White Robed Chief Chapter 393

Chapter 393 Slapped

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Zheng Lide said, “Head Chief, both of our ladies are lucky. If they were born a man, they would need to be at the border for a year and that’s really dangerous!”

Chu Li raised his brow, “How about the Prince?”

He broke into a smile immediately, “It seems that all the Princes have at least some understanding towards war.”

It was apparent that the son of the Prince went to war before. The Princes have all waged war once and it was their sons’ turn. There was no escape from it from one generation to another generation.

“True,” Zheng Lide sighed.

Chu Li said, “All the Princes know how hard it is to maintain the Great Ji Dynasty and that they should always be wary of the Li Dynasty. They are forced to be diligent and forge onwards constantly, not being blinded by pleasure and turning into an incapable ruler.”

“You’re right, this is the wholehearted effort of the Great Emperor,” Zheng Lide said, “Thanks to this, it ensures that all the rulers of the Great Ji Dynasty are wise men. We’ve never had an incapable ruler!”

Both of them chatted as they left the town gate slowly.

The main road was quite crowded. There were guards posted with no commoners around. There were only people from their respective Imperial Residences on the path but it was still lively.

Both men and women were wearing neat uniforms. The men looked heroic while the women looked valiant. It seemed like they were really preparing for war.

For many of the men from the Imperial Residence, it was for them to accustom themselves to the battlefield. They were going to step into the battlefield in the future. The effort was put into the Hunting Ceremony and it was not simply for fun.

It also helped in improving their relationships as they gathered together. No matter how close one was with another, they would eventually drift apart if they did not meet frequently. The Hunting Ceremony was an effective way to gather the hearts of the people of the Imperial Family.

Chu Li exclaimed to himself, none of the people who built a dynasty were normal people. These grand events were filled with great wisdom, befitting of the next generation.

When the two were talking to each other, three horses suddenly rushed out of the town gates and were running directly towards them.

Chu Li turned his head and looked towards them.

Three horses that were in red were shining under the sun as if they were draped in satin. They rushed in front of them in the blink of an eye. If they have not stepped aside, they would have collided with them.

Chu Li waved his sleeve.

Vigorous power grew in the air as if a wall was built in front of them.

“Neigh” The fine horses whined softly and stood up like a man and stopped in front of the wall of energy.

“Bam bam bam!” Three sounds of dull thuds could be heard. The three riders on the horses were not that lucky they flew off the horse and fell behind Chu Li.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing turned their heads around.

Leng Qiu snorted and stared at the people on the floor and said delightedly, “You deserve it!”

The three riders got on their feet. Two of them were middle-aged men while the third was a fat youngster.

Their expressions were dimmed and it looked as if they were furious. Their glares were so fierce it seemed as if they were spitting fire. They glared at Chu Li and the others with hatred, especially the fat youngster. His chubby face was shaking with fury and he was furious.

“Who did that?” The fat young man asked in a deep voice. His voice seemingly squeezed out between the gaps in his teeth.

Zheng Lide made a closed fist salute, “Greetings, my Young Prince.”

“Step aside, I am not talking to you!” The fat man waved his hand and glared furiously at Leng Qiu, “Leng Qiu, you must have quite the guts to still be dare to show up here!”

Leng Qiu scoffed, “Why would I not dare to come here, Leng Tao? Do you think that you are the greatest and everyone is afraid of you? What a joke!”

Leng Tao squinted his eyes and clenched his teeth as he scoffed, “Hand over the culprit of the incident just now and I’ll let you go!”

“I am the one who’s letting you go!” Leng Qiu scoffed delightedly, “You flipped onto the floor so badly and you still dare to speak so arrogantly. If you are tactful enough, you better get lost dejectedly! You still dare to lose your tongue here? You are indeed a joke!”

“Leng Qiu, it seems you have hired a martial arts master!” Leng Tao said in disdain, “So what, you will still have to get beat up!”

Leng Qiu pursed her lips tightly and said steely, “Let’s see who’s the one who’ll get beat up this time!”

