White Robed Chief Chapter 408

Chapter 408 A Way Out

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Chu Li gazed at the white paper for a brief moment, when he let it drop, the paper flew down to Zhou Zhixiong’s feet, he could step on it with just one step forward.

“Field Officer Zhou, please! Field Officer Zhou, if you step onto the paper, I will kowtow and apologize to you immediately!” Chu Li stretched his hand out and said in a serious manner.

Everyone else was shocked, they looked at Chu Li, then at Zhou Zhixiong.

They could not believe that Chu Li had actually said something like that. He said that he would kowtow and apologize!

It was said that men should have dignity and not grovel or bow down, even if it was the Emperor, one would only bow normally for greetings. One could kneel to heaven, to earth, and to their parents, but one should not kneel to anyone else.

Chu Li had just pushed himself to a corner.

Once Chu Li really knelt, he would certainly become a laughing stock.

Everyone stared and looked at Zhou Zhixiong.

After some time, Zhou Zhixiong still stood still. The rest of them started to feel anxious, it was such a great opportunity to hit Chu Li in the face ruthlessly and to make him kneel! Why was Field Officer Zhou hesitating?

Chu Li said, “Field Officer Zhou, you only have to step on it lightly, I will kowtow to you, I will certainly not break my promise under broad daylight!”

Zhou Zhixiong lowered his head and stared at the drawing.

The drawing was extremely lifelike such that the lofty sun rays from the sun could not be more lifelike than that, Zhou Zhixiong definitely could not draw so well.

He only needed to step on it gently to force Chu Li to kneel, to prove his innocence, and to give himself a way out of this predicament.

The endless temptation was enough for him to take the step.

However, Zhou Zhixiong was dilatory and was unable to move his legs.

Chu Li looked at him calmly and then said in a hoarse voice, “Field Officer Zhou, the Holy Church of Light is a sect in the Li Dynasty, and you believe in the Holy Church of Light, so there’s nothing else for me to say, right? What a pity, you could have had a great future!”

While he spoke, Chu Li shook his head.

Zhou Zhixiong raised his head up and stared at Chu Li, his eyes were burning like a raging fire. “You with the surname Chu, I won’t let you go no matter what, even if I turn into a ghost!”

Right after that, Zhou Zhixiong took a dagger out and stabbed the left side of his own chest with force, then he collapsed slowly, his body pressing onto the white paper.

“Field Officer Zhou!” the crowd exclaimed.

They were all appalled, nobody thought that Field Officer Zhou would actually commit suicide. The sudden change in the situation was so drastic and tragic that it left them all stunned.

Instead of a war zone, a heroic figure had actually died in the Fairy’s Capital. Moreover, it was a suicide!

An obscure fury burned in their chests as if it was about to emblazon them too.

Prince Bao stared at Chu Li.

Chu Li sighed and lowered his head to look at Zhou Zhixiong.

“You with the surname Chu, you’re really ruthless! You just forcibly made a laudable elite warrior kill himself!” Leng Tao yelled in anger.

The crowd’s eyes burned like a torch, they only needed a slight trigger before they would pounce onto Chu Li.

Chu Li looked at the crowd calmly and then asked faintly, “Anyone else here believes in the Holy Church of Light?”

Leng Tao shouted madly, “How can you be sure that those who believe in the Holy Church of Light are traitors, you’re going way overboard!”

Chu Li glanced at him.

Chu Li secretly shook his head and thought, what a reckless man, he was absolutely clueless about the seriousness of the matter.

Leng Tao was not resigned to be outdone, he stared at Chu Li.

Suddenly, Leng Tao lifted his helmet with force and revealed his face. “You with the surname Chu, make yourself clear, why are those who believe in the Holy Church of Light traitors! Just because of this Holy Church of Light, you forced Field Officer Zhou to die? He has killed countless cavalries from the Li Dynasty, yet you suspect that he’s a traitor from the Li Dynasty, Chu Li, you’re very malicious!”

The other cavalrymen gritted their teeth and clenched their fists, they stared at Chu Li deadly and were ready to make a move.

Chu Li said faintly, “You think he’s dead?”

“A stab through his heart, how can he not be dead? You with the surname Chu, I can’t believe that you’re such a low standing person, I must have been so blinded to think that you were young and outstanding, pfft!” Leng Tao scoffed.

Chu Li waved his hand abruptly.

“Pa!” a rattle was heard.

Leng Tao’s helmet flew away. A handprint was marked on his face instantly, it was as red as blood.

“Idiot!” Chu Li looked at Leng Tao snappily, then he turned and looked calmly at the other cavalrymen who had taken a step forward and were about to charge towards him.

