White Robed Chief Chapter 396

Chapter 396 Realization

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Lu Yurong and the others spurred their horses and moved in a slower pace, taking their time.

They were basking in the bright and beautiful sunlight, warming them. The metal armor of the soldiers beside the road had a gloomy feel to it, causing people to feel solemn.

“Elder cousin sister, is Chu Li really that great?” Leng Ying asked out of curiosity.

Lu Yurong rolled her eyes at her, “He even dared to hit Leng Tao, what do you think?”

“He is indeed quite brave,” Leng Ying pursed her lips and smiled, “The temper of my ninth uncle is well known. No one dares to mess with him. But Chu Li dares to slap Brother Tao, he has quite the guts!”

“He is quite brave,” Princess Lu laughed subtly, “This young man is quite interesting.”

“He’s abusing his rank, recklessly acting without respect for the law!” Lu Yurong said angrily, “If he was a nine rank, would he still have the guts to hit Leng Tao?

“He must be legendary to be able to reach rank one,” Leng Ying said with a smile on her face, “I want to see what he looks like and how great he is!”

“He looks normal, it’s hard to tell what’s so great about him,” Lu Yurong shook her head and said pitifully, “As long as Chen Kong shows up, Leng Tao will have to go back.”

“Prince Cheng will not let it slide,” Princess Lu said, “He hit Leng Tao, which is akin to his honor. With his temper, he will definitely face Chu Li to settle things with him. Chu Li is only afraid of getting people around him involved and he is unafraid of Prince Cheng.

“The two Imperial Residences have had a fall out. Regardless of whether Chu Li hit Leng Tao, it is inevitable that Prince Cheng is looking to cause trouble for the Imperial Residence of Prince An,” Lu Yurong shook her head, “Chu Lu is proficient in planning. He knows how to wring the most out of someone. Since they were already enemies, it did not matter if he offended them. His slap was to build his prestige. Which Imperial Residence’s disciple would dare to be unbridled in front of him after that?”

“That’s true too,” Princess Lu nodded gently, “The little kid’s scheming is indeed intricate, he doesn’t pale to you, Lu Yurong.”

Lu Yurong scoffed, “You have to be ten times more careful when talking to him!”

Princess Lu smiled gently, “How is it possible for him to be this great?”

“Aunt, you will know one day!” Lu Yurong shook her head, “I am not exaggerating. You really have to be careful of this man. Your husband should be careful of him too!”

“Don’t worry, he is from the Imperial Residence of Prince An, he doesn’t have much to do with us,” Princess Lu smiled.

Lu Yurong scoffed, “That might be not true, Prince An is not someone who settles that easily too!”

“He can’t be that active,” Princess Lu shook her head, “Not even with his recent contribution.”

Lu Yurong shook her head, “Prince Cheng is such a mischievous person, can he really not see which Chancellor is a fool in the dynasty? He will have to show his true colors sooner or later!”

“The people around Prince Cheng are masters of the martial arts world, he does not have any strategists,” Princess Lu smiled, “With his temper, he will not listen to the advice of others. Chen Kong probably tried to convince him before but he did not listen. However, there is merit in his mischievousness. Everyone else will be generous and let his mischief slide.”

“This move of Prince Cheng is malicious enough,” Lu Yurong smiled, “He just straight up admitted it is just him playing around and that is enough to weaken Prince An’s contribution!”

After what had happened, Prince Cheng admitted that he kidnapped the children to earn a favor from everyone and that it was a joke all along.

The Chancellors were initially mad but as they thought about it after the incident, all their children were treated well with adequate food and water, well-fed and safely returned in the end. Prince An’s rescue was no longer that important and everyone felt less appreciative towards Prince An’s rescue.

They all planned to repay him but the thoughts just faded away slowly.

“It was probably Chen Kong’s idea,” Princess Lu shook her head as she smiled, “Prince Cheng is quite smart, this move is truly malicious!”

