White Robed Chief Chapter 412

Chapter 412 Burn

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Chu Li evaded their attacks as he measured the two’s channeling route.

The secret skill of the duo was quite domineering. Chu Li saw a fire burning wildly within them burning their flesh, blood, vital essence, and life. This fire was growing bigger.

The duo’s techniques were gaining speed as if only their impurities were burning off, making them swift and energized, from a wild boar to a wild panther.

Their technique was fast, as though they were Chu Li’s garments that couldn’t be shaken off.

Prince Bao and Lu Yurong were watching on the sidelines, without the thought of butting in.

This duo’s technique was too fast for the naked eye to capture and so was Chu Li’s. If it were them, they would not have been able to dodge over a couple rounds.

They retreated backward slowly in order to avoid being a hindrance to Chu Li because if these two were to attack them separately, they would not have been able to escape and could only take one of them.

It was great that this duo seemed foolish enough as they were stubborn to stick onto Chu Li as if swearing they wouldn’t back down if he was not down.

Prince Bao shook his head and sighed.

It really was the new generation. He was complaining about how youngsters nowadays were not as skilled as before. Now it seemed that there were amazing young people. Chu Li could stand proudly in the world with just his Light-body Technique.

Lu Yurong frowned as she watched Chu Li and the duo struggle.

The martial arts of the Ren Public House was regular, unlike her Empyrean Fairy Power. Could Chu Li be a rare talent who had mastered the Ren Public House’s regular martial arts at this stage?

She scanned them from the left to the right and indistinctly realized that something was amiss.

Her autumn aqua gaze swept the surrounding corpses, the nursery, the pavilion, the fake hill and the two in the lake.

For some reason, an amiss thought lingered and upon curiosity, Lu Yurong went to inspect those corpses.

Prince Bao pursued her as well.

These people had indeed died. Their bodies were stiff with no trace of force.

Seeing this, raging flames brewed within him. These two fellows deserved to die. For this murder plot, they had killed so many innocent people and these were the people of the Great Ji Dynasty!

Lu Yurong looked through the nursery, pavilion and fake hill but did not see the two in the lake.

Lu Yurong had always been cautious and meticulous. If she were to look around, she would naturally look through everything without missing a piece.

“Your Royal Highness, I’m heading over for a look,” Lu Yurong told Prince Bao.

Prince Bao’s eyes were stuck on Chu Li as he nodded.

Lu Yurong glided onto a boat and pushed the boat with her inner energy towards the two corpses.

Once she was near, she measured the corpses up and that peculiar feeling grew stronger.

She turned her palm out lightly, and “bang” the lake water splashed. The two corpses which were faced down had flipped over.

These two were middle-aged retainers. Their faces were green. It seemed that they had been dead for quite some time.

Lu Yurong frowned as she checked these two retainers. The peculiar feeling was too strong and she felt indistinctly that there may have been poison on them that could not be touched. It was better to look from afar without closing in too close.

And it was at this time, a few koi fish swam leisurely near the two corpses and pecked at them repeatedly as if it was a game.

Lu Yurong saw the carefreeness of these koi fish. They didn’t look as though they were poisoned.

She became inquisitive and wanted to snoop where this peculiar feeling originated from. Hence the little boat floated closer to the corpses.

Her body was tensed up and she was ready to back out any moment.

Chu Li’s voice rang out, “Miss Lu, those two are still alive, be careful!”

Lu Yurong was taken aback.

“Bang!” With a dull crash, the two corpses arose and formed into two shadows and appeared before Lu Yurong. Everything happened faster than she could react to.

She snorted and both her palms pressed forward individually.

“Bang bang!” With two dull blasts, both her palms assaulted each one of them.

“Bang!” Her left shoulder took a hit.

The two of them couldn’t be bothered with her palm attack. Their goal was to hit her.

Lu Yurong felt a blazing force enter from her shoulder, colliding with her frozen Yin inner energy.

Her inner energy was pure and this force was vaporized easily.

Alas, their techniques were simply too fast and with their undying attacks, she dodged two attacks in a helter-skelter. In the end, her shoulder took another hit. Luckily, Lu Yurong had the Empyrean Fairy Power to hold it down.

The two became erratic and formed into shadows, their palm attacks came from all directions.

“Bang bang bang…” Lu Yurong felt that she was a little boat in a raging sea as their palm energy soared like raging waves, ready to envelop her.

“Hmph!” Prince Bao snorted deeply and flew over. He came to fight side by side with her against these two.

They were too fast to capture, just like two shadows.

Prince Bao and Lu Yurong could only see a sky full of fist shadows. The only thing they could do was to be watchful, waving about their fists to protect themselves. They dared not opt for offense, only defense.

Chu Li’s said, “Your Royal Highness, Miss Lu, you can’t let them go on like this. They will only grow stronger!”

He had experienced the same thing fighting his opponents.

Zhou Zhixiong and Zhang Xuanli’s techniques hastened, the flame within them brewed and their fist energy became fiercer.

Chu Li dared not attack them with brute force and could only evade as he was figuring out how to deal with them; whether he should have struck at the beginning to end them even if both parties were shattered or to wait until they were at the end of the line.

Both of them had fought for a long time yet there was no sign of exhaustion.

“Right!” Lu Yurong believed Chu Li.

She was confident with her Empyrean Fairy Power and was unafraid of their fist energy. Therefore, disregarding the incoming sky full of fist energy, Lu Yurong launched a vile attack on one of them.

Prince Bao saw through her thoughts, omitted the other and attacked that one person with Lu Yurong.

However, that person’s technique was simply too fast. Both their attacks ended up in vain and in turn, they suffered punches from the other.

Lu Yurong frowned. This fist was purer than earlier and required more energy to dissolve it. Chu Li was right, they were getting stronger!

Prince Bao was dejected. He increased his speed, spreading out countless fist shadows at his opponent.

Prince Bao made a determined effort. There was Chu Li and here was Lu Yurong. If he were to lose to these two youngsters, he really lived for nothing!

“Bang!” Prince Bao’s punch battered onto his opponent.

The figure of the middle-aged man with a greenish purple face was stunned instantly and Lu Yurong’s fist energy ensued.

“Bang!” She managed to hit him with a solid palm strike.

The middle-aged man’s movement became slower.

“Bang bang bang bang…” Prince Bao and Lu Yurong’s palms thundered on him. They disregarded the attacks from the other middle-aged man.

“Careful!” Chu Li yelled.

His voice had not reached them when he flashed and appeared before Prince Bao and Lu Yurong and dragged them away.

“Bang!” With a dull clang, the middle-aged man exploded.

Chu Li had his back facing the middle-aged man and dragged Prince Bao and Lu Yurong to escape but alas, they could not make it.

His body fleeted forward suddenly as he lifted his head and vomited a stream of blood.

“Chu Li!” Lu Yurong screamed.

“It’s fine, it’s nothing.” Chu Li scoffed. His body bustled with speed and they exited the mountain resort like a fog.

There were three shadows behind them.

Prince Bao and Lu Yurong were dragged by Chu Li from their sleeves. They could not do anything but looked at the woods at an extreme speed which they could not match up to.

Although Chu Li ran quickly and had them admiring him hands down; Zhou Zhixiong and the rest were still catching up and almost at their tails.

Chu Li snorted and increased his speed, increasing the distance further between Zhou Zhixiong and himself but they were still cutting the distance between them short gradually.