White Robed Chief Chapter 405

Chapter 405 Traitor

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Prince Bao had his back to Leng Qing. He was overlooking the cavalries from afar, his purple robe fluttered and flapped in the wind.

As he stood there, his vision was broadened. The entire prairie was laid out before him, he could clearly see that the cavalries were split into five paths, each of them sped towards their own direction at an extremely fast pace.

“You’re the big lass from the King An Family?” Prince Bao turned around and said, his eyes were shining as if he could see through her heart.

“I’m Leng Qing, greetings, Imperial Granduncle.” Leng Qing bowed as she held the corners of her skirt.

Prince Bao waved his hand. “What do you have to say?”

“Imperial Granduncle, the Head Chief in my residence says that there’s a traitor among the cavalries,” Leng Qing said calmly.

Unlike how she imagined Prince Bao to react after he heard that, instead of being utterly shocked, he looked extremely calm. “Oh, there’s a traitor? How could he tell that there’s a traitor?”

Leng Qing shook her head.

“What do you think, lass?” Prince Bao smiled and said.

He sounded very kind and friendly, nothing like how he was made out to be.

Nonetheless, Leng Qing could not relax, she said slowly, “I think that it’s impossible, each of them went through many steps of inspection before they can enter. With so many steps of examination, it’s impossible for a traitor to sneak in.”

“If a traitor really has made his way in, we’ll have to be careful then. These elites have to enter the palace eventually. If they go crazy at the palace, how can it be? Many people will be beheaded!” Prince Bao shook his head and smiled.

“… Yes.” Leng Qing had somehow started believing Chu Li.

The Head Chief had a thorough mind, how could he have not thought about that? He had even decided to inform Prince Bao about it, it was obvious that what he had said was most probably true.

Prince Bao sighed again. “The Head Chief from your residence is called Chu Li, right?”

“You know of our Head Chief too, Imperial Granduncle?”

“Of course I’ve heard of him. The youngest First Rank, how can I not know of him! The Yi Public House is really daring to make such a mess, while High Duke Xiao is in isolated cultivation. The Young Master from the Xiao Family is quite a powerful figure too, he actually granted Chu Li the First Rank!” Prince Bao laughed.

“Imperial Granduncle, so the traitor ?” Leng Qing asked hesitantly.

Prince Bao said, “How about this, call Chu Li over for some questions, the youngest First Rank should not be underestimated. Maybe he really does have some unbelievable findings, do it discreetly, don’t let the public know.”

“Yes.” Leng QIng nodded.

Prince Bao added, “You have to hush it up, you should know the seriousness of this matter, lass.”

“Yes, Imperial Granduncle, I understand,” Leng Qing replied gently.

“You may leave.” Prince Bao waved his hand.

Leng Qing backed away carefully.

Although Prince Bao was friendly and nice, Leng Qing still felt her back break into a cold sweat, standing before him subconsciously made her feel nervous.

When she returned to Chu Li, she said a few words and looked at him with worry.

If it turned out to be a false alarm, Chu Li would certainly end up in a bad position.

Chu Li strode towards the building and walked upstairs.

All the women observed him and whispered softly to each other, discussing whatever the reason may be.

Lu Yurong frowned, while talking to Leng Ying, she looked up towards the tall building.

Prince Bao clasped one hand behind his back as he stood by the railing, his purple robe still fluttering in the wind, he stood with his back facing Chu Li. The imposing manner from him was like the mountains and seas, which suppressed him.

Chu Li activated the Omniscient Mirror and cleared his mind, he did not bother about Prince Bao’s imposing manner, he fist saluted and said calmly, “I’m Chu Li, greetings, Prince Bao.”

“I’ve heard so much about you.” Prince Bao turned around, he held back his immense imposing manner, which disappeared without a trace, it was as if it had all been an illusion.

“I don’t deserve such honor.” Chu Li smiled.

Prince Bao said in a hoarse voice, “You say that there’s a traitor among the cavalries?”

Chu Li laughed.

By the looks of it, Prince Bao seemed calm, leisure, and was unhurried at all, but Chu Li could see that Prince Bao’s heart was at an opposite pole.

This matter had huge implications. If it was confirmed to be true, it would cause innumerable officials to be sacked, even Prince Bao himself could not help but be afraid as he thought about that.

