White Robed Chief Chapter 409

Chapter 409 Tacit Agreement

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Prince Bao’s face turned cold, he kept looking around as he felt that Zhou Zhixiang was not far away yet.

“Bring me a bow and arrows!” Prince Bao scoffed.

A middle-aged rider entered the building and returned quickly with a long purple bow and a bag of colorful arrows, then handed it over to him with both hands.

Prince Bao received the long purple bow, he lifted his hand and set three colorful arrows up, then he pulled them back lightly and shot them out.

Right after that, he quickly shot three more arrows out.

The first three arrows were not so fast, the three arrows after were somewhat quicker.

Prince Bao’s right hand did not slow at all, three arrows after three arrows, he shot them, each time became faster than the other. In the blink of an eye, the entire bundle of arrows had been shot out, colorful arrows spread all over the sky and flew outwards to a far direction.

Chu Li’s emotions did not change at all, he secretly shook his head.

Sure enough, Prince Bao’s archery skill was great, he himself was worth a team of archers. Nonetheless, no matter how concentrated or how fast the arrows were shot, if the shooting direction was not right, he would not hit the target after all, since Zhou Zhixiang was not in that direction anyway.

Zhong Zhixiang’s martial arts was indeed strange, it resembled the legendary Invisibility Skill, whereby his movement was soundless and stirless such that he actually managed to deceive Prince Bao’s senses.

A master like Prince Bao had a profound cultivation level, his instincts were even sharper.

As Zhou Zhixiong was not on par with Prince Bao in terms of cultivation level, it was definitely not down to luck that he had managed to fool his instincts, but because he had a secret skill.

Prince Bao looked miserable, he threw the purple bow back and scoffed. “Very well, Holy Church of Light!”

He looked towards everyone coldly.

Leng Tao shriveled his body and tried not to attract any attention, however, his plum body was so obvious that the more he tried to hide, the funnier he looked, which in turn attracted more attention.

Prince Bao seemed like he did not notice him, after glancing at everyone coldly, he said in a deep voice, “If anyone dares to speak a word about what happened today, don’t blame me for turning my back on you!”

The entire cavalry was dead silent.

Their imposing manner from before suddenly disappeared without a trace, never did it cross their minds that the heroic-looking Zhou Zhixiang was really a traitor. They were too foolish!

Chu Li said, “Royal Highness, there has nothing to do with Field Officer Zhou at all, it won’t be a problem.”

“This time, it’s all thanks to you, Chu Li! Or else, I would have completely embarrassed myself!” Prince Bao became calmer than before, he scoffed.

Chu Li did a fist salute and smiled, he did not say much after that.

“Alright, carry on with whatever you’re supposed to do! If you manage to win, you will still be granted a middle-class military meritorious service!”Prince Bao waved his hand and said in a low voice.

“Thank you, Royal Highness!” all the cavalrymen did a fist salute.

“You may leave!” Prince Bao waved his hand.

The people turned their horses around and sped away as if they were escaping, a glimpse of discomposure could be seen from their backs.

Leng Tao leaped onto his horse with embarrassment and chased after them.

When Prince Bao watched him leave, he shook his head and sighed. “Princes nowadays, the successive generations are worse than the ones before!”

Chu Li laughed and said, “They lack in some experience and toughening, give them a few more years and they should be good to go.”

“I wish so. I actually hope that I can retire early and rest at home, so that I can enjoy a carefree life, these old bones of mine don’t want to move anymore! Sadly, our descendants are very disappointing, there’s simply nothing I can do!” Prince Bao shook his head and sighed as he continued.

Chu Li smiled.

“You have a way to capture Zhou Zhixiang, right? I noticed that you took that paper,” Prince Bao said.

He pointed at the white paper that Chu Li was holding.

The sun on the white paper was still so lifelike, just that there was a blood stain on it now.

Prince Bao knew about Chu Li’s commendable service. He also knew that Chu Li possessed the All-Seeing Divine Power, which was why he did not chase after Zhou Zhixiang so diligently.

Chu Li said, “I’d like to see how many more people from the Holy Church of Light there are in the Fairy’s Capital.”

“I can’t believe it, the Holy Church of Light actually sent people to the Fairy’s Capital!” Prince Bao frowned.

“Has the Holy Church of Light caused any chaos before?”

“Never. Their powers were limited to the Li Dynasty, they never got into the Great Ji Dynasty!” Prince Bao shook his head.

Chu Li thought for a while. “Is it related to the four major sects in the Tempest Temple?”

“That’s right! The disciples from the Tempest Temple will not enter the Li Dynasty, and the Holy Church of Light will not step foot in the Great Ji Dynasty, this was their tacit agreement. All these years, the Holy Church of Light has been abiding by that rule, I can’t believe that they finally stopped holding on to it,” Prince Bao replied.

