White Robed Chief Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Heaven's Will

As Chu Li turned his body, he simply waved his hand.


A sound of a slap could be clearly heard. Zhou Yuting held onto his face and angrily looked at him.

Chu Li smiled as he said.

"Look at me, how careless! I am sorry, Brother Zhou Yuting!"

He left right after and did not leave an opportunity for Zhou Yuting to speak. He turned and left the Floral House.

Outside the Floral House, the bluestone street was really quiet. Strings of lanterns made the night glow. There was only a married pair walking around leisurely.

Chu Li held the branch and stepped out of the Floral House, smiling.

He looked at a sulking Zhao Ying, and he giggled.

"Sister, don't bother with the garbage Zhou Yuting spewed."


Zhao Ying was feeling really down.

"Everything he said was unpleasant to the ears! Don't mind it! There's no need to care about it!"

Zhao Ying did not say a word.

"Zhou Yuting said those things to get at me..it was me who dragged you down!"

Zhao Ying stayed silent.

"He won't dare to say a thing from now on! I promise every time we meet from now, he'll be nice!"

"Don't be angry, we've already gotten them back! We cheated them of their money!"

Zhao Ying rolled her eyes.

"Brother you also got cheated didn't you? It was five hundred taels!"

"Hehe..these five hundred taels were so worth it!"

Chu Li touched the branch that looked like metal. He praised it.

"This is a priceless treasure!"

"Really?... What is this?"

"Have you heard about the tree...Glory's Will?"

"Glory's Will?"

Zhao Ying furrowed her brows and thought for a bit. She slowly shook her head.

Chu Li smiled.

"You shall go back and learn about it then."

Glory's Will released a kind of spiritual energy that accelerated the growth of plants. It was called a priceless treasure in its legend. He never thought that he would meet one here.

The older the tree was, the faster it could boost the plants. Time was the most important thing to growing luxury herbs, and to this, the value of Glory's Will was unrivaled.

"Gu Litong didn't realize it?"

Zhao Ying said in displeasure. Her impression towards Gu Litong had fallen. He was the same as Zhou Yuting!

Chu Li touched the branch and smiled.

"Hehe..if he can recognize it, he would not even let it go. Not even with a hundred thousand Taels."

Zhao Ying looked at Chu Li and had a sudden realization. Ever since he stepped into the Floral House, Chu Li had already planned on cheating Gu Litong! He purposely used the two branches and acted as if he had a grudge, but it was all just to deceive Gu Litong.

Gu Litong fell into his trap unconsciously and gave away the treasure.

"Brother, you are so cunning!"

Chu Li smiled and did not say a word.

"I saw Zhou Yuting being scared to death, he is not that much coward, is he?"

"That's because you don't know about Mr. Zhou."

Chu Li shook his head.

"He strictly prohibited Zhou Yuting from getting close to women."


"He was training the Hand of Might at the time, but he could not hold his lust in, and lost all his power. If he knew about Zhou Yuting's little story about women, he'd definitely break his legs."

"Was there even such a thing..?"

"He's all arrogant and brash outside, but he's like a little mouse to a cat when he's in front of his father."

Zhao Ying imagined how scared Zhou Yuting would look, and she broke into laughter.

Chu Li smiled.

"Sister, if you aren't satisfied, how about we punish him for a bit?"

Zhao Ying quickly waved off her hand.

"There are rules in the Public House!... Brother, don't do anything stupid!"

Against those who belittle you, you merely had to just scold back. She scolded Zhou Yuting, but if she had made a move, it would have been a completely different case. If Chu Li took action, even Lady Siao who had a liking to him would not have batted an eye, nor help him.

Her bright eyes widened, looking at Chu Li.

"Okay okay, I won't punish him!"

Chu Li smiled.

Chu Li went to another two shops that sold plants, but there was nothing but disappointment.

Glory's Will was a rare treasure, but it was very hard to grow them. It is likened to a monarch needing help from others. The Black Eye Tree, The Crimson Sunset, and the Thorned Beauty.

"It's not early anymore, brother. Let's go home."

Zhao Ying looked at the bright moon.

Chu Li shook his head, looking at the branch.

"I will send you back to the residence."

"I want to return to the Public House..."

Zhao Ying lowered her voice.

Chu Li looked at her expression. She turned away, trying to avoid him.

There was no need to use the Omniscient Mirror. Chu Li knew that what Zhou Yuting said made a difference. Zhao Ying was trying to avoid arousing suspicion.

Even though he was a genius with relationships, he knew that he should not be too hasty. He needed to take it slow.

"Right on time. We can go back together."

"I planned to isolate myself and cultivate. I can't take care of the residence."

"It's fine, Lee Yue will help."


Zhao Ying walked slowly, looking as if there was a lot in her thoughts.

Chu Li acted as if he did not hear it. He put up a smiling face and told her about interesting stories and gossips within the Public House. Zhao Ying liked to listen to these gossips.

Zhao Ying replied inattentively, and both of them returned to the Public House. They walked into the Public House and parted. Chu Li rowed a boat back to the East Garden.

Su Ru arrived at Chu Li's courtyard. She knocked on the door and Xue walked out to greet her.

"Good day, Chief!"

The apricot gown was especially bright under the lights. Even her hair was beautiful under the light.

"Has Chu Li returned from the East Garden?"


Xue answered.

Su Ru walked into the courtyard and analyzed the black dirt. She carefully walked around it and sat down in the pagoda.

