Yuan, he would be unable to cultivate this technique by himself no matter what.

The wisdom of the seniors of the Temple of Tempest truly inspired awe and respect.

For Fa Heng to be able to suppress this many Spear Finger Strikes, this Revolving Nirvana Technique was truly astonishing.

As his figure shrunk, his inner energy compressed along with it, becoming purer. His might also became stronger, and his body became sturdier.

Every time he encountered the disciples of the Temple of Tempest, he always gained something valuable, leaving him secretly with a feeling of anticipation.

The martial arts of the Temple of Tempest require deep Buddhist austerities before they are able to be successfully cultivated, and his cultivated austerities were nothing if not deep. He took to cultivating the martial arts of the Temple of Tempest like a duck took to water, easier than even the disciples of the Temple of Tempest.

Besides the Sentient Menace, he could easily learn every other martial arts from the Temple of Tempest, and if he knew how to learn them, he would be proficient in them.

When his Heavenly Demonic Power reached the third layer, the Sentient Menace advanced forcefully along with it. He could tell inwardly that he would be breaking through another layer very soon.

Fa Heng flashed and appeared in front of a middle-aged monk, his right hand curled into claws, and swiped down at the monk’s bald head.

The middle aged monk used two of his fingers together as a sword, stabbing towards the center of the claw.

Fa Heng changed his claws to a fist. The middle aged monk also changed his finger to a fist.

The two people switched tactics so fast it caused them to become blurs in the eyes of others, switching between tactics quickly.

Their fists collided with each other.

“Bam!” The middle-aged monk stepped back. Fa Heng used his body technique movement to disappear in a flash and reappeared away from the four.

The four people flew up, chasing after Fa Heng in the air and landed again, intending to trap Fa Heng in their formation.

However, Fa Heng shrunk back his body, once again retreating from the four people. He entered the forest, just barely evading Fa Yuan’s Spear Finger Strike.

Fa Yuan suddenly furrowed his brows, and stopped suddenly just as he was about to chase after him.

Chu Li stepped out from behind the tree, smiling at him, “Fa Yuan, it has been awhile!”

“Almsgiver Chu, it is you!” Fa Yuan bowed with his palms pressed together, “It truly has been awhile, Almsgiver Chu’s elegance has increased than in the past!”

“Fa Yuan, you will not be able to stop Fa Heng.” Chu Li said.

Fa Yuan said, “Even if we cannot stop him, the Brothers in the temple will act themselves; Brother Fa Heng will not be able to escape. Please rest assured, Almsgiver Chu, the Temple of Tempest has never allowed any renegade disciple to get away!”

“Then what do you say happened in Raging Tiger Encampment!” scoffed Chu Li, “It is true that you will catch the renegade sooner or later, but it might take ten years, twenty years In this amount of time, you do not know how much evil this disciple may cause. The sins of your Temple of Tempest will grow large!”

Fa Yuan muttered a Buddhist mantra and bowed with pressed palms.

Chu Li’s words hit the nail on the head. Fa Yuan was unable to refute him, but he did not put it to heart either.

The Temple of Tempest had another way of saying it. In this world, everyone had their own fate and destiny. Even if renegade disciples were to do evil acts, it would be because of the cycle of cause and effect.

If they die tragically in the hands of a renegade disciple, then maybe they owed a debt in their previous lives, so they had to repay it in this life. What goes around, comes around. What evil acts the renegade disciples committed, there will be consequences awaiting him.

Chu Li said, “If I kill him, will you try to take revenge on me like what happened with the disciples last time in the Raging Tiger Encampment?”

“The disciples of the Temple of Tempest are governed by the rules of the temple, Almsgiver Chu need not worry.” said Fa Zheng.

Chu Li scoffed, “In other words, if I kill Fa Heng, the Temple of Tempest will take revenge on his behalf, right?”

Fa Yuan said deeply, “…How about this, this time, I am requesting Almsgiver Chu for help.”

Chu Li laughed, “At least you monks are a little sensible. Very well, I shall help you.”

“However, Almsgiver Chu, I do have a request.” said Fa Yuan.

Chu Li smiled and said, “I must not reveal his identity?”

Fa Yuan slowly nodded his head and bowed, “Almsgiver Chu is a wise man.”

“Alright, I shall agree,” Chu Li said while smiling cheerfully, “but it must be made known that it was the House of High Duke which stopped this bastard!”

“…Alright,” nodded Fa Yuan.

The two worked out a mutually beneficial deal.

After the last time when they failed to kill Chu Li, the Temple of Tempest stopped pursuing him. Who would have thought that twist of fate would pay off now?

Chu Li said, “Fa Yuan, I am very curious. What martial arts exactly did Fa Heng learn?”

Fa Yuan let out a troubled expression.

Chu Li said, “The Aquila Technique?”

Fa Yuan was surprised.

Chu Li slowly said, “The Aquila Technique it’s body movement technique is truly bizarre! …Oh, right, I heard that your temple also has an Asura Power Technique, but I am not sure if that is true or not.”

“Almsgiver Chu truly has an extensive knowledge,” Fa Yuan sighed and said, “The Aquila Technique is said to be inherited from the Spirit Eagle. The power is astonishing, but unfortunately the nature of the Eagle is fierce and cruel. Without profound Buddhist austerities, it would be impossible to control it.”

“The same goes for the Asura Power Technique, right?” said Chu Li, “I have seen someone cultivate that technique before.”

“Who?!” Fa Yuan’s expression turned solemn.

Chu Li said, “His Highness Prince An.”

Fa Yuan furrowed his brows and muttered to himself.

Chu Li smiled, “For Prince An to obtain the Imperial House, it must be thanks to the Temple of Tempest, right? Your Temple’s martial arts all bring about disasters, inviting problems here and there!”

Fa Yuan said, “As long as the Buddhist austerities are profound, it will naturally change evil behaviors to peacefulness and amiability. There will be no problem.”

“Unfortunately, how much austerities is counted as profound?” Chu Li said, “People who pitch in the Temple of Tempest all go there for the martial arts, and not for the austerities! …What methods are there to suppress the Asura Power Technique?”

“Did he obtain the Heart of Asura?” asked Fa Yuan.

Chu Li shook his head and said, “I am not sure, what is the difference?”

“If he has obtained the Heart of Asura, there will still be a way.” Fa Yuan sighed, “If he has not obtained the Heart of Asura, the power of Asura would have to be sustained with his body, becoming the Body of Asura The more he cultivates, the colder his heart becomes. His bloodlust will become deeper and thicker, and even austerities would no longer be able to suppress it.”

“What will happen if he fails to suppress it?” asked Chu Li, “Will his cultivation become deeper and deeper?”

“…Yes,” Fa Yuan sighed and said, “The Asura Power Technique advancements are incredibly fast. I will have to report this matter to the temple as it is no small matter. Once the Asura Power Technique is cultivated, the land will be thrown into turmoil!”

“Your temple has Enlightened Masters, just kill him!” laughed Chu Li.

Fa Yuan shook his head, “Asura It will not be that simple. Almsgiver Chu, I give you my thanks!”

Chu Li smiled slightly and said, “There is no need to thank me. Once Prince An finishes cultivating, the first one he comes to kill will be me.”