Chu Li said, “It might be due to their sudden rise in strength, so they overlooked their promise.”

“It might also be the cavalries from the Li Dynasty who want to step foot onto the Great Ji Dynasty, they want to set out in advance!” Prince Bao’s expression became serious.

Around them, there were only two middle-aged riders, but since both of them were conversing softly, they were not worried that someone else might have heard them.

Prince Bao said, “Chu Li, you have to be cautious.”

Chu Li nodded slowly.

He understood what Prince Bao meant.

Those Super Rank Sects had commanding presences, they would not tolerate anyone’s offense. For example, the Tempest Temple, once offended in any way, they would certainly kill that person.

Nevertheless, the Tempest Temple probably saw that he possessed the legacy of the Titanium Temple, so they left the matter unsettled, or else, they must be looking for an opportunity to kill him too.

The Holy Church of Light must be overbearing as well, since he had just ruined their plan, they would definitely search for a way to kill him.

Chu Li certainly got himself into huge trouble!

Nothing is given without a disadvantage, as such was the law of the world.

“Sigh once the Holy Church of Light makes a move, it will be another bloody event! Peaceful days are never lasting!” Prince Bao shook his head and sighed.

“Royal Highness, given the circumstances, how will the Imperial Court react to it? It will be better to leave martial art matters to the martial arts world, right?” Chu Li pondered and said.

“Since they broke the tacit agreement, the Four Major Sects will not just sit by and watch. But the Four Major Sects only take charge of the martial arts world, the Fairy’s Capital will have to rely on the Imperial Court itself!” Prince Bao sighed and continued.

“We don’t have to worry about the Four Major Sects. The Fairy’s Capital is more important.” Chu Li nodded.

“Yes. The martial arts in the Holy Church of Light is different from the ones here in the Great Ji Dynasty, each of them is remarkable in their own way, you’ll have to be careful when you go against them, don’t fail miserably in this task Just like this time, Zhou Zhixiong actually deceived me, if he actually carried out his plan in front of the royals, even if he did not harm my royal brothers, it would greatly damage the image of the Great Ji Dynasty,” Prince Bao said.

It would expose the inability of the Imperial Court in the Great Ji Dynasty. Such that a traitor could actually get so close to the Emperor, which would weaken the dignity of the royalty within the Great Ji Dynasty but would lift their morale.

Chu Li said, “Royal Highness, I’m not actually worried that he will make a move in the palace, I’m worried about the Emperor and the Imperial Crown Princes.”

Prince Bao’s face changed.

Chu Li had mentioned a vital point.

If a disciple of the Holy Church of Light had managed to deceive them, he would be able to delude all the Imperial Houses too. Judging from the martial arts of someone like Zhou Zhixiong, it would be more than enough to assassinate the Prince, should the disciples of the Holy Church of Light strike again, how many Princes would be fortunate to escape?!

“Let us look for Zhou Zhixiong right now!” Prince Bao yelled.

Chu Li nodded.

Prince Bao called a middle-aged rider over and instructed him.

The middle-aged rider brought two horses along, then Chu Li and Prince Bao left with the horses.


Lu Yurong was squinting her eyes as she listened quietly to Chu Li and Prince Bao’s conversation.

Due to her profound cultivation level, she could hear everything they mentioned from before and saw everything that happened. It was the same as her being right there.

The ladies in the gazebo remained silent, they were all utterly shocked.

Since they were not very far from them, they could clearly see what had happened over there. When they witnessed Zhou Zhixiong commit suicide, Leng Ying and the three ladies exclaimed, but when Zhou Zhixiong suddenly stood up again and launched an attack, they found it unbelievable.

At last, when Zhou Zhixiong escaped, they were appalled.

Zhou Zhixiong had actually escaped right before Prince Bao’s eyes, his martial arts must be really powerful.

What was beyond belief the most was that Zhou Zhixiong was really a traitor!

“Young Sister Qiu, Elder Sister Qing, your Head Chief just performed a laudable service again!” Leng Ying curled her lips and scoffed.

Leng Qiu and Leng Qing smiled.

Lu Yurong shook her head and laughed.

A laudable service? More like courting death!

Xiao Shi frowned as she watched Chu Li leave, it was not easy for a traitor to be able to go this far, now that he had provoked a man like that, he would not have any more peaceful days again!

Consort Lu turned her head and smiled. “Young Sister Xiao, as expected, Head Chief Chu is proficient and powerful!”

“He’s the best at finding trouble.” Xiao Shi laughed.

Consort Lu smiled and said, “It’s fine if he finds trouble, but he’s capable if he can settle those troubles, the Emperor will value him. I believe that Head Chief Chu will have boundless prospects in the future!”

“I hope things will go as you say then, Elder Sister Lu,” Xiao Shi said.