Chu Li did not move from his spot as he watched Leng Qiu and Leng Tao quarreled with each other.

He looked towards Zheng Lide. Zheng Lide lowered his voice, “He is the son of Prince Cheng’s legal wife.”

Chu Li nodded.

No wonder he was so arrogant. It all came from his family he got that from his father.

“Who did that just now? Come out!” Leng Tao stopped arguing with Leng Qiu and yelled at the crowd.

Siao Shi said gently, “Whose kid is being so arrogant to their elders?”

“Y-you” Leng Tao was only staring at Leng Qiu before that, ignoring everyone else. When he saw Siao Shi, his chastising words stopped immediately as his gaze landed on her.

Song Liuying smiled gently, “He is Prince Cheng’s son, one of the devil’s incarnation. He is fearless. Don’t mind him.”

“This lady over here, nice to meet you!” Leng Tao made a closed fist salute as he smiled, his chubby face squeezed into a ball, his eyes could not be seen.

Siao Shi said lightly, “I am the wife of Prince An. You should call me Aunt Siao!”

“Ah, you are the consort to my third uncle, I apologize!” Leng Tao laughed subtly, his deceitful gazes stayed on Siao Shi’s pretty face. He exclaimed, “It is indeed a fully justified reputation!”

Siao Shi furrowed her brows lightly and said softly, “You should go now!”

“You are right, I should go now,” Leng Tao nodded quickly and remembered instantly what he was supposed to do. He shook his head, “No, no, I still haven’t found out who was the one who pulled such a nasty trick! Aunt Siaosigh, it’s too weird to call you this way, it makes you sound old!”

Siao Shi lost her temper and said, “I am still your third aunt regardless of how young I am. Just go!”

“Hold on!” Leng Tao shook his head, “I must find the culprit!”

“You fell because you weren’t paying attention. Who can you blame for your poor skills in riding?” Siao Shi waved her delicate hand and turned her body to tap the horse gently. The white horse started to trot and slowly got into a gallop. The others followed.

Leng Tao called out quickly, “You all are not allowed to go!”

He glared at both of the middle-aged men.

Both of them shook their head and lowered their voice, “Young master, let’s just let them go!”

“Blasphemy!” Leng Tao yelled angrily and scoffed, “I will definitely not agree with letting them go unless I find out who it is!”

“Master” One of them said in a low voice, “Even if you find him, we don’t gain anything from it. It is not too late to wait until Prince Cheng comes and settle with them. After all, they only have this many people, they can’t run!”

“He’s right, he’s right!” The other man tried to convince Leng Tao too.

Leng Tao scoffed, “No way, I do not believe that I can’t do anything today!”

“Young master” Both of them continued to convince him.

They were both Grandmasters and were very clear about how scary that one moment was.

Their body was restricted instantly by the shapeless force and they could not resist at all. Or else, as Grandmasters, how would they make such a solid fall, let alone fail to protect Leng Tao.

Leng Tao yelled, “Leng Qiu, you are not allowed to leave or I am going to flip!”

Leng Qiu was riding her horse. Her mouth twitched as she raised her voice, “I am the one who is going to flip, I do not have time for you!”

Leng Tao jumped onto the horse and rushed over as he scoffed loudly, “Who is the culprit? You better come out now or don’t blame me for being rude!”

Chu Li shook his head as he sighed, the guy was quite stubborn.

He outstretched his hand, “My Young Prince, it was me, Chen Kong is not here and you still dare to be this presumptuous?”

“Who are you?!” Leng Tao glared at him as he scoffed, “So what if Elder Chen Kong isn’t here? Don’t tell me that you dare to hit me?”

Chu Li sighed and swung his hand slightly.

“Pak!” Leng Tao held onto his face in disbelief and his small eyes widened, “Y-you…you!”

Chu Li said, “It is better to watch where you are going next time. Don’t just barge blindly forward. Be a little bit more careful so that you don’t knock yourself over and die!”

“Who are you?” Leng Tao yelled in anger.

Chu Li shook his head, “Let’s go.”

The group urged their horses to go faster. All the fine horses started to gallop instantly.