White Robed Chief Chapter 391

Chapter 391 Taking Action

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Fa Yuan smiled, “News about the grudge between Prince An and the Yi Public House has also reached my ears.”

Chu Li pointed at him, “The Temple of Tempest really can be said to be everywhere! …Does the Asura Power Technique truly have no weakness?”

Fa Yuan pondered, then shook his head and sighed, “The Asura Power Technique was passed down by the Asura clan with the sole purpose of using it to kill. In order to vanquish them, profound austerities are needed. Unfortunately, not all people who cultivate such austerities reside in this world.”

Chu Li said, “Is it possible that it is invincible?”

“You need not worry, Almsgiver Chu. There is no such thing as an invincible technique.” Fa Yuan said slowly, “As long as he is stopped in time and prevented from thoroughly transforming into Asura, there is nothing to worry about.”

“I only fear that even your temple is unable to do anything,” scoffed Chu Li, “if it were anyone else, the Temple of Tempest would have acted long ago. However, this is the Prince, the son of the Emperor’s legal wife. The Protectors of the Imperial House are not incompetent, they will not sit idly by. Moreover, there is the Emperor too.”

With every sentence he spoke, Fa Yuan’s sharp eyebrows tightened a fraction. By the time Chu Li finished speaking, Fa Yuan’s eyebrows were completely furrowed. He did not utter a word.

Chu Li smiled and said, “If the Temple of Tempest has any methods of restraining the Asura Power Technique, pray tell. As my position is aloof, I will be able to go against him.”

“I fear that Almsgiver Chu will be disappointed,” pondered Fa Yuan, “It is a shame that he did not use the Heart of Asura, or else things will not have come to this point.”

“What will happen if he uses the Heart of Asura?” asked Chu Li.

Fa Yuan said, “If he has the Heart of Asura, all of the cultivation will accumulate in the Heart of Asura. His body will not have to undergo transformations, and the Asura Power Technique will not have that big on an influence on his mind and body. If he swallowed the Heart of Asura, his power will be able to reach the Heavens, and he can become a top-notch master in just one day. However, his cultivation will be unable to advance, and no matter how much he cultivates, he will not be able to surpass the limit. If he does not have the Heart of Asura, his advancement will be slower and he will have to endure immense suffering during cultivation. However, his potential will be limitless, his might may even reach the rank of Enlightened Masters!”

“The Heart of Asura” Chu Li shook his head and sighed, “His body is covered in warts now. He must not have used the Heart of Asura yet.”

“Almsgiver Chu, this is not a small matter, I will report to the Temple.” Fa Yuan said while frowning, “Even if he is the prince, we will think of a way to disrupt his cultivation. This is not only for my temple, but for the world too!”

Chu Li let out a sigh and slowly nodded his head.

Grudges could change unpredictably. Who would have thought that they, who were enemies in the past, would work together today against one person?

He was not afraid of the menace that was Prince An; his Heavenly Demonic Power was slightly superior after all. He just did not want to personally go against Prince An. An Enlightened Master Prince would be like a treasure sword hanging over his head which could fall on him at any moment.

All his various methods were to borrow the knives of others to kill, so if he could borrow the ‘knife’ that was the Temple of Tempest, then that was even better.

He was lucky that he managed to snatch the Heart of Asura back then. If he had not taken the Heart of Asura, his Heavenly Demonic Power would not have been able to reach the third layer. Furthermore, if Prince An managed to swallow the Heart of Asura, his cultivation would skyrocket in one go, and that would be the end of him!

“Alright, let’s set this aside for now. Let us go deal with that Brother Fa Heng of yours.” laughed Chu Li.

Fa Yuan let out a sigh and uttered a chant while bowing with his palms pressed together.

Chu Li said, “He has already lost his humanity. Fa Yuan, why do you still take pity!”

“Brother Fa Heng was not always this violent. He was influenced by the Aquila Technique.” Fa Yuan shook his head and said, “I am feeling sorry on behalf of Brother Fa Heng.”

“If he did not have the seed of violence already planted in his heart, he would not have become like this.” Chu Li shook his head and said, “The technique only exacerbated his violence, what is there to be sorry for!”

He suddenly disappeared from Fa Yuan’s eyes and reappeared at the bank of the Li River.

Behind Fa Heng was the torrential river water, and in front of him were three white-haired old men blocking his path.

