White Robed Chief Chapter 397

Chapter 397 Stubborn

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Thundering noises of horses galloping could be heard. Chu Li could see Lu Yurong and the others five hundred meters away from them.

He could see three riders chasing after them at high speed behind Lu Yurong.

The three horses were exceptionally fine. Their skin was shining in the sunlight as if they were covered in silk as they ran. Their speed and strength were perfectly harmonized, their muscle and flesh formed into an art in movement.

The three fine horses caught up to Lu Yurong in the blink of an eye. One of the riders was parallel to them while the other two stepped back and followed behind them.

The rider next to them was a charming young man. He had bright eyes, his chest was slightly puffed, looking proud and elated.

“Big brother!” Leng Ying smiled, “I thought you already left?”

“Something caused the delay,” The charming man smiled and turned towards Lu Yurong, “How have you been, young cousin sister?”

Lu Yurong glanced at him, “Quite fine, thank you for worrying about me, cousin brother.”

“How long are you planning to stay in the Fairy’s Capital, young cousin sister?” The charming man was still smiling, “Both your mother and younger sister miss you a lot. There is nothing going on at the Public House too. Why don’t you stay a little longer?”

“I’ll see,” Lu Yurong answered coldly.

Princess Lu smiled, “Look at you! You only care about talking to Lu Yurong. Let us women go in our own pace and you on yours. Don’t mingle in a women’s group like a hopeless person!”

“Mother, allow me to accompany all of you,” Leng Feng smiled, “It has been some time since I’ve seen my younger cousin sister, I hope to chat with her a little more.”

“We will talk when we return to the Public House,” Princess Lu smiled, “Lu Yurong will stay for a few days. You will have plenty of chances to talk to her. Go, go your way!”

“All right then,” Leng Feng looked helplessly at Lu Yurong. He saw that her delicate face was calm and emotionless, her eyes that were as clear as spring water were gazing into the distance. He felt melancholic with longing, “Was Leng Tao hit by our ninth uncle again?”

Leng Ying smiled, “Big brother, it was not our ninth uncle, but Chu Li!”

“Chu Li?” Leng Feng furrowed his brows slightly, “The one who is known as the youngest rank one Scribe, Chu Li?”

“Yes, it was him!” Leng Ying smiled, “He caused Brother Tao great anger by giving him that slap. He said he wanted to settle the score with Chu Li.”

“With him?!” Leng Feng scoffed.

Leng Ying pursed her lips and laughed, “He even made a bet with elder cousin sister. He said that he would beat Chu Li up until he knelt down and begged for forgiveness. If he couldn’t pull it off, he would avoid cousin sister the moment he saw her, and never let her see him!”

Leng Feng turned his head and looked at Lu Yurong and scoffed, “How arrogant is Chu Li? After all, Leng Tao is still the son of a Prince. Hitting him without a second thought, he has no respect for neither our ninth uncle nor us, the Prince’s child!”

Leng Ying smiled, “Elder cousin sister said that Chu Li did this on purpose since he is already a rival of our ninth uncle. There is no point in pleasing him, so why not just heartily hit his son as a reminder to the other Princes’ child to not mess with him!”

“Mm, that’s true too,” Leng Feng muttered as he nodded, “It seems like this man knows what he is doing. However, to show severity on us Princes’ children, he is still too arrogant. He does not respect the Emperor at all!”

“All right, you shall return to your business,” Princess Lu waved her hand, “You better not mess with him. There’s no point in making him an enemy for no reason, let’s just see what your ninth uncle will do!”

“Understood, Mother,” Leng Feng looked at Lu Yurong helplessly, but he really wanted to try.

If he could not take down Chu Li, how could he flaunt his own capabilities? After all, Chu Li defeated his young cousin sister three times. He must avenge her losses!

Lu Yurong did not seem to notice his gaze and stared into the distance as if nothing was happening.

