White Robed Chief Chapter 395

Chapter 395 Proxy

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A beautiful smile formed on the amorous lady’s lips, “If it is not Prince Cheng, then it must be someone else. I’d like to know who it was who ate the guts of a leopard and dared to hit you!”

“Lu YurongLady Lu, this has nothing to do with you,” Leng Tao scoffed as he glared at her with anger.

“Who is it that hit you, Brother Tao?” The pure-looking beauty smiled and asked, “This slap is quite harsh and is too much!”

“Young Ying, a person like him deserves to be punished. It was a great slap!” The amorous woman was Lu Yurong. She said with a smiling face, “I am quite impressed by that person for his guts. I’ll have to thank him properly when I meet him!”

“Hmph, Lady Lu, you don’t have to be this pleased,” Leng Tao straightened his neck and scoffed, “You too were taken advantage of by this person!”

Lu Yurong furrowed her brows, “Don’t tell me that it is Chu Li?”

“Hmph, it is indeed that bastard who deserves death,” Leng Tao said angrily, “Let’s not have the pot calling the kettle black. I was humiliated by him but so were you! I will regain my honor and I will make him kneel and beg for forgiveness!”

Lu Yurong let out an attractive smile, “All right, I actually am looking forward to him kneeling and asking for forgiveness. Leng Tao, if you can do it, I will bow to you every time I see you!”

“Sure, you said it on your own!” Leng Tao said quickly.

He turned his head towards the middle-aged beauty and the nave-looking lady, “Fifth aunt, Young Ying, you heard what Lady Lu said, you must bear witness for me!”

Leng Ying looked at him pitifully.

Lu Yurong smirked, “If you can do it, I will bow and greet you. But what if you can’t?”

“What do you think?” Leng Tao scoffed.

Lu Yurong smiled, “Every time when you see me, you will have to get away as far as possible on your own accord. Don’t let me see you!”

“You–!” Leng Tao glared at her and said, feeling unfair, “Am I really that hateful?”

“You know it yourself!” Lu Yurong smiled subtly, “Are you not confident enough to bet on it?”

“Let bet on it, then!” Leng Tao scoffed arrogantly, “Don’t think that you will always win. This time, you are definitely going to lose. Elder Chen will be in this too. He’ll be arriving soon and he’ll create trouble for Chu Li!”

Lu Yurong broke into a laughter, “Leng Tao, you are really dumb. Do you not know that even Elder Chen Kong can’t deal with Chu Li?”

Leng Tao’s expression changed and sneered, “Nonsense!”

Lu Yurong shook her head and sighed, “I worried about Prince Cheng. What should he do in the future with a dumb son like you?”

Leng Tao replied quickly, “What do you mean by that?”

Leng Ying sighed helplessly, “Brother Tao, have you ever asked Elder Chen Kong if he can defeat Chu Li?”

“Why do I have to ask?” Leng Tao said in disdain, “No matter how good Chu Li is, he is no match for Elder Chen. The last time Elder Chen caused an incident in the Imperial Residence of Prince An, everything was a mess and in chaos. If Chu Li could win Elder Chen, why did things end up like that?”

“Enough of that!” Lu Yurong scoffed, “You are truly proficient in talking big. What mess and chaos? Your people left after trying to surround them for a few days. You guys didn’t even manage to ruffle the Imperial Residence of Prince An!”

“But at least we forced them to stay inside!”

“What about now?”

“My father is generous, he can’t bear to pressure them too much since they are brothers,” Leng Tao puffed his chest up and scoffed arrogantly, “That’s why he let them go, or elsehmph!”

“This is exactly why I’m worried about Prince Cheng. You are too stupid!” Lu Yurong shook her head and sighed, “Why haven’t you ever thought about it? With the temper of Prince Cheng, would he still be generous? Don’t you think that it’s odd?”

Leng Tao scoffed, “My father has always been a generous person.”

“Ptff!” Lu Yurong could not hold it in any longer. Even Leng Ying and the middle-aged lady started to laugh.

