White Robed Chief Chapter 392

Chapter 392 Hunting Ceremony

Chu Li returned to the Fairy’s Capital.

Han Fei was having his meal in a restaurant. He waved his hand when he saw Chu Li walking in.

Chu Li sat across the table. “It’s settled.”

Han Fei smiled, “With Brother Chu on it, of course it’s settled. Alright, forget about him, I lose my appetite at every time he’s mentioned!”

He knew Chu Li had divine powers, so he was not exactly surprised. No matter how fast that man was, he would never be quicker than Chu Li, it make sense that Chu Li could kill him.

Chu Li said, “Brother Han, are you here this time to experience the hustle and bustle of the Fairy’s Capital or you are planning to settle down here?”

“I’m just here for a short visit.” Han Fei shook his head. “Now that the River Alliance has fallen apart, it is the best opportunity for the Jiang Chuan Alliance, I definitely cannot let this go!”

Chu Li smiled as he nodded, “But can you take down the entire Li River?”

“That would be impossible, but as long as I manage to expand my territory by half a fold, then I am confident,” Han Fei placed down his chopsticks and extended his fan, he elegantly and naturally fanned himself, “Henceforth, I can finally show my fist and kicking techniques.”

“I wish you success in your grand plan, then!” Chu Li smiled.

He knew that Han Fei was a very ambitious person. He was trying to change the Jiang Chuan River into a huge body that is in charge in the association, business and the escort establishment, so that it could operate independently, without interference from third parties, forming his very own kingdom.

It was easier said than done.It made one excited to think about it, but there would be many obstacles in the way to deter them.

If they discontinued the interest system they initially had and came up with a new one, they would be faced with a huge resistance. It was not something that would work out with a simple plan, a lot of effort would be required.

But now was a great opportunity for Han Fei due to his expanded territory. He could attempt to implement his ideas on the newly controlled territory, which would be easier.

Chu Li was tipsy as he walked back.

When he reached the Tianshu Courtyard, his was sober again and had no scent of alcohol on him. He did not remove it with inner energy, it was simply his body working on breaking down the alcohol.

Now that his body went through the tampering of the Scripture of Life and Death, Sentient Menace, Art of White Tiger and Heavenly Demonic Power, it was getting stronger and stronger. His internal organs were stronger compared to an average person. If he was only slightly drunk, he would just need to take a short stroll for the effects of the alcohol to dissipate, equal to a full night’s sleep of someone else.

As soon as he entered the Tianshu Courtyard, a slim figure fluttered towards him, along with an aromatic scent.

Chu Li smiled as he stepped back and made a closed fist salute, “Miss Qiu.”

Leng Qiu stopped in her tracks and angrily glared at him, “Head Chief, are you trying to avoid me?”

Chu Li broke into a smile, he saw Siao Shi enjoying the lively scene with a subtle smile, he shook his head, “Why would I be avoiding you, Miss Qiu?”

Leng Qiu’s red lips twitched as she scoffed, “Don’t think that I am dumb! If you aren’t trying to avoid me, then why have I not seen you for days?”

“I was cultivating in isolation.” said Chu Li.

Leng Qiu twitched her mouth and scoffed again, “You did that just to avoid me, or why would you randomly cultivate in isolation for no reason?”

Chu Li felt helpless, he could not just tell her he did that to deal with Prince An.

He could not reason with a little lady like this, the best thing to do was to change the topic. “The Hunting Ceremony is about to start soon, right?”

“Tomorrow!” Leng Qiu quickly said. “You’re not allowed to hide this time, promise me!”

“Alright, I will definitely be there tomorrow!” Chu Li quickly said.

Xue Ningyu gently smiled as she watched everything from the sides. “Thank you for your effort, Head Chief.”

Chu Li said, “I feel like enjoying the bustle there too. It is said that all the disciples from the Imperial Residence will participate, right?”

“Yes, all the disciples from all twelve Imperial Residence will be there,” Song Liuying said, “Qing Er will go too, Head Chief would need to help me in keeping an eye on them during then.”

Chu Li nodded, “It would be my honor.”

Leng Qing indifferently glanced at him and did not bother to care about him.

Siao Shi said, “I’ll be there to join the bustle too.”

“Will your body be able to take it, Sister Siao?” Song Liuying said. “Don’t force yourself and hurt your vitality.”

“I am bored to death from having to stay here from day to night,” Siao Shi said. “Are all the Princesses going to attend? It’s high time for me to meet them.”

“Then you are going to be really tired,” Xue Ningyu said. “They are all curious of you, the greatest beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty. They all wanted to come and have a look.”