"How is he? Quite easy to serve, isn't it?"

"...It's alright."

Xue hesitated.

Su Ru turned her head and looked at her.

Xue looked down.

Su Ru pointed at her.

"Seems like you're doing it again! Growing eyes on top of your head. You looked down on Chu Li, didn't you?"


Xue smiled in embarrassment.

"I am quite curious."

Su Ru shook her head.

"Why isn't he in your sights?"

Xue looked at her and lowered her head again.

"He doesn't know martial arts, does he?"

"He doesn't know martial arts!?"

Su Ru startled and started laughing.

Xue raised her head.

"Am I wrong?"

"Hahahahah! Who told you that he doesn't know martial arts?"

Su Ru could not stop laughing.

Xue was a little scared of how hard Su Ru was laughing.

"His eyes are not energized and his limbs are all strengthless. He does not have the support of inner strength, it could be easily seen that he's never trained martial arts before!"

She got more and more confident in her judgment.

"His temples show the same! Even if he tried to learn martial arts, there's a limit to his levels!"

"Xue..this is the best joke I've ever heard! I'll definitely tell Lady Siao about this when I get back!"

As soon as she heard Su Ru was going to tell Lady Siao, she panicked. It was not the first time she had been scolded by Lady Siao for her arrogance. She quickly asked.

"Chief, is it possible that what I've said is wrong?"

Su Ru took two deep breaths and stopped smiling.

"Ha.I'll just tell you. He's an innate master.

"Innate master!?"

Xue startled, she looked at Su Ru, shocked.

Su Ru smiled as he said.

"Is it possible that I am lying to you?"


Xue furrowed her brows, and she asked, puzzled.

"But he does not look like a master at all! I thought the temples of an innate master are sunken?"

"Everyone's physical conditions are different. It may not be as accurate as you think."

Su Ru slightly smiled.

"How is it? Can you still be arrogant now?"

Xue lowered her head.

She would not have thought that he was an innate master. He was such a young innate master! He was on the same level as Lady Siao!

Lady Siao's qualifications were extremely amazing. The martial arts she was learning was in the top class of extinct studies, and with the help of the resources from the Public House, it was not too special for her to reach the level of innate master at her age, but Chu Li was only an Scribe.


Su Ru pointed at her.

"If you're not going to change your attitude, you're going to lose sooner or later. Chu Li hasn't scolded you, has he?"

"It matters not how arrogant I am. I won't shrink on my responsibilities."

"Hmph. He's a smart person. He's definitely read through you already, he's probably just too lazy to deal with it.

Xue lowered her head in embarrassment.

"Is he learning a peculiar martial art?"

"The pose is quite weird."

"You'd better not train that!"

Su Ru pointed at her.

"Not even I dare to dabble in what he's doing!"


Xue unwillingly nodded.

"Xue, you've already picked the Crescent Cryptic. You shouldn't be greedy. This art is the one that takes up the most energy."

Su Ru said.


Xue answered seriously.

Only then would Su Ru not be worried.

"You're his maid, just dedicate yourself to serving him. Keep in all the thoughts that you have. He's very important to Lady Siao, and I wouldn't care if you got punished!"

Xue unwillingly answered: "Yes."

"Well, I shall go now."

Su Ru stood up.

"Lady Siao was worried about you. She asked me to come and give you some advice, but you actually did something dumb!"

Xue lowered her head in humiliation.

Su Ru waved off her hand and levitated, leaving the courtyard.

When Chu Li arrived at the courtyard the next morning, he had realized that Xue had become more useful. She was not like how she was in the past where he needed to personally order her to do everything.

He activated the Omniscient Mirror and checked. He broke into a little smile. Lady Siao was truly thoughtful.

Xue served two plates of dishes.

"Master, these are some dishes I made."

"Hmm, not bad."

Chu Li looked at them. They smell, look, and taste great.

Xue served up a black jar. She opened the jar and Chu Li could immediately smell a very thick and unique smell of wine. He could tell on the spot that was the Guang Ling wine.

This jar was at least ten silver.

"Master, please!"

Xue presented a jade cup filled with wine to him with both of her hands.

The golden colored wine was reflected by the jade. It made the wine look even more delicate, and the taste was even thicker.

Chu Li handed over the jade cup and smiled.

"Xue, what's wrong?"

"Master, I would like to have you advise me on my cultivation."

Xue looked at him in the eyes with her bright and energetic eyes.

"The Crescent Cryptic?"

Chu Li swirled the jade cup.

Xue straightened her back and slightly nodded.



Chu Li smiled.

"My advice isn't exactly cheap."

"Order me as you wish, Master!"

Chu Li pointed at the table.

"Four dishes and a bowl of soup every meal and a jar of top-class wine."

"... Not a problem!"

Xue clenched her teeth and answered slowly but decisively.

Chu Li smiled and looked at her pretty face, unbridled.

"Okay then, I'll give you some advice. Adjust your cultivating periods. Only train during the midnight, and don't cultivate the Crescent Cryptic during the day."

Xue blinked her clear eyes, looking at him.

The Crescent Cryptic was a hard martial art to practice, and the progress was slow. It takes time to slowly train it, and she was trying her best to train whenever she had the opportunity. If she restricted it to only the midnight, the day she completes her cultivation would never come!

Chu Li said no more, and he finished the cup of wine in one go. He began to eat the dishes that were prepared. He looked infatuated.

Xue hugged the jar and filled up the jade cup, she was doubtful of his advice.