Leng Tao stared at them resentfully.

Lu Yurong shook her head, “Talking with an idiot like you, I clearly make a point, or you won’t understand.”

“Who’s the idiot?” Leng Tao scoffed, infuriated.

Lu Yurong said, “Prince Cheng did not plan to let go of the Imperial Residence of Prince An. The truth is, he had no way to deal with them. Even Elder Chen can’t deal with Chu Li. That’s why it’s better for you to give up and stop showing up in front of my face!”

“Nonsense, I want to ask Elder Chen on my own!” Leng Tao called out, unwilling to submit.

Chen Kong was mounted on a black horse as he galloped past. He suddenly pulled on his reins and the black horse reared instantly.

“Master?” Chen Kong sat firmly on the back of the horse and looked at him curiously.

“Elder Chen Kong!” Leng Tao quickly called him as if he saw his savior.

Chen Kong fluttered down from his horse. He made a closed fist salute and smiled, “Greetings, Princess Lu, Miss Ying and Miss Lu!”

The three women instantly held onto their sleeve and greeted in return.

Leng Tao asked quickly, “Elder Chen, can you win Chu Li?”

“Chu Li?” Chen Kong furrowed his brows slightly, “What is it? Did Master offend Chu Li?”

“It was not me who offended him. He is the one who offended me!” Leng Tao touched his own face with wrath. It was still hurt. “That man slapped me!”

Although it was not a rare thing for him to be slapped but it was his father who hit him. Nobody else actually hit him before.

Chu Li was the first person to be brave so he must be punished as an example. Even if he could not be killed, he needed to be slapped a hundred times. Only that would be enough to vent the hatred that he harbored.

Chen Kong said, “Why did you mess with him? Princess Lu, I apologize for what you have witnessed!”

“It is just young people fooling around, nothing much,” The middle-aged lady smiled solemnly. “You do not need to lower yourself to match them.”

“Understood,” Chen Kong made a closed fist salute, “I will try to advise my Master.”

“That’s good,” The middle-aged women smiled, “We have spent quite some time here. Let’s go now so that we don’t miss the time!”

“Please, Princess Lu!” Chen Kong said politely.

The middle-aged woman nodded gently and led Lu Yurong and Leng Ying as they started moving.

Leng Tao and Chen Kong did not follow. They only hopped on their horses after they left.

“Elder Chen Kong, Lu Yurong said that you can’t win Chu Li,” Leng Tao could not wait for to know the truth, “Is it true?”

“Chu Li” Chen Kong furrowed his brow and muttered in a deep voice, “I am not completely confident.”

“Are you serious?” Leng Tao said disappointedly, “He is young, maybe around my age?”

Chen Kong looked at him and did not say a word.

Leng Tao understood what he meant by his gaze. It showed how useless he was. Although their age was around the same, he was way weaker than Chu Li and was even hit by him.

Leng Tao said angrily, “He surprised me with his attack or I would’ve definitely dodged it!”

Chen Kong said, “If you want to deal with Chu Li, you can’t just do it right in front of him. You need to backstab him. After all, he is rank one!”

“I know right!” Leng Tao said quickly, “How do we settle him?”

“It would be best to make someone else do it like letting Miss Lu deal with him,” Chen Kong said, “Miss Lu’s martial arts is great and is enough to deal with Chu Li!”

“But Lu Yurong was taken advantage by Chu Li many times!” Leng Tao scoffed, “Lu Yurong is also trying to get someone else to do the dirty work!”

No matter how dumb he was, he understood that Lu Yurong was trying to rouse him in dealing with Chu Li.

Chen Kong smiled, “Lu Yurong usually stays in the Public House to cultivate. She makes plans and leaves it to her subordinates to execute them. They would not be able to react if they met Chu Li. But if the two of them fought, Chu Li would lose to Lu Yurong!”

“Well then, we shall let them fight!” Leng Tao scoffed.

He finally understood that if Elder Chen Kong was not confident in winning Chu Li, there was no point to it no matter how much he tried to talk to him!