Leng Tao was not trying to seek justice, he was merely looking for an opportunity to incite the rest of them to surround Chu Li.

“Hmph! You guys are so brazen!” Prince Bao scoffed, his cold and thunder-like eyes glanced at them.

His gentle scoff was like a clap of thunder to the cavalries’ ears. It shook them and made their heads turn blank and their bodies numb.

Chu Li said, “If I saw it right, Field Officer Zhou’s heart is on his right side, so it was not a fatal stab.”

“Oh—–? Is that so?” Prince Bao smiled and said.

He waved his hand and a middle-aged cavalryman at the building moved forward to take a look.

He looked like he did not bother about Chu Li slapping Leng Tao at all, as if he had not seen it.

Chu Li quickly stretched his hand out. “Hold it there!”

Prince Bao asked, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Li sighed and said, “Royal Highness, I think it’s best for them to back off first!”

“We’re not backing off, we must see it for ourselves if it’s true or not, we can’t be blinded by what you say!” Leng Tao yelled in anger as he covered his face.

Chu Li said, “Zhou Zhixiong is a Grandmaster, are you really not going to back off, Crown Prince Bao?”

“Don’t joke around! If he’s a Grandmaster, I’m an Enlightened Master then!” Leng Tao stared at him with hatred and then sneered.

“That’s why I’m calling you an idiot!” Chu Li shook his head.

Prince Bao waved his hand. “All of you, move back ten feet!”

All the cavalrymen remained still.

Prince Bao scoffed and said, “What is it now, my words are not effective anymore?”

“… Yes.” The cavalrymen backed off thirty meters.

Chu Li said, “Zhou Zhixiong, don’t play dead, whether or not you can escape from here still depends on your abilities!”

“Nice one, Chu Li!” Zhou Zhixiong suddenly stood up straight, a dagger was stuck onto the right side of his chest.

He pulled the dagger out himself, only a little blood flowed out.

Not only did Zhou Zhixiong look uninjured at all, but he also looked energetic and high spirited, had a greater heroic spirit, his eyes were as sharp as a treasured sword.

He kept his dagger and looked solemn and serious. “You with the surname Chu, how did you know that I’m a disciple from the Church?”

Chu Li answered, “I guessed it I was just testing you, I didn’t think that I had actually got it right, there are already quite a number of believers of the Holy Church of Light in the Fairy’s Capital, am I right?”

“You can ask the passersby in the underworld. I’m going to kill you!” Zhou Zhixiong said calmly.

He must kill Chu Li for sure, or else, he would be a huge threat to the Holy Church.

Zhou Zhixiong faked his death and had a void to hide his magical powers, which were both methods to save himself from a seemingly impossible situation, and were able to bring a radical change in the situation.

Unexpectedly, Chu Li saw through his tricks so easily and effortlessly.

With Chu Li around, the disciples from the Holy Church would be in danger, he must get rid of him no matter what!

Chu Li laughed and said, “I really want to know how you managed to hide your cultivation level!”

Zhou Zhixiong replied calmly, “There are innumerable magical powers and consummate skills in the Holy Church, these are just small tricks.”

“As expected, the Holy Church of Light has a heart technique as such. If that’s the case, there are plenty more masters from the Holy Church of Light hidden in the Fairy’s Capital!” Chu Li shook his head and said.

“So what? Can you recognize them one by one? You might know some of them, they could be one of your family members. The disciples of the Holy Church of Light are everywhere, they won’t be wiped out forever!” Zhou Zhixiong said.

Once he finished, he charged towards Chu Li ferociously and hit him with his fist. “Today, I’m going to exterminate a demon like you for the disciples from the Holy Church of Light!”

Chu Li waved his hand, the white paper on the ground flew into his hand.

He dodged Zhou Zhixiong’s fist and fluttered to back off. “Royal Highness!”

Prince Bao scoffed madly. “Sure enough, something was wrong!”

He leaped towards Zhou Zhixiong and slapped him.

“Bam!” Zhou Zhixiong flew one foot away, then he turned around quickly and attempted to leave.

“Trying to escape!” Prince Bao sneered, then he made another gentle hit.

“Bam!” Zhou Zhixiong who was one foot away looked like he was hit by a gigantic piece of wood, he flew away.

Prince Bao took another leap towards him and slapped him again.

“Woo” Zhou Zhixiong waved a fist fiercely, it made an odd whistling sound.

“Bam!” Zhou Zhixiong flew away again.

He dashed in the air suddenly, then disappeared.

Prince Bao frowned and squinted his eyes as he looked everywhere.

Chu Li saw Zhou Zhixiong’s figure, but he remained quiet and pretended to be muddled.