White Robed Chief Chapter 402

Chapter 402 Arrogance

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The Imperial Enclosure was situated very close to the Fairy Capital’s east city gate. There were only about ten miles of distance between the two places, so even if everyone were to move slowly, they would still reach the enclosure in no time.

The paddock was vast and seemingly borderless. A few clusters of trees dotted the field, and everything in sight was verdant and lively.

This field full of greenery that was very different from the Ji Dynasty had gained the likes of the princesses immediately. They took the hunting ceremony as a chance to relax and play around there.

However, this only applied to the women, the princes did not have such freedom.

The hunting ceremony was not to make the princes be the hunters and prey on the animals on the hunting ground. The princes were the prey in this ceremony, and the soldiers who had fought in the war before will act as the hunters.

This ceremony was no child’s play. It was an authentic battlefield experience. The winner will be honored with a certain number of merits. To add to that, the landscape of the ceremony was not much different from when a brigade of soldiers was preparing to fight in a real war. The honorary prize was enough to motivate all the soldiers in the ceremony to do their best because if they won, it would be as if they have really survived the brutality of a war zone.

For the merits, the soldiers could care less about how higher up the princes were in terms of societal positions. Will the princes exact revenge on them for their viciousness? That was a matter to be worried about after the ceremony.

Besides, the Ji Dynasty army and the martial arts world both admired prowess the most. After all, the strongest man was the one who got to live. Those who were able to defeat the princes would be noticed for their strength. They might be remembered and put to good use when a chance presented itself in the future.

When Chu Li and the bunch arrived, a few groups of people had already gathered on the field. They were joking and playing around, looking at the moment very relaxed.

They crowded around Consort Lu after noticing her arrival.

Consort Lu introduced Xiao Shi to the other princesses.

Chu Li remained silent by their side. He observed how calmly and at ease Xiao Shi was when chatting with the other princesses.

Her gracefulness and unparalleled beauty made the other princesses looked dull when standing next to her.

After chatting for a while, Xiao Shi started to feel tired. Consort Lu noticed it, knowing full well it was due to the fact that her injury had not recovered completely, so her body was prone to exhaustion. She dragged the crowd to the side so that Xiao Shi could rest at a nearby pavilion.

Chu Li activated his Verdant Recuperation power and channeled it into Xiao Shi’s body. Her spirit improved dramatically.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing had already ran away to play with their sisters, leaving Xiao Shi behind with three other princesses whose names were: Chu Li, Yang Xu, and Xue Ling.

The thundering of hooves could be heard from a distance away. Leng Feng along with a few teenagers sped towards Chu Li on their horses as if they were ready to stomp over him.

Chu Li regarded their arrival calmly.

Leng Feng and the rest tugged on their horses’ reins in one pull. All seven horses reared and stopped immediately.

Leng Feng gave Xiao Shi and the three princesses a fist salute.

He turned to Chu Li and said, “Head Chief Chu, join us on the field later!”

Chu Li shook his head. “Thank you for the invite, but I’ll give it a pass.”

“Head Chief Chu, why do you want to spend your time in women’s company? We men here are meant to do great things. We shouldn’t always surround ourselves with beautiful women and not think of self-improvement.”

“Please forgive me, Prince Feng, but my duty here is to protect the princess. I cannot just do whatever I please.” Chu Li said.

“This is the Imperial Enclosure. It’s not a dangerous place at all!” Leng Feng pointed around him. “There are hundreds of our best soldiers guarding this place right now, even an assassin won’t be able to get through. Why are you so worried? Is Head Chief Chu underestimating the soldiers here?”

“What do you mean by that, Prince Feng?” Chu Li’s eyebrows creased, and his lips tugged into a tight smile.

Leng Feng was inspired by the moment. He said in a loud voice, “I know that we brought our protectors with us as well, but once we enter the paddock, we would let them take their rest. With these brilliant soldiers standing guard, I don’t need my protectors. But Head Chief keeps sticking to the princess, looking worried and all. Are you really anticipating assassins to burst in here?”

