White Robed Chief Chapter 401

Chapter 401 Joke

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Xiao Shi and Lu Yurong had similar body size and shape. The gown he was holding belonged to Xiao Shi.

“Get out!” Lu Yurong grabbed the gown and shouted.

Chu Li gave an awkward cough. “I’ll keep an eye outside just to make sure no one comes over here.”

“Hurry up then!” Lu Yurong did not meet his eyes.

Chu Li shook his head. He did not want to fight with her over small matters.

He flew out of the forest and thanked the soldier who brought over their horses.

After a while, she was still not done. Chu Li began to worry, but he refused to use the Omniscient Mirror. He passed the horses to the soldier, and just as he stepped back into the forest, Lu Yurong appeared before him.

This light blue gown she had changed into was very different from the one she was wearing previously. It had a simple design, yet it looked much more elegant than the previous gown.

Xiao Shi and her were identical in this respecta change of dress for them meant a change in temperament.

Lu Yurong saw him staring at her and did not try to cover up the disgust showing on her face. She gave him a stern glare before walking out of the forest.

Chu Li was not bothered by her reaction. He knew that Lu Yurong only liked women. He was just simply admiring her beauty and nothing else.

Before them came the thundering of hooves. Leng Qiu and Leng Ying arrived in time to see the both of them walking out of the forest.

They moved closer on their horses and examined the two of them with confusion.

Chu Li spared them a glance and nodded, taking the reins back from the soldier. “Why did you turn back?”

“My mother was worried, so she sent us to come and check it out. What were you guys doing?” asked Leng Qiu. Her eyes roamed all over Chu Li and Lu Yurong as if she was trying to figure out what exactly transpired between the two of them.

“Cousin, why did you change your dress?” Leng Ying asked, surprised.

She was the observant one. She noticed that the gown on Lu Yurong was somehow different from the one she was wearing earlier.

When Chu Li took the light blue gown, he made sure to pick one that was the same shade as the original one so as to avoid people asking questions. Nevertheless, Leng Ying saw right through it in a second.

A light pink color was spreading across Lu Yurong’s cheeks. “What gown? I didn’t change!”

Leng Ying pointed at her waist and said, “Cousin, your gown was supposed to have a flower there, not a bird.”

“Stop talking nonsense and get moving!” Lu Yurong snapped impatiently. She snatched the reins from Chu Li, leaped onto the horse and promptly sped off.

Leng Ying did not follow her. Instead, she remained where she was and continued to study Chu Li.

Chu Li smiled at her. “Anything you would like to know, Miss Ying?”

“Do you like my cousin?” Leng Ying asked with a stiff face.

Chu Li shook his head. “Miss Ying, I believe you’ve misunderstood the whole situation. We’re not in a romantic relationship.”

“Don’t think that because I’m young, I won’t know anything about these things. Didn’t you notice how red my cousin’s face was? What were you two doing in the forest?!”

Leng Qiu widened her eyes and glared.

Chu Li replied solemnly, “Miss Ying, this is really a misunderstanding. Miss Lu and I are not friends but enemies. We went into the forest to duel. Why did she change her gown? That’s because I tore it!”

“Hmph! I’m an idiot if I believe what you said!” Leng Ying replied with pursed lips, her delicate features crumpled and tense. “I think your definition of ‘duel’ is very different from what it normally means. Am I right?”

“Leng Ying!” Leng Qiu yelled at her with a red face.

Chu Li could not help but smile. It was his turn to study Leng Ying closely this time.

Leng Ying scowled and said defensively, “What? Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on here!”

Chu Li chuckled. “I never knew Miss Ying would know so much!”

“Whatever. I say your relationship with my cousin is not that simple!” Leng Ying scoffed. “My elder brother likes her, so you mustn’t interfere!”

Chu Li got onto his horse. “Why can’t I?”

“They had been friends since they were young, and they were very close. No wonder they have become so distant all of a sudden these past two years. I can’t believe it’s because of you!” Leng Ying said. “You destroyed their feelings for each other!”