Although she seemed as if she did not see Leng Feng, she had been secretly observing. She knew that he was looking to cause trouble for Chu Li. She sighed to herself. Compared to Chu Li, an experienced and cunning person, Leng Feng was like an impetuous kid. It was as if they were separated by a generation.

Although she fought against Chu Li several times, she still felt like there was a layer of mist between them. She just could never get a clear view. But with people like Leng Feng, she could clearly see through him like how she could simply see through river water.

“Young cousin sister, I shall leave first!” Leng Feng made a closed fist salute.

Lu Yurong returned his closed fist salute as she nodded with a frigid expression.

Although Leng Feng had seen it enough times, he still felt melancholic and sad but he did not show it on his face.

“Hah!” He ushered the fine horse and left at full speed.

The other two middle-aged riders followed behind closely.

Gazing at Leng Feng as he gradually dropped out of sight, Princess Lu shook her head and sighed, “This kid is putting himself in trouble, he is jumping into trouble by himself!”

Leng Ying smiled, “Elder cousin sister, would it not be great to be my sister-in-law?”

Lu Yurong smiled softly, “I am not that lucky!”

Leng Ying asked, “Why? Is my big brother not good enough? He is well versed in martial arts,
he looks good and has a good personality too. He is way better than the other Princes’ sons!”

“The martial arts I am cultivating does not allow me to be married,” Lu Yurong shook her head, “I would just be harming myself and others if I were to marry, do you understand now?”

“That” Leng Ying looked skeptically at Princess Lu.

Princess Lu sighed and nodded, “Your elder cousin sister is cultivating a very odd martial arts. She really can’t get married; your big brother is not fated to be with her.”

“Then I really do pity my elder brother,” Leng Ying sighed, “He has been thinking about elder cousin sister.”

Princess Lu shook his head, “Your big brother knows about it. He just hasn’t given up, just let him be.”

“So big brother knows about it too” Leng Ying was getting more curious, she could not understand why, “What is my big brother thinking”

He clearly knew that they had no chance but he still did not let go. He forged blindly onwards as if he was looking for trouble!

She could not stop shaking her head as she disapproved of his actions.

Princess Lu said, “Young Feng is not a kid anymore, you will simply have to not match them up again.”

Lu Yurong said helplessly, “Aunt, it is better for me to not show up this much.”

Princess Lu smiled, “He misses you this much because you rarely come. If he sees you often enough, he will then not hold on this badly, he will have to get through this by himself. But do not worry, young people do not have much determination. He needs to get more exposure to beautiful women now that he returned to the Fairy’s Capital. As long as he meets more beautiful women, he will use his attention elsewhere!”

“Mm, you are right, big brother has been constantly at the border, that’s why he is like this,” Leng Ying smiled.

Lu Yurong sighed softly and said slowly, “Men are petty little creatures, I hope we do not become enemies.”

“We are family after all, little problems won’t tear us apart!” Princess Lu smiled.

Chu Li saw Leng Feng and the other two approaching them.

Their horses were extremely fine they were galloping at full speed while Chu Li and the others were at a slow trot. Leng Feng caught up to them in a short while.

“Yee” The three fine horses slowed down and trot beside them.

“Greetings, Princess Song and Princess Xue,” Leng Feng smiled as he made a closed fist salute while mounted on his horse.

Both Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu nodded and smiled.

Leng Feng’s gaze landed on Siao Shi’s face, his eyes glimmered for a moment. He made a closed fist salute, “Are you the third aunt that recently joined our Imperial Residence?”

Siao Shi nodded softly and looked at him coldly.

Leng Feng tried his best to tear his gaze from Siao Shi’s face. He then looked at Chu Li, “This must be the talk of the Fairy’s Capital, Head Chief Chu!”

Chu Li knew that he was trying to pick a fight. He made a closed fist salute and smiled, “Greetings, Prince’s son, Leng Feng.”

“You truly seem like a talented person!” Leng Feng said with a frigid smile, “I met Leng Tao on the way here, I never thought that Head Chief Chu was this impressive. You hit a Prince’s son without second thoughts. I am truly impressed!”