“That’s right!” The teenagers around Leng Feng echoed to support his statement.

They were not concentrating on the conversation, though. Their gazes flickered back to Xiao Shi involuntarily the whole time. No doubt they had been seduced and ensnared by her beauty.

Chu Li laughed. “This is all a misunderstanding, Prince Feng. I am not worried about assassins. The princess’s injury has not completely healed, and she’s still recovering at the moment. She insisted on coming to the ceremony only because she did not want to miss the chance to meet the princesses here.”

“There should be some servants around to look after her for that. Why does she need a man like you?” Leng Feng snorted.

Chu Li shook his head. “Prince Feng, this is a place we train soldiers. Today’s a day where all of you get to experience what is it like to be in a war zone. I’m not trying to provoke you, but sending scribes into the field is disobeying our grand ancestor’s original intention. I ask for your forgiveness, Prince Feng.”

Leng Feng’s expression darkened.

This Chu Li was really manipulative. He was able to change the topic of conversation with just a few sentences and avoided responding to Leng Feng’s accusation. At the same time, he managed to shift the blame to be put on him for causing a scene. How detestable this person is!

Suddenly, an enigmatic voice spoke up from the group, “Aren’t you afraid now?”

Chu Li beamed at Leng Tao. Then, he turned to look at Xiao Shi. “Lady, let’s just step away for a while.”

Everyone instantly put their attention on Xiao Shi. No one was focusing when Chu Li was talking to Leng Feng, yet when Chu Li talked to Xiao Shi, everyone was listening with renewed spirits.

Xiao Shi observed the people standing around her and looked at Leng Feng. “Prince Feng, are we girls disturbing you guys from having fun? It’s no good mingling with us women, you guys should stay away!”

Everyone then looked at Leng Feng, groaning internally at how he seemed to have insulted a beauty.

Leng Feng gave a fist salute and replied, “Aunt Siao, sorry that it was just a misunderstanding.”

Xiao Shi waved her hands dismissively. She did not care to listen to his justification. “I’m tired. I don’t have the energy to speak to anyone. Please leave!”

Leng Feng was a little shocked. He never expected Xiao Shi to speak to him so harshly.

As the son of King Jing, wherever he went he was always welcomed with warm smiles. Even if there were some toady ones, they would never actually dare to disrespect him. He felt belittled to be dismissed by someone as beautiful as Xiao Shi.

Xiao Shi turned to her sisters. “Sister Song and Sister Xue, both of you can go talk to Consort Lu. I’ll be resting in the pavilion.”

Leng Feng’s expression soured.

Xiao Shi was obviously trying to tell him that he was of a lower rank than her, so she had no interest in talking to him.

“Consort Lu is very busy over there. We should just find a place to rest together somewhere else,” Chu Li said.

“That’s a good idea.” Xiao Shi nodded languidly.

Everyone could not help but adore her at the moment. They were desperately hoping that they could be the one holding her instead of Yang Xu and Xue Ling.

Chu Li gave Leng Feng a fist salute. “Prince Feng, everyone, we shall take our leave now.”

Leng Tao continued to tease him from the crowd, “Trying to escape when you can’t win, how pathetic!”

Chu Li did not even care to spare him a glance. He left with Xiao Shi and the rest to a nearby pavilion.

“Brother Feng, this guy’s so arrogant!” Leng Tao said.

“Shut up!” Leng Feng glared at him.

Although he was filled with anger, he could see clearly that Leng Tao had ill intentions and was trying to make matters worse by starting a fight between him and Chu Li.

He did not mind fighting Chu Li, but he did not want to be someone’s puppet. Leng Tao’s cunning mind was truly repulsive.

Leng Tao rubbed his nose in embarrassment and chuckled.

“Leng Tao, I thought you got slapped? Go and return the favor!” someone jeered from the crowd.

“If I can beat him, I would’ve done so earlier!” replied Leng Tao.

“But really, this guy’s too arrogant. It’s time we teach him a lesson.”