White Robed Chief Chapter 398

Chapter 398 A Lesson

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Chu Li laughed, “Does Leng Feng want to settle things for Leng Tao?”

Leng Feng looked at him coldly, “Although you are rank one, he is still the Prince’s son. By doing this, you are disrespecting the Imperial Family!”

Chu Li broke into a smile, “I dare not do what Leng Feng said. Even if I’m more arrogant, I dare not disrespect the Emperor. However, if it’s Leng Tao, I can’t bring myself to respect him. Did Leng Feng know that he actually hit Miss Qiu?”

“Hm?” Leng Feng furrowed his brows and looked at Leng Qiu.

Leng Qiu puffed her chest and scoffed daintily, “Two month ago during the Hunting Ceremony, he slapped me. Head Chief was teaching him a lesson in my stead. Brother Feng, do you want to settle things for the bastard?”

Leng Feng scoffed, “He is to blame for lashing out at someone. But no matter what, he is still the son of a Prince!”

Chu Li furrowed his brows, “Leng Feng, according to what you say, a commoner can be hit but not the son of a Prince. We cannot lash out at the son of a Prince because of his nobility, is that right?”

“What do you mean by that?” Leng Feng furrowed his brow as he glared at him resentfully.

Chu Li said, “Leng Feng, he is merely a Prince’s son, and not a Prince yet. Even if a Prince makes a mistake, he would be punished accordingly as well. The people won’t just let you do as you please and let you slap them as you like without retaliation just because you are the son of a Prince. Hah, if the Prince’s son could do that, then the soldiers of the Dynasty at the border would not need to fight. There would be no need for the Public House of the Great Ji Dynasty and the masters of martial arts to risk their lives. The Princes’ sons would just need to circle the Great Ji Dynasty once and there would be peace. What a fortunate thing!”

“You” Leng Feng’s expression darkened.

Chu Li said “Whatever the Great Ji Dynasty has now is all because of the Great Emperor and the High Dukes. The Emperors and High Dukes of the past gave it all they had and fought for what you are enjoying now. What are you all sons of Princes doing? You haven’t even joined the dynasty but have already started riding roughshod over people and doing whatever you please. What do you think all of you will become in the future? Sons of Princes, are you not to be touched just because you are the sons of Princes? If you dare to say that in front of Prince Jing, I would be truly impressed!”

Leng Feng’s handsome features grew darker and glared at Chu Li coldly.

Chu Li said coldly, “Leng Feng has probably gone through training at the border. I wonder what contributions have you made? What rank have you advanced to?”

Leng Feng clenched his teeth, his mouth was bitter.

As the son of a Prince, he was taken care of when he joined the force. But no matter how well he was taken care of, the contributions he could give as a border soldier were only limited to a few small fights.

Without any big fights, he could not make any big contributions. He was only at rank eight.

Chu Li was about the same age as him but was already rank one, the difference between them was like the cloud and the ground. If he were not the son of the Prince, he would probably not even be qualified to speak with Chu Li.

Chu Li said coldly, “Leng Feng is the son of the Prince. You must be smart and brilliant too. It is no doubt that you made a lot of contributions!”

“Hmph!” Leng Feng took a deep breath and scoffed, “Fine, in the end, you hit Leng Tao. It is not right!”

“You are trying to say that I offended my superiors, right?” Chu Li said coldly, “Leng Feng, I am from the Great Ji Dynasty, a Chancellor to the Emperor. I am not a slave to the Leng Family. What’s the problem as a rank one master hitting the son of a Prince that is at fault?”

Leng Feng could feel that his body was shaking and was itching to use his fists but he knew that he could not just punch him.

Chu Li looked calmly at Leng Feng, “Leng Feng, Prince Jing is wise and brilliant, he will succeed the Emperor’s throne in the future and become the Emperor. I suggest that Leng Feng should be careful of your words and not bring shame upon Prince Jing. It is honest advice, although unpleasant to the ears, I hope Leng Feng does not mind!”

As he finished his saying that, he made a closed fist salute, “Forgive me for not being to see you off!”

Leng Feng was furious and his face was burning hot. There was a flame roaring in his chest. He wanted to ruin Chu Li’s face in a single punch.

But he knew that it would not end well if he hit him. He could not win Chu Li in a fight!

