White Robed Chief Chapter 411

Chapter 411 Plot To Kill

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The two of them got down from their horses and tied the reins to a tree by the pathway. Then, they maneuvered with their Light-body Technique to the mountain resort.

This mountain resort did not take up a lot of square feet. It captured a garden design, completed with fake hills, winding paths, water currents, and adorned with trees and fresh flowers. The back garden had a little lake where boats swayed and on the lake was a water pavilion.

When both of them entered the mountain resort, all they saw was a floor of blood.

Beneath the fake hill, two retainers were slaughtered, the rocks were drenched in dark red.

In the nursery, a maid was killed. Her eyes were wide opened, coveted in fear and entreatment.

In the back garden, two corpses of retainers were floating on the lake.

The mountain resort which was previously an idyllic scene was now a hell hole.

Prince Bao and Chu Li passed through the quiet mountain resort with gloomy faces and arrived at the back garden to see Zhou Zhixiong and a fat white middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man was sitting opposite of Zhou Zhixiong. His face was pale. It looked as though they were chatting intimately.

Zhou Zhixiong was holding a silver glass, swirling it gently. He carried a calm demeanor.

The fat white middle-aged man was trembling lightly, sitting intensely. Cold sweat was dripping down his forehead.

Upon seeing the arrival of Prince Bao and Chu Li, the fat white middle-aged man eye-gestured quickly, signaling them to run.

Prince Bao pointed at the floating corpses on the lake and remarked coldly, “Zhou Zhixiong, is this your doing?’

Zhou Zhixiong replied dully, “Your Royal Highness, please pardon my inability to rise up and welcome you. I have only sent them on a trip. It was better for them to step into the Land of Ultimate Bliss than remain in this world to suffer.”

“Send them on a trip! I will send you on a trip!” Prince Bao’s face darkened. He showed no anger and instead reflected authority.

Chu Li sized up Zhou Zhixiong, then turned to look at the fat white middle-aged man.

Zhou Zhixiong continued, “Your Royal Highness, this is Zhang Xuanli. Zhang Xuanli has a thousand acres of land and loves to do philanthropic work with a history of countless kind deeds. If I were to take his piece of land and leave, Your Royal Highness wouldn’t come after me, right?”

“Hmph! You dare to leave, Zhou Zhixiong? Don’t you people from the Holy Church of Light talk about self-sacrifice? I don’t see you sacrificing yourself but holding innocents as hostages instead?”Prince Bao commented dully.

“Well, I can’t sacrifice myself while I can still be of use. If Your Royal Highness were to pursue me, then I can only kill this Zhang Squire and make my escape.” Zhou Zhixiong shook his head.

“Just kill me! I do not wish to live anymore!” Zhang Xuanli exclaimed.

Prince Bao declared, “Zhou Zhixiong if you let him go, I can spare your life.”

“Hehe Does Your Royal Highness really think I’m a three-year-old to believe this?” Zhou Zhixiong chuckled and shook his head.

“Either you let him go and your life is spared or if you kill him, we’ll kill you in revenge. Don’t even think you can leave unscathed today. It’s impossible. Best for you to eliminate this thought early on,” Prince Bao said.

“If that’s the case, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Zhou Zhixiong laughed out loud and cut into Zhang Xuanli’s shoulder with his palm.

“Ah!” Zhang Xuanli cried out in pain. His right arm hung lopsided. His chubby white face grew paler without a hint of blood.

“How dare you?” Prince Bao grunted.

Zhou Zhixiong pulled back his left palm and smiled. “Your Royal Highness, it looks like you do not care for his life. He’s only a wealthy man from a local village. It doesn’t matter whether he lives or dies. All right then, I’ll kill him first to avoid hindrance.”

Prince Bao flung his arms quickly. “Wait!”

Zhou Zhixiong grinned. “I heard that Prince Bao cares for his people. Not bad. Has Your Royal Highness changed his mind?”

“All right, I’ll let you go. If you let him go, I will let you go,” Prince Bao declared coldly.

“Your Royal Highness, a word of mouth has no guarantee. Moreover, even if you let me go, this person with the surname Chu will still go after me.” Zhou Zhixiong continued to smile with narrow eyes.

