White Robed Chief Chapter 400

Chapter 400 Allusion

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The Empyrean Fairy Power was first cultivated by the Elusive Ninth Heaven Maiden. Whoever tried to harness such power will be doomed to live out their lives without a partner as such power was full of yin energy and frost power. Said energy and power would then purify one’s body, converting it to a body emitting yin energy.

A body like this was not meant for a normal human to own. It almost resembled the body of a fairy.

Such body was also not to be violated by commoners, especially men. Once there was skin contact between two parties, the man will die without any warning signs.

Men were full of yang energy, just like a fireball. Should the wielder of the Empyrean Fairy Power tried to initiate any physical intimacy with men, the result would be similar to a fireball being extinguished thoroughly by the pouring rain. Even the strongest and brightest flame would not be able to withstand the rain. It would be smothered, having not a chance at life anymore.

Lu Yurong was always surrounded by women, plus she had already cultivated the Enchanting Girls Technique. Thus, if any man were to stand near her, even without physical contact, his yang energy would be affected. He would be left feeling weak.

She was so used to being around women and not men to the point she found the presence of men repulsive. This was also the aftermath of self-cultivating the Empyrean Fairy Power. The situation was reminiscent of when water meets firethere will always be an inexplicable sense of hatred.

When Chu Li held her hand, she appeared unfazed, but the rage in her grew ten folds. She had been ready to kill him. That was the reason she gathered her Empyrean Fairy Power inner energy and attacked him.

She never thought that he would be unaffected by her attack, and that her inner energy would fail to harm him.

This was out of her expectation, and she was reminded of an allusion to the Empyrean Fairy Power.

Among the successors of the Empyrean Fairy Power, all of them had lived a lonesome life, but there was one exception. One successor managed to find herself a man, and they stayed together until the end.

Such luck was greater than obtaining the chance to become the successor of the Empyrean Fairy Power.

Men like this were hard to come by, too. They must first not be afraid of the Empyrean Fairy Power while also managed to get the Elusive Ninth Heaven Maiden to open up her heart for him at the same time. It would have been easier to contain the Empyrean Fairy Power than conquering the heart of an Elusive Ninth Heaven Maiden.

She could relate to the sentiment very well because whenever she saw men, it was not joy she felt but disgust. She was always suppressing it so that no one will notice.

To get an Elusive Ninth Heaven Maiden to open up her heart was no different than reversing the course of events completely. The thing was no harder than trying to change a man’s sexual orientation.

She disliked Chu Li’s presence, but since he was such a mysterious character, she could not help to be curious. The strong sense of curiosity sometimes did manage to suppress her hatred towards men. Most of the time, she still find him repulsive.

When Chu Li gripped her hand, her disgust was magnified. She did not hesitate to kill him. Who would have known that the Empyrean Fairy Power would be powerless when used against Chu Li? It was unable to inflict the slightest pain on him.

She lost her concentration, immersing herself in her own thoughts.

‘It seems like there exist men in this world who are unafraid of my power,’ Lu Yurong mused. ‘This is the first time I have encountered men like him. I thought the allusion was a myth, created to comfort all maidens and give us a glimmer of hope.

‘Regardless, even if he was not afraid of my power, he will never be able to change my hatred towards men.’

“Miss Lu, your Empyrean Fairy Power was really powerful, but it is not invincible,” Chu Li taunted.

“Invincible?” Lu Yurong glared. “For men, this is invincible!”

Chu Li’s expression turned somber. “Now it’s my turn!”

Chu Li shifted his energy to his heart. At once, his blood raged like the tempestuous waves in the Jiang River. Immense energy was dispersed throughout his body by his blood.

With a move of his arm, Lu Yurong was flung away like a defenseless doll.

She was just about to activate the Empyrean Fairy Power to remove the energy when a white figure flashed past her. Chu Li appeared right before her and punched her in the shoulder.

“Bang!” She felt as if she was on a small boat in the middle of a raging ocean where resistance was futile. Her power was only strong enough to prevent herself from getting hurt. It was not able to manipulate the movement of her body as she was sent flying.

“Bang!” She knocked into a tree.

Her back was sore, and her internal organs surged painfully with the impact. She wasted no time to channel her power to alleviate the damage as well as to prepare for yet another attack by Chu Li.

Just as she had the idea to do so, a white figure flickered once again before her eyes. It was immediately replaced by Chu Li’s fist in her face.

She tried her best to dodge to the left.

“Bang!” The pine tree she landed on shook and broke in half.

One punch from Chu Li was enough to break a pine tree that was as thick as her waist.

She channeled the Empyrean Fairy Power once more, gathering the power in full and not daring to leave out a trace of it. However, she noticed that Chu Li had stopped his attacks and was now staring at her with a smile on his lips.

She glared furiously back at him.

“Miss Lu, how were my attacks?” Chu Li asked.

“Hmph, seems like you do have the skills people said you have!” Lu Yurong replied coldly.

He looked indeed forbidding as they were dueling. He was a force to be reckoned with, and she was no match for him.

She believed that he had used some hidden techniques to stimulate his potential. That could explain why his power lasted for just a moment too short.

Even if that was the case, it was still powerful enough that she might not be able to counter it.

Chu Li shook his head, heaving a sigh. “Once King An has cultivated the Asura’s Power Technique successfully, he will have similar might. Don’t underestimate him again, Miss Lu!”

“Is the Asura’s Power Technique really that mighty?” Lu Yurong questioned.

“Did I ever lie to you?” Chu Li said, grinning.

Lu Yurong did not try to refute the statement he made.

Although Chu Li had always omitted some slices of information from his speech, he would never lie to her. That was also one of the reasons why she dared to work with him.

“If that’s the case, the Tempest Temple must take action as soon as possible, but the temple may not be useful in this case.” Lu Yurong said thoughtfully.

Chu Li replied, “The temple may pretend to be unaware of certain issues to avoid quarreling with the Emperor, but this case is not the same as the others. The temple will not give any leeway this time. They will definitely send someone to the Fairy’s Capital!”

“Fine, I will try my best to convince them,” Lu Yurong replied. “When did you build a connection with the temple?”

Chu Li smiled, not saying a word.

“Does it have something to do with the person who ate human brains by the side of Li River?” Lu Yurong asked.

Chu Li raised an eyebrow. He was amazed by her ability to know everything that was happening around her. How could she have heard about this?

Only Fa Yuan and the five of them knew the details. Even Elder Gui was not given a clear picture, so it was impossible for the information to be leaked.

“How impressive it is, to be able to work with the temple. I wonder what would the consequences be if the Yi Public House knew about this?” Lu Yurong tried to threaten him.

“Miss Lu should know that she can’t threaten me with this.” Chu Li replied, his smile disappearing.

“Whatever, just be careful!” Lu Yurong pursed her lips. Her heart was brimming with resentment towards Chu Li.

Every time she dueled with him, she will somehow lose to him. This made her feel discontented, so she was always looking for ways to beat him.

Chu Li pointed at her shoulder. “I am sorry Miss Lu, but your gown”

Lu Yurong looked down at her shoulder.

The cloth on her left shoulder had bore a hole through it due to the punch from Chu Li. The impression made it look as if the punch was seared upon the gown.

She frowned at the damage and went on to inspect her skin. It remained as pale as white jade and did not seem to be affected by the punch.

Chu Li coughed and said, “Why don’t I try to get you a new gown?”

“Where do you think you can get one?” Lu Yurong stared at him irritably.

“Just wait for a moment,” Chu Li said.

He left right after that. A few moments passed, he returned holding a white gown in his hand.