Chu Li looked at her delicate countenance. She looked cute when she got angry. He teased with a smile, “Who can say anything for certain when it comes to the feelings between a man and a woman? Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves, just like your cousin!”

“Is my cousin really into you?” Leng Ying was suspicious before this. She thought that someone with a personality like her cousin would never fall for a man so easily, but that was before she heard what Chu Li said.

Chu Li shook his head. “No.”

Leng Ying frowned, glaring at him.

If Chu Li said yes, she would remain suspicious. If Chu Li said no though, she would think that there was really something going on between Chu Li and her cousin.

“Don’t mention this to your parents and your elder brother. You’ll only make it more difficult for your cousin than it is now. Anyway, you can’t disregard her as your cousin just because she refused to marry your brother. Can you?” Chu Li said.

“I’ll never hide anything from my parents and my brother!” Leng Ying scoffed.

Chu Li grinned. “Miss Ying should have heard that I have a good grasp on my Light-body Technique. If you insist on mentioning it, then please don’t blame me for doing something about it.”

“What are you going to do?” Leng Ying asked.

Chu Li replied, “How about placing a bug on your bed?”

“You” Leng Ying was shocked.

She shivered at the thought of a bug crawling on her bed.

Chu Li had used the Omniscient Mirror earlier to find that she was afraid of bugs. He just wanted to tease her a bit. Looking at her frightened face now, he had a sudden urge to burst out laughing. He was having so much fun with this.

“Head Chief!” Leng Qiu urged.

Chu Li laughed. “Fine, it was just a joke. Don’t get too riled up, Miss Ying.”

“What kind of joke is that!” Leng Ying bristled.

Chu Li laughed. “Relax. There’s nothing between me and Miss Lu. Her training made her completely indifferent to guys, so you don’t need to worry for your brother too!”

“Indifferent to guys?” This was the second time Leng Ying heard about her cousin’s training.

Chu Li explained, “Her heart technique is unique but also very overbearing. If any man tries to come near her, the only outcome is an immediate death for him. What’s more, the technique also made her hate men, just like how you hate bugs If you’re really trying to help your brother, don’t let him get close to her. Don’t risk it!”

“Really?” Leng Ying’s eyebrows drew closer together.

“If you don’t believe me, you can go ask your cousin about it yourself!” Chu Li gave a cheeky smile.

“No wonder” Leng Ying seemed to have realized something.

She recalled her interaction with her cousin. It was true that her cousin was never really close with any man, and was always surrounded by girl. Not even her scribe or protector were men. She finally found out why

“We should get moving.” Chu Li said.

“When you fought with my cousin, who won?” Leng Ying turned and asked.

“What do you think?” Chu Li smirked.

“My cousin’s martial art is very powerful!” Leng Ying said defensively.

She recalled the look on her cousin’s face just now and had a sense that she might really have been defeated. If it was the other way round she would have teased Chu Li about it. Her furious face implied that she had really lost to Chu Li.

Chu Li just smiled and nodded.

They sped off on their horses and caught up with Xiao Shi and the rest.

Lu Yurong was riding alongside Consort Lu. She refused to even acknowledge Chu Li’s presence.

Consort Lu’s gaze lingered on Chu Li for a few seconds before it shifted to look at Leng Ying.

Leng Ying settled beside Lu Yurong and examined her with furtive glances.

Lu Yurong whispered, “What did he tell you?”

“He said you lost.”


“Are you really no match for him?”


“Is he really that impressive?”

“Tell your brother to leave that guy alone. Don’t intimidate him!”

“He surely won’t listen to me.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Consort Lu asked. “Be careful where you two are heading.”

“Mother, I have something to talk to her about.”

“You two” Consort Lu shook her head and turned to Xiao Shi. “Sorry for this, Sister Xiao.”

A small smile flickered across her face. Then, she glanced at Chu Li.

She was the one who truly understood the complicated relationship between Lu Yurong and Chu Li. Judging from the look on Lu Yurong’s face, she knew she was defeated by him again. Anyhow, she was overjoyed by the news.