Chu Li responded, “Zhou Zhixiong, I would not go against His Royal Highness. Don’t worry, you can just leave.”

“How did you catch up with me?” Zhou Zhixiong snorted.

Chu Li shook his head. “I have my ways. Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, we can still find you so letting you go now is no big deal.”

“Oh, how capable. All right then, if that’s the case, Your Royal Highness should take an oath.” Zhou Zhixiong smiled coldly.

Prince Bao announced, “I swear that if you let him go, I will not go after you today.”

“Great. Your Royal Highness is indeed a straightforward person! What about you with the surname Chu?” Zhou Zhixiong burst into laughter and looked to Chu Li.

“I swear that if you let this Zhang Squire go, we will not hunt you today!” Chu Li blurted out.

“Straightforward! Killing that many people did not go in vain.” Zhou Zhixiong nodded.

“Zhou Zhixiong, you will not escape. We can’t go after you today but we’ll proceed tomorrow. Where can you hide in a matter of a day?” Chu Li mentioned calmly.

“Hehe. Head Chief doesn’t have to worry about this. He won’t be dead but without you helping to sustain his life, he will be. That doesn’t count as me killing him, right?” Zhou Zhixiong grinned as he extended his right palm and patted Zhang Xuanli on his left chest.

He laughed out loud as he said this and shot out of the pavilion. The tip of his toe touched a corpse in the lake and he leaped to fly over the wall of the back garden.

“Bang!” A blunt crash sound was heard and Zhou Zhixiong suddenly went astern. He landed and rolled on the ground in apparent agonizing pain.

Chu Li smiled. “Miss Lu, thank you for that.”

Lu Yurong glided over the wall and landed before them. She curtseyed. “Your Royal Highness.”

Prince Bao nodded. “Really have to give it to your quick wits.”

Lu Yurong was pleased. “As long as Your Royal Highness doesn’t think that I’m imposing.”

At the sound of her words, Zhou Zhixiong flipped over and got up, acted like a shadow and appeared before Chu Li in the blink of an eye.

Chu Li took a step to the side to avoid his knuckle.

“Bang!” the fist force blasted a hole in the ground.

“Bang bang bang bang!” Zhou Zhixiong hovered on Chu Li like a shadow at extreme speed and continuous fist force. Every area Chu Li dodged away from had pit holes appearing one after another.

Chu Li evaded his attacks with his skills and did not counter-attack. Zhou Zhixiong had already emboldened his secret skill and would not last very long.

Zhang Xuanli with a hung arm and pale white face came over at a slow pace. “Your Royal Highness, thank you for saving my life.”

He bowed.

Prince Bao waved his arm. “No need for the gesture.”

“Your Royal Highness has saved me. I will kowtow in my gratitude.” he threw himself on his knees.

“There’s no need for this.” Prince Bao stretched his arms to pick him up.

Suddenly, Zhang Xuanli pushed forth both palms and pressed onto Prince Bao’s chest in a bolt.

“Bang!” Chu Li appeared in front of Prince Bao and pushed his arms towards Zhang Xuanli in response.

Both of them took one step backward.

Zhang Xuanli’s hair whipped in the air as though violent winds were blowing at it. His fat white figure downsized immediately and became lean and slender. His eyes were thunderous. He then transformed into a shadow, caging Chu Li.

Zhou Zhixiong was faster than the naked eye. Only his shadow could be seen as he shrouded over Chu Li.

Chu Li fluttered between the two like a fog.

Prince Bao was in a glum. His eyes reeked of an icy glow.

He had never been this infuriated, to not be able to see through this play.

His age had really caught up with him. If he was younger, he could have seen through that in a breeze.

If it was not for Chu Li, Prince Bao probably would not have escaped those two attacks. The distance was too close. Even if he had the intuition, he would not have been able to avoid it in time. This Zhang Squire’s technique was too fast.

Lu Yurong stared at the trio in deep thought. She shook her head internally. If these two couldn’t be stalled here, then she would be in big trouble. The Holy Church of Light was indeed problematic.