Both of them chatted and discussed the grievances between Prince An and Prince Cheng. Leng Ying did not really understand what they were talking about, so she quickly tried to change the topic, “Elder cousin sister, can you beat Chu Li?”

“Of course!” Lu Yurong smiled.

“Will you fight him, then?” Leng Ying asked.

“Depends on my mood,” Lu Yurong started smiling, looking even more amorous, “If he makes me unhappy, I will just beat him up. If he doesn’t mess with me, I will let him go!”

Leng Ying pursed her lips and laughed gently.

“Why are you laughing, silly girl?” Lu Yurong squinted at her sideway, “What’s so funny about it?”

Leng Ying said quickly, “I am happy for you, cousin sister!”

She could not just tell her elder cousin sister to stop boasting. If that was the case, how was it possible for Chu Li to challenge her? He would simply stay there and dared not do anything!

Lu Yurong had great insight. She had the ability to read one’s mind and she could tell what Leng Ying was thinking. She smiled, “You little girl, watch as I take Chu Li down!”

“All right, I shall wait and see!” Leng Ying smiled gently.

“Let’s quicken our pace,” Princess Lu smiled.

The three women began to ride post, with a group of Protectors closely following behind. Their momentum was vast and roaring.

Chu Li and the others slowed down after travelling for a while. They were worried that Siao Shi’s body could not take it.

“Head Chief, you hit Leng Tao, you might anger my ninth uncle,” Leng Qiu was a little worried. “It was indeed delightful but it is going to be troublesome.”

She was the one who felt the most delighted. She wanted to be the one to slap him. But upon thinking of how crazy Prince Cheng could be, she started to worry.

Chu Li smiled, “It doesn’t matter whether or not I hit Leng Tao. Prince Cheng wants to deal with me, there isn’t much of a difference.”

“Perhaps Prince Cheng was not in a hurry but now he must be wanting to kill you as soon as possible!” Siao Shi smiled subtly, “But that slap was indeed very delightful, that is how he should be dealt with!”

Chu Li smiled, “I will slap him again the next time I see him!”

He slapped Leng Tao for two reasons. One was because he was impolite towards Siao Shi, the second was that he slapped Leng Qiu before.

As a man, he hit a weak girl. There was nothing much to say except returning the favor. The slap he gave was already a light one.

Song Liuying said, “But this kid, Leng Tao, truly deserved to be hit.”

“The kid has a nasty temper, it just doesn’t work no matter how you hit him,” Xue Ningyu shook her head, “Prince Cheng hit him quite a lot too but the more he was hit, the naughtier he got!”

Siao Shi said, “Is Princess Jing going to come this time?”

“Probably,” Xue Ningyu smiled, “Princess Lu really likes to join in the fun.”

Chu Li raised his brows, “What is the relationship between Princess Lu and the Ren Public House? Is she the Lady to the Public House?”

The attention given towards Prince Jing in succeeding the throne was indeed high but if he was married to the Lady of the Public House, the attention would dwindle.

“Princess Lu and the Ren Public House come from the same ancestors but not from the same family. She is the daughter to Lu Shilang from the dynasty,” Xue Ningyu said, “It is said that their relationship with the Ren Public House is not friendly, they once had a fight between each other.”

“How about Lu Yurong?” Chu Li asked, “What is the relationship between Lu Yurong and Princess Lu?”

He had been investigating about this and he felt that Lu Yurong had something to do with everything in the Fairy’s Capital.

Song Liuying said, “I do not know much about that. Lu Yurong and Princess Lu are distant relatives and not many people know about it. Lu Yurong once lived with Princess Lu for a few years. Although the relationship between the Ren Public House and Lu Shilang is growing distant, the relationship between Lu Yurong and Princess Lu is still close.”

“No wonder!” Chu Li had a sudden realization.

Suddenly, he understood why the Ren Public House had been so powerful. The truth was that they had the support of Prince Jing.