White Robed Chief Chapter 410

Chapter 410 Supreme

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Chu Li and Prince Bao traveled by horse, soon enough, they passed the prairie and continued southbound.

“Royal Highness, should we get some manpower?”

“We have to hush this matter up, it’s better for just the both of us to handle it.”

“I’m only afraid that we can’t handle him and we’ll let him escape instead.”

“If I can’t even hold him down, it will be pointless to get more people to help!”

Chu Li smiled and said, “You’re right Royal Highness.”

“Chu Li, what commendable service did you perform such that the Eldest Master of the Xiao Family made you a First Rank? This isn’t a good thing, First Rank, that’s too much!” Prince Bao asked gently.

Chu Li was too young since he became a First Rank as such a young age, that would be the most he could be, which would not be such a good thing for himself.

Chu Li replied, “It’s nothing much, I’ve saved the Lady a couple of times, and helped the High Duke’s Public Houses fend off the Ren Public House’s attacks for a few times.”

“The Ren Public House King Jing’s cousin is a powerful character, to add on to that, she’s a woman, she puts a lot of men to shame!” Prince Bao lowered his head gently.

Chu Li laughed and said, “Yes, Lu Yurong is indeed a powerful person.”

“I know very clearly about the enmity between you and King An as well.” Prince Bao smiled.

Chu Li was stunned for a while, then he laughed.

Chu Li understood those words instantly. Prince Bao was reminding him that the Emperor was observing the resentment between him and King An and that his little tricks would not be able to hoodwink him, it was probably a warning?

When King An looked at his expression, he knew that he understood.

Prince Bao was fond of wise men like him, furthermore, he owed Chu Li a huge favor, so he reminded him out of good intention.

Prince Bao said in a hoarse voice, “As long as no lives are harmed, my brother will not bother. One will not be useful without being educated, it’s the same for any Prince who becomes worthy of respect when they meet a strong opponent, they will endure hardships. Just like casting a sword, without the hundreds and thousands of hammering and molding, how can it really become an all-conquering treasure sword?”

Chu Li said, “The Emperor is treating me like grinding a knife on a grindstone.”

“I’m glad that you understand. As long as you don’t cross my brother’s bottom-line, he won’t do anything to you, instead, he will grant you a sweet taste of success, you must grab your opportunity and not ruin yourself!” Prince Bao said.

Chu Li said, “The Emperor approves of King An practicing the Asura Power Technique too?”

“What is there to disapprove? Worried that he will cause a massacre?” King An smiled and said.

“Yes. I heard from the Tempest Temple and the monks that once the Asura Power Technique is mastered, even an Enlightened Master will be helpless against him, his killing intent will cause havoc to the world!” Chu Li replied.

“The Tempest Temple and the monks think differently from my brother. There is no wrong or right in a massacre, it all depends on who he kills, if King An really masters it, we can just send him to the Li Dynasty!” Prince Bao said faintly.

Chu Li was stunned for a while, a chilly feeling crept up his back.

‘Is that how the royals think?’

Chu Li pretended as if he had not heard him, then he smiled and said, “Did the Emperor meet strong opponents when he was younger too?

“Yes.” Prince Bao nodded.

Chu Li pondered and said, “Let me guess, a monk from the Tempest Temple?”

“As expected, you’re smart.” Prince Bao grinned.

“That monk achieved the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary too.” Chu Li chuckled.

Prince Bao shook his head and sighed. “You genius, I’m a little scared now!”

Chu Li said, “Royal Highness, I’d like a few pointers, how can one achieve the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary?”

“Achieve the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary” Prince Bao pondered.

Chu Li looked at his face and instantly noticed, Prince Bao knew the trick!

He forcefully suppressed his excitement and smiled as he looked at Prince Bao.

After pondering for some time, Prince Bao shook his head and laughed. “About the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary, forget about it.”

Chu Li raised his brows, he understood that Prince Bao did not want to talk about it.

It was crystal clear that the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary held a huge secret that could not be easily said. It must have been unusually precious.

“Royal Highness, are you not sure of it too?” Chu Li smiled and said.