“That’s just right.” Smiled Siao Shi.

Chu Li glanced at her.

Siao Shi did not seem to be in a bad condition, her injury had almost completely recovered.

There was an Imperial Enclosure spanning out two square kilometers in the east side of the Fairy’s Capital.

It was all dense woods in the enclosure, green as far as the eye could see. It was as if standing in a vast grassland, the scenery was completely different from The Great Ji Dynasty’s.

The sounds of clanging from armor could be constantly heard in the enclosure. Flags were always fluttering, and the endless sounds of close fights were audible. It like an actual battlefield

Chu Li knew about the enclosure, it was said that it was built to imitate terrain in the Li Dynasty.

The heavy cavalry of the Li Dynasty was second to none. Everyone from the Li Dynasty was extremely ambitious, they were all eyeing at the Great Ji Dynasty covetously. They were planning to advance their heavy cavalry at any time, attacking from the east side of the Great Ji Dynasty to take it down.

The Great Ji Dynasty and the Li Dynasty were constantly fighting ever since they were built, the war along their borders did not stop for even a day. The enclosure was initially built to recreate the battle at the border station. All the generals in the dynasty discussed with the Emperor about the results and concluded the lessons learned by everyone.

The Great Ji Dynasty was improving during the past years. Their cavalry grew more elite the day, but they were still a ways away from the Li Dynasty.

The crucial setback was that their horses were not optimal. There were only a few experts in horse breeding.

The reason to why their horses were not good enough was because of the pastures. The Li Dynasty was located in a great grassland, their pastures were green and fertile. However, The Great Ji Dynasty did not have such environment, the grass that they grew just could not be compared to the Li Dynasty’s.

Just like how the quality of a person’s food determined how healthy they were, it is useless to have a fine horse without pastures of high quality.

The Imperial Enclosure was built to train soldiers, and the growing of pastures while breeding fine horses.

Chu Li was on a fine black horse as he followed at the side of Siao Shi. They slowly exited from the east town gate.

Siao Shi was riding a white horse, the horse did not have a single splotch of color on it.

She was wearing a neat uniform and a bright red cloak. She looked gentle and beautiful, while bright and brave at the same time. She simply outshined everyone nearby. Song Liuying, Xue Yuning, Leng Qing, Leng Qiu, and even Xue Ling as well as Yang Xu seemed dull in comparison.

Her face was as fair as jade, her eyes as deep as the abyss. She was silently sitting on the horse, her elegant body was slightly shifting along with the movements of the horse, elegant and poised. Emanating an unsurpassed beauty of her generation, the people who passed by could only stare at her with wide eyes, unable to tear their gaze from her.

Song Liuying smiled, “We shouldn’t be walking alongside Sister Siao.”

Xue Ningyu pursed her lips and gently smiled.

Although they both had daughters, but as a woman, beauty always came first. Siao Shi was so pretty that even as women, they could not help but to praise her. They were like accessories when they walked alongside her, it was indeed hopeless.

Siao Shi gently smiled, “Sister Song, how much further do we have to go?”

There were two lines of soldiers standing upright on the sides of the road, their armor glittered coldly under the sun. Posted ten meters away from each other, they were as straight as an arrow, they were standing as straight as a tree.

They were pointedly looking in front of them with both eyes, unmoving like a tree. As if they did not see the beauty of Siao Shi, they only glanced at her from the corner of their eyes, their gaze still concentrated at the same spot.

Chu Li sized up the soldiers at both sides of the road, they all had a very strong killing intent coming from them. They were not new to death and bloodshed, seemingly elites with vast experience in war.

Zheng Lide followed behind Chu Li, he saw Chu Li staring at the guards. Zheng Lide smiled, “Head Chief, they are old soldiers from the border who have retired, all have them are highly credited!”

His opinion of Chu Li was complicated. He respected him, but was afraid of him at the same time. He was worried that he would be tied up together if they were too close, but Chu Li was his superior, he had no choice but to obey.

Chu Li nodded as he sighed, “They are going to fight after they retire?”

“They will usually be sent to somewhere else,” Zheng Lide said. “All of the new guards will have to train elsewhere for two years until they become experienced, then survive a year at the border. They will then rise in rank with their contributions, and be transferred elsewhere. These soldiers attending the Hunting Ceremony are soldiers with great contributions.”

“The Li Dynasty” sighed Chu Li as he shook his head.

Although he was the Head Chief, he did not have a broad influence in the dynasty. He still needed to do things step by step.