White Robed Chief Chapter 399

Chapter 399 Duel

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Chu Li and Lu Yurong moved to the back while Siao Shi and Princess Lu moved forward slowly.

Leng Ying and Leng Qiu turned and looked at both of them from time to time, as they felt there was a sense of ambiguous between them.

“Tell me, what’s on your mind,” Lu Yurong kept her smile away and looked at Chu Li coldly, “We have nothing to talk about between us!”

The partnership between them had ended. Even if they both held themselves back and avoided starting a fight, they were still not friends. They were just using each other while maintaining defensive.

“Do you know that Prince An is isolating himself?” Chu Li asked.

“Isolated cultivation?” Lu Yurong seemed shocked by the statement, “What’s the purpose?”

“What can it be for? I guess it’s for practicing his skills,” Chu Li said.

“He is trying to recover?” Lu Yurong said curiously, “It is not easy to recover from my inner energy!”

Chu Li disagreed, “Miss Lu you are too conceited. He has recovered from the injury a long time ago. Now he is trying to improve himself through isolated cultivation and it’s to kill us all!”


“He has started to train Asura’s Power Technique. With your deep knowledge, you must have heard it before,” Chu Li said.

“Asura’s Power Technique” Lu Yurong murmured.

“Asura’s Power Technique has been passed down secretly by the Temple of Tempest, with a strong urge to kill,” Chu Li said.

“Now I remember!” Lu Yurong face changed “How did he get it? Is it from the forbidden palace?”

“Regardless where he got that from, his cultivation level has improved tremendously and your inner energy has been eradicated a while ago!” Chu Li replied.

“Asura’s Power Technique advances rapidly and as long as the urge to kill is suppressed, he can obtain immense power,” Lu Yurong looked at him, “You didn’t try to stop him?”

“I can’t,” Chu Li sighed, “I am lucky enough to escape with my life from him! He is cultivating in isolation to kill me. The day he comes out of isolation will be the death of me!”

“Then you are in danger!” Lu Yurong gave an awkward smile.

Chu Li replied, “Do you think he will let you go alive? It’s your turn after he kills me! And I will just die normally but you will have a hard time dying. Even Prince Jing can’t save you!”

“You are underestimating Prince Jing!”

“I spoke with the monk from Temple of Tempest. Asura’s Power Technique is feared by those at the temple. Once someone has mastered it, no one can stop him,” Chu Li continued, “Even enlightened masters will have a hard time killing him.”

“Seems like you have a lot of connections,” Lu Yurong replied sarcastically, “How did you manage to get so friendly with the temple? I thought they have a bounty on you?”

“My best trait is the ability to work with my enemies,” Chu Li smiled, “Just like the both of us. Although we are enemies, that doesn’t stop us from teaming up.”

“Hmph!” Lu Yurong looked at him coldly, “You want to partner with me against Prince An?”

Chu Li shook his head, “Only those in the Temple of Tempest can stop him.”

Yurong looked at him, nodded in agreement.

With her intelligence, it was easy to understand his concerns.

The Emperor, also an enlightened master, will never let anyone harm his son even if he managed to self-cultivate Asura’s Power Technique.

If both of them successfully killed Prince An, they won’t live for long as well.

Those masters in the temple can fend off the Emperor thus the help from the temple is needed before eliminating Prince An.

“What’s the point of telling me then?” Yurong asked.

Chu Li smiled.

“Don’t be so secretive, speak!”

“Do I really need to mention it?” Chu Li joked.

“How would I know if you don’t say it!” Yurong was getting impatient, “If you don’t feel like saying then it’s fine. Let’s keep moving!”

Chu Li replied, “I know Miss Lu have a connection with those in the Temple of Tempest.”

Lu Yurong raised her eyebrows and looked at Chu Li with dissatisfaction.

Chu Li continued, “If only Miss Lu can work with your connections, give them some pressure so that they can take actions immediately. The temple has involvement in so many areas and they always delay their actions. I don’t want to wait until Prince An came out from isolation only the temple decide to take actions.”

“No one can interfere with the temple’s order!” Lu Yurong disagreed, “Is Asura’s Power Technique really that strong?”

“You must have heard it before.”

“Yes, I have, but I have never seen it with my own eyes,” Yurong replied, “Can it really overpower me? Are you trying to kill someone through me? I know you are an expert in this!”

“Same goes to you!” Chu Li laughed. Both of them were experts in strategizing and both were masters in acquiring help when it came to dealing or killing someone.

Chu Li observed the surrounding, and whispered, “How about a fight, Miss Lu?”

“You want to fight me?” Lu Yurong examined Chu Li, replied with a smirk “Let’s not try it. Don’t try to embarrass yourself. Other than some Light-body Techniques, you only know to run if you can’t win the fight. What else do you have?”

Chu Li replied, “I fought with Prince An previously and it ended in a draw. After this isolation, he will be able to defeat me. If you can’t win, then the only way out for you is death. Those who trained Asura’s Power Technique will not have a soft heart. Don’t think you can escape with your beauty!”

“Fine. Let’s duel!”

Both of them glided way and landed in a nearby forest.

The soldiers who stood by the side of the road just stared. They were frozen by the stare of Chu Li. They sensed that danger is coming.

They didn’t understand the conversation between them but they knew to not mention a word about it. Silence is the best option for them.

Lu Yurong was giving her all. She unleashed the Empyrean Fairy Power’s inner energy, pressed her palm lightly and contained the inner energy. Her palm shifted to Chu Li’s chest in the blink of an eye.

Chu Li lifted his hand and both their palms landed on each other.

“Bang!” Both released their inner energy at the same time and a thunderous-like sound echoed as both their palms hit each other.

Lu Yurong’s small silky palm had immense power in it.

Chu Li knew before he mastered the Heavenly Demonic Power, Lu Yurong’s power is much higher than him. Her cultivation level was at another level.

Chu Li gripped Lu Yurong’s palm.

Lu Yurong turned furious and with a light puff, she released more inner energy, not holding back anything against him.

Chu Li just continued to hold her hand firmly. Her inner energy seemed like a feather hitting him, causing no harm as if her inner energy just disappeared before reaching him.

Lu Yurong stared at him.

Her mastery of the Empyrean Fairy Power’s inner energy was her pride all the time. Even Grandmasters will not be able to handle it. The energy was generated out of nothing. It was pure and had immense killing potential.

But Chu Li just faced such powerful energy without flinching and it was easy to see he had dispersed the inner energy. When did he manage to reach such cultivation level?

Chu Li shook his head. “This cultivation level will not even be a threat to Prince An!”

He kept back his Heavenly Demon Power, fully satisfied.

It devoured her inner energy with ease. It was satisfying as such pure energy was hard to come by. The energy was like a healing pill.

Chu Li was also satisfied. The Empyrean Fairy Power’s inner energy helped in his cultivation of the Heavenly Demon Power.

Lu Yurong gave a cold smirk and circulated her heart technique in a different way and landed her palm filled with even purer and harmful inner energy towards Chu Li’s meridian.

Heavenly Demon Power was activated and swallowed the inner energy.

Chu Li shook his head again, “Still not enough! Let’s forget about it.”

Lu Yurong just looked at him.

This guy somehow managed to block her power!

She recalled the allusion of the Empyrean Fairy Power.