Prince Bao replied, “It doesn’t really matter if I’m sure of not, other than my brother and the monk from the Tempest Temple, it is impossible for anyone else to achieve the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary. Chu Li, you shouldn’t waste your time and energy pursuing an obscure thing like that.”

Chu Li became even more curious, he had already activated the Omniscient Mirror as he really wanted to take a look at the secret of the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary.

However, he saw a person in Prince Bao’s mind, who looked very similar to Prince Bao but much more solemn and serious, he projected a natural dignity and power.

That must have been the Emperor himself, in Prince Bao’s eyes, the Emperor was formidable and daunting, and was anything but amicable.

Chu Li said, “Royal Highness, I’m really curious, if you could describe it in one sentence, how can one achieve the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary?”

Prince Bao laughed. “If you want to become an Enlightened Master, your hopes and efforts will only come to nothing in the end, why bother then!”

“Please fulfill my wish, Royal Highness!” Chu Li did a fist salute and said.

Prince Bao sighed and said slowly, “Alright, I have only one word for you —— supremacy, this is the key to being an Enlightened Master!”

“Thank you very much, Royal Highness!” Chu Li was overjoyed.

Prince Bao said, “What can you do about it, whether you know or not?”

“Supremacy, meaning you’ll have to be the best in the world right? Sitting on the throne is supremacy, as for the monk from the Tempest Temple, I suppose he has the best martial arts, which makes him supreme too, that’s how they succeeded in becoming an Enlightened Master!” Chu Li smiled.

Prince Bao shook his head and chuckled. “Sure enough, you’re something else! Think about it, can a Grandmaster like you beat an Enlightened Master from the Tempest Temple? If you can’t, how can you achieve supremacy? That is why, as long as the monk in the Tempest Temple is still alive, you shouldn’t think about it, an Enlightened Master has an extremely long life, you won’t be able to survive as long as he can!”

Chu Li laughed and said, “No matter what, at least now I know what path I should take. Oh, other than this method, I believe there’s another way?”

“Another way? The Four Major Sects have a technique to achieve the Enlightened Mastery’s Boundary, something even more impossible for you to get, the challenge of all challenges, obtaining that Legacy of Heaven and God would be out of the question,” Prince Bao said.

Chu Li was shocked. “If that’s the case, the Green Deer Cliff, the Amethyst Mountain, the Titanium Temple, all of them have produced Enlightened Masters?”

“Yes. All of them have, but that was five hundred years ago. Five hundred years since then, only the Tempest Temple has managed to have an Enlightened Master, the other three sects don’t have any anymore,” Prince Bao continued,

“Why not?” Chu Li asked.

Prince Bao frowned and said, “There are many theories to that, most of the people say that it’s because the magical beasts don’t appear anymore, causing the spiritual force outside the Hundred-Thousand Hills to be much thinner than before, so it’s very hard to produce another Enlightened Master anymore. There’s only one way now to become an Enlightened Master —— supremacy!”

“I see” Chu Li pondered and nodded.

Since Xiao Qi’s Regal Sword Scripture was extraordinary, it was certainly not inferior to the Legacy of Heaven and God of the Four Major Sects. However, whether or not she could surpass her limits and become an Enlightened Master still remained unknown.

As for himself, Chu Li possessed the Life and Death Scripture, an advantage not owned by others, and he did not lack in spiritual force too. If he could obtain the Legacy of Heaven and God of the Four Major Sects, he might actually achieve a breakthrough and become an Enlightened Master!

When he thought about that, every pore on his body was excited.

Moreover, Chu Li also had the Heavenly Demonic Power, and it had a powerful origin. If he could continue researching about it carefully and put more effort into cultivating it, it would be possible for him to achieve the Enlightened Mastery Boundary through it!

When Prince Bao saw his changing expression, he shook his head and could not help but laugh, it was as if he saw his young self.

“Is this the place?” Prince Bao saw a mountain resort on the mountain opposite them, so he turned around and looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li looked up and nodded. “Yes, he’s hidden here.”

“This is a rather good spot.” Prince Bao looked at the mountain resort located halfway up the mountain, it was surrounded by greenery and a misty view, indeed a great place to cultivate and calm one’s mind.