“All right, all right!” Leng Feng was so mad that he smiled, his face darkened, “I’ve learnt something, I shall make my leave now!”

He made a closed fist salute to Siao Shi, Song Liuying, and Xue Ningyu. His face had regained a shade of color as he ushered his horse to advance onwards.

“Chu Li, what you said was truly delightful,” Siao Shi broke into a smile, “But there was no reason for you to offend him so badly. You still need to save some respect for the Prince’s son.”

“If he wanted some respect, I’d naturally give it to him,” Chu Li broke into a smile, “He is merely a child yet he speaks with such impudence. He dares to use the Imperial Family’s name to pressure someone. If he isn’t taught a lesson, he won’t know what’s what!”

He was part of the Public House and had nothing to do with the Princes. With the Public House’s support, there was no need to sugarcoat his words when talking to the Princes.

“He is the son of Prince Jing!” Siao Shi shook her head as she said, “Are you not afraid of offending Prince Jing?”

Chu Li said, “If Prince Jing is really this petty, it doesn’t matter if I offend him!”

“Head Chief, you even called him a child,” Leng Qiu smiled, “You’re not that old either. Leng Feng is not a bad person, he’s just a bit conceited and doesn’t acknowledge other people.”

“Mm, Leng Feng thinks too highly of himself,” Song Liuying smiled as she said, “He thinks of himself as a future Prince, and maybe even the future Emperor.”

Xue Ningyu shook her head, “It is better not to offend Leng Feng if possible.”

Chu Li sighed, “He was meant to be my rival.”

Xue Ningyu looked at him, puzzled.

Chu Li could not reply as they heard the sound of horses galloping behind.

The group was shaking; the loud noises were getting closer and caught up with them.

“Wow, isn’t this Head Chief Chu?” Lu Yurong smiled as she called out to his name, “We meet again!”

Chu Li made a closed first salute, “Miss Lu.”

Lu Yurong’s smile was pretty like a flower, as glorious as a pearl. She looked towards Siao Shi, “Princess Siao.”

Siao Shi said, “I never thought that I’d meet you, Miss Lu!”

“I am here to join the fun,” Lu Yurong was still smiling, “But on the other hand, I heard that Princess Siao was injured, I never thought that you will come as well.”

“I came out to relax,” Siao Shi said.

When the two women stood together, they were like fresh and gorgeous flowers, like lustrous pearls that captivated and stunned everyone. Nobody could tell which flower was more pretty or which pearl was more brilliant.

Chu Li said, “Leng Feng just came and questioned me of hitting Leng Tao. That was Miss Lu’s plan, wasn’t it?”

“You accuse me wrongly,” Lu Yurong said with a smiling face, “Elder cousin brother is not easily controlled. On the other hand, it is better for you, Head Chief to be cautious and not make too many enemies, which would lead to a tragic end.”

“Thank you for your worry, Miss Lu,” Chu Li made a closed fist salute, “I am living in comfort.”

“Head Chief, if my son offended you, please forgive him,” Princess Lu pursed her lips and smiled, “Princess Siao is indeed the greatest beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty. Prince An must be very lucky to have you!”

Siao Shi smiled as she nodded.

Chu Li made a closed fist salute, “I apologize, Princess Lu. My words are straightforward and I do not beat around the bush. I made a retort towards Leng Feng, I hope he does not mind.”

“He just returned from training at the border. He still hasn’t calmed down and has a bad temper, it is normal for him to speak harshly,” Princess Lu smiled calmly, “Young people are hot-blooded, it is normal for them to have arguments. Just don’t take them to heart and hold grudges.”

Chu Li smiled, “Of course, how long does Miss Lu plan to stay in the Fairy’s Capital?

“Why? Are you hoping that I will leave as soon as possible?” Lu Yurong smiled subtly.

Chu Li said, “There are things that I would like to consult Miss Lu.”

“Just tell me now if there’s anything,” Lu Yurong scoffed.

Chu Li nodded, “That works too.”

Lu Yurong turned her head, “Aunt, allow me to talk with Chu Li for a while. You can go first, I shall catch up later.”

“Sure,” Princess Lu smiled.

Leng Ying stared at them, not uttering a word. She looked back and forth at Chu Li and Lu Yurong curiously.