“If I observed correctly, there’s one traitor!”

“Do you have any proof? These people have been selected through many stages of inspection, it’s almost impossible for a traitor to be there!” Prince Bao scoffed.

Chu Li said, “Prince Bao, do you know what I do in the High Duke’s Public Houses?”

“The Glory’s Will Courtyard? I heard that it’s especially responsible for finding traitors?” Prince Bao said slowly.

Chu Li nodded and said, “Although I’m still young, I’m rather experienced in searching for traitors. I don’t depend on proof but my instincts, if I’m not mistaken, that spy should be a Grandmaster!”

“Impossible!” Prince Bao replied in a low voice.

Chu Li smiled and said, “Why is it impossible?”

“If a Grandmaster from a different area enters the Fairy’s Capital, he will definitely be noticed by the protectors from the Imperial house, he will be under surveillance!”

“But what if he can hide his own cultivation level?”

“An Innate Master can still hide it, but a Grandmaster is like a candle in the dark, how can it be hidden! Those concealing techniques circulating in the martial arts world make no sense, it won’t be able to hoodwink the masters in the Fairy’s Capital, the Imperial house has a specialized detection method.” Prince Bao shook his head.

Chu Li said, “This master can deceive them, as for what technique he used, we’ll have to ask him… I have nothing more to say, it will be up to you if you believe my words or not, Royal Highness.”

Prince Bao hit the railing with his hand as he weighed the pros and cons carefully.

Should there be a mistake in the Hunting Ceremony, it would shock the Imperial Clan and the Imperial Court, it was certainly not a minor issue. Nevertheless, if Prince Bao were to investigate it and it turned out to be a false alarm, it would be used against him and he would be sneered at.

After a brief moment, Prince Bao slowly said, “Although I’d prefer not to involve so many people in this, anything is possible, we must be cautious! Who one is it?”

“One of the cavalries in the red army,” Chu Li replied.

Prince Bao gazed at him for a long time.

Chu Li smiled as he faced him.

“Alright, I’ll trust you this time! I only wish that you won’t disappoint me as the youngest first Rank!” Prince Bao said in a deep voice.

Chu Li laughed and said, “I definitely won’t let you down, Prince Bao.”

Prince Bao nodded and said, “Transfer the red team back!”

“Yes!” A middle-aged cavalry from downstairs replied.

The middle-aged cavalry leaped onto his horse and urged it to gallop away, in just a blink of an eye, they disappeared from everyone’s sight.

People started discussing with each other regarding the matter.

Leng Qing was called to the gazebo, where Lu Yurong entered along with Prince Lu and Leng Ying.

“Qing Er, what did you tell Prince Bao? Why did he call the Head Chief over?” Song Liuying frowned and said.

Leng Qing looked around her and shook her head.

“You lass, quickly tell us!” Song Liuying said snappily.

Leng Qing replied faintly, “Mother, I can’t say it.”

“You” Song Liuying sneered.

Xue Ningyu chuckled and said, “This must be Prince Bao’s orders, am I right?”

Leng Qing nodded.

Lu Yurong said with a smile, “Let me guess, did Chu Li notice something wrong?”

Leng Qing looked at her with depth and secretly sighed, Chu Li was right, as expected, Lu Yurong had sharp and amazing observing skills.

Lu Yurong said, “This is certainly not a trivial matter, that’s why it’s inappropriate to spread it, and do you know what Chu Li is best at?”

“What is it?” Leng Ying asked curiously.

Lu Yurong smiled and continued, “Xiao Ying, do you know what Chu Li used to do in the High Duke’s Public Houses?”

“No idea.” Leng Ying shook her head.

Although she was quite curious about Head Chief Chu, it was not to the extent that she worshiped him and would find out the smallest details about him.

Lu Yurong said, “He used to be the Chief in the Glory’s Will Courtyard. The Glory’s Will Courtyard in the High Duke’s Public Houses specializes in finding traitors, so now you know what Chu Li is best at, right?”

“Catching traitors?” Leng Ying said.

Lu Yurong nodded. “In that case, Chu Li has found out that there’s a traitor among the elite soldiers?”

Her crystal clear eyes gazed at Leng Qing.

Leng Qing pursed her red lips tightly and remained silent.

Nonetheless, everyone could tell from her expression that Lu Yurong had guessed it right.