The faces of all three white-haired men were solemn. They glared viciously at him, their entire bodies tense.

Chu Li swept his gaze towards them. They were all familiar figures; they were all High Officials from the House of High Duke.

“Elder Gui,” Chu Li closed fist saluted.

The three white-haired man turned to look at Chu Li, smiles breaking out on their faces, and closed fist saluted, “Chief Chu!”

Chu Li smiled, “What are Elder Gui, Elder Lee and Old Meng doing here?”

“We have been chasing after this evil thief!” Elder Gui’s body was tall and large. His hair was snow white, yet his face was red like a baby’s. His voice boomed like a gong, and he scoffed, “This evil bastard has committed unforgivable crimes. If the House Of High Duke is unable to subdue him, then we really will be the laughing stock of the world!”

Chu Li nodded his head and said, “Elder Gui, Elder Lee, Old Meng, you three sit back and watch the show. Leave this to me!”

“Be careful with this bastard, Chief. His body movement technique is abnormally quick.” Elder Gui said lowly, “The three of us have been chasing after him for several days now, but he always manages to escape!”

Chu Li smiled and said, “I will be careful.”

Fa Heng silently looked at Chu Li and frowned, “Who are you?”

Chu Li lightly said, “Chu Li, from the Yi Public House. Be a more fortunate person in your next life!”

He appeared suddenly beside Fa Heng, not allowing Fa Heng to speak, lest his identity gets exposed.

Fa Heng’s body became empty, as if he became a mere shadow.

The long sword from Chu Li’s waist suddenly flashed and condensed into a little asterism, only faintly discernible, both quick and slow, moving unpredictably.

“Oh” Fa Heng’s body materialized in front of the tip of the sword.

Chu Li returned his sword to the scabbard.

Blood suddenly spurted out of Fa Heng’s precordium. He cradled his chest, eyes widening as if in disbelief, staring intently at Chu Li.

Chu Li shook his head.

He would have fared better if he had other martial arts. This kind of body movement techniques which relied on the opponent unable to tell if it was real or fake had no use on him.

With the Omniscient Mirror, everything was crystal clear, and he was able to deal with the man with a faster than normal speed. The man was unlucky to have come across Chu Li.

Elder Gui and the other two were staring with wide eyes.

They found it hard to believe.

They chased after him for several days and nights, but he always managed to escape in the dozens of times they exchanged blows. For such a top-notch master, the way he died in one hit when faced with Chu Li was almost unimaginable. Since when did Chief Chu’s

martial arts become like this!

Fa Yuan stood in dark with slightly narrowed eyes, thoughtfully.

Chu Li smiled and said, “Elder Gui, you guys do not have to care about this person. Just leave him here. This kind of bastard does not deserve to be buried in peace.”

“Chief Chu, we have troubled you!” Elder Gui sighed and gave a hopeless, bitter chuckle, “If it weren’t for Chief Chu, we would still be unable to deal with him!”

Chu Li waved his hands and smiled, “It is almost Eldest Master’s wedding. If this bastard were to wreak havoc, he would be purely looking for death. I shall take my leave now. We can catch up back in the Residence!”

“Alright!” Elder Gui and the two others closed fist saluted.

Chu Li’s white robe billowed away.

The three stood where they were for a long time, not moving.

It was only after a long while that they finally looked down to see the no longer breathing Fa Heng. They shook their heads and chuckled bitterly.

“We really are getting old!” Elder Gui heaved a sigh, “The world belongs to the youngsters now!”

“Elder Gui, don’t be that way, how many geniuses do you think are out there who is like

Chief Chu?” the old men beside him laughed, “We were considered geniuses in our youth too. Although we might be a layer slightly lower than Chief Chu, we were still prominent individuals!”

Elder Gui chuckled, “It is a shame that Chief Chu went to the Imperial Residence. The House of High Duke now has one less force of intimidation.”

“The previous case had already scared those people silly, but this will make them more behaved this time!” The other old man laughed, “Do we really just leave this bastard here?”

“The dead should be respected. According to courtesy, he should be buried,” One of the old men sighed, “However, since Chief Chu has spoken, we should comply with his words.”

“Let’s go, we should go back and rest. Our arms and legs are old now, they can’t even endure a little bit of activity.” laughed Elder Gui.

The three glanced over at Fa Heng, and shook their heads and went away.