White Robed Chief Chapter 413

Chapter 413 Rainbow Body

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As the trio drew nearer, Chu Li snorted and increased his speed.

Lu Yurong could tell that Chu Li was luring them on intentionally.

With a flicker of her bright eyes, she could tell his thoughts.

Chu Li was afraid that Zhou Zhixiong and the rest would detour to the enclosure and had delayed his speed on purpose to lure them over. For Zhou Zhixiong and the two to charge under such circumstances, there would be an unknown number of people killed in the enclosure.

Prince Bao deepened his voice, “Chu Li, do you need pills?”

Chu Li answered, “There’s no need for that. Thank you, Your Royal Highness.”

Prince Bao saw that Chu Li still had the energy to speak. It was obvious that he had not used all his strength. It was then that he started to relax.

Zhou Zhixiong maintained calm and stern, just as an old monk. So did Zhang Xuanli. The trio was moving faster.

Chu Li waited until they were near before he increased his speed again. He seemed to always beat them to the punch.

Zhou Zhixiong howled. “Brother Zhang, Brother Zhou, I don’t think I can make it this time. I’ll leave first.”

“Farewell, Brother Zhou!” Zhang Xuanli and the other middle-aged man closed fist saluted solemnly.

Zhou Zhixiong pressed his palms together in the midst of running, looking dignified and sacred like a revered monk. His body glowed and he transformed into a white light and shot into the sky.

A radiating door appeared in the sky faintly. The white light penetrated the door and the door disappeared.

Chu Li had his back facing them but he saw everything clearly.

The flame within Zhou Zhixiong had reached its limit and it was blazing like the sun, burning his flesh and blood and matured into a white light which shot into the sky. There were ripples in the sky and it was a door. The white light that Zhou Zhixiong had crystallized into disappeared completely from this world.

Chu Li was not that surprised.

The earlier scene in the Titanium Temple already had Chu Li in the know that this world was different from his original world. The Outland really existed.

Prince Bao was utterly upset.

He clearly saw Zhou Zhixiong attain the rainbow body. There was no hint of sorrow in Zhang Xuanli and the other middle-aged man, only a sense of joy.

The believers of the Holy Church of Light were not after a short life but rather, eternal death by entering that radiating door and landing in the Ultimate Land of Bliss.

Such disciples of the Holy Church of Light were unafraid of death and out of their minds. They were hard to guard against and were terrifying indeed!

“Brother Zhou, I will be leaving first,” Zhang Xuanli muttered.

He peered at Chu Li’s group and shook his head. “They will not be able to escape. The Holy Church will perish them.”

The middle-aged man nodded and responded, “Then let’s go.”

Though they said this, they charged towards Chu Li without warning at an alarming speed like a lightning zapping through.

Chu Li evaded them with agility.

The duo matured into two white lights and shot into the sky. The radiating door reappeared and the two white lights snuck in. The radiating door then disappeared.

Chu Li halted his movements. Beside him were rows of peach trees.

“Wah!” He held onto a peach tree as he spat out another round of blood clots. Chu Li let out a long sigh of relief.

The three of them were surrounded by an air of intensity. There was no joy from the successful escape.

“Your Royal Highness. Has the Holy Church of Light always been like this?” Chu Li shook his head and sighed.

“It wasn’t this peculiar!” Prince Bao shook his head.

If the Holy Church of Light was this powerful, they would have already penetrated the Great Ji Dynasty and not be cooped up in the Li Dynasty.

Lu Yurong frowned. “Their last secret skill is too powerful. This time, we could escape because they met with us. If it’s any regular Grandmaster, they wouldn’t be able to escape.”

Once they initiated the secret skill, their speed was extremely fast. Thank goodness for Chu Li whose Light-body Technique was magnificent or else she and Prince Bao would not have been able to escape unscathed.

Prince Bao and her whom with such cultivation ended up so. If it were a Grandmaster with slightly lower level cultivation, they would definitely be at a total loss.

Prince Bao snorted. “There’s no need to be too bothered. They are all Grandmasters. It’s not as though the Grandmasters of the Holy Church of Light are the summer breeze, plentiful as can be.”

Chu Li answered, “Your Royal Highness, this is what I am worried about.”

Prince Bao looked at him.

Chu Li continued, “Zhou Zhixiong is only a field officer. How could he cultivate to the Grandmaster’s Boundary? Moreover, he is from the Great Ji Dynasty yet his loyalty lies with the Holy Church of Light.”

Prince Bao was deep in thought with a darkened face.

Lu Yurong frowned. “So you’re saying that the Holy Church of Light has a breezeway to become a Grandmaster? Using this as bait to have masters from the Ji Dynasty join the Holy Church of Light and betray the Great Ji Dynasty?”

Chu Li replied, “There’s no need to breeze through. Just the thought of soliciting them as disciples is alluring enough. The Holy Church of Light is a super ranked faction, just as our Titanium Temple. Who can resist the calling of the Titanium Temple? Who knows just how many Grandmasters there are in the Titanium Temple?”

“What’s more terrifying is These disciples aren’t afraid of death. In fact, they look forward to a heroic death to enter the Ultimate Land of Bliss!” Prince Bao’s voice deepened.

“In order to enter the Land of Ultimate Bliss, simply displaying the secret skill isn’t enough. Perhaps they need a strong opponent to stir their fighting spirits. So they would risk their lives to assassinate masters stronger than them,” said Chu Li.

Chu Li could see through some inkling from the Omniscient Mirror and found that the Holy Church of Light was even more horrifying.

“So, we have nothing against them? If they were that good, they would have monopolized the world.”Lu Yurong scoffed.

“All things in life are inter-restrains. There will be a way to contain them. Would Your Royal Highness know of any methods?” Chu Li explained.

“I will return to the Imperial House’s hidden library to take a look. There should be a way. Or else this land would already long have been claimed by the Holy Church of Light!” Prince Bao said.

Chu Li nodded.

“We should head back now. It might be already ending back there and waiting for Your Royal Highness,” Lu Yurong said.

“Chu Li, is your injury all right?” Prince Bao enquired.

Chu Li smiled. “Just a small wound, don’t worry.”

“It doesn’t look like a small wound though.” Lu Yurong snorted.

Prince Bao smiled back. “Don’t force yourself. Let’s take you back.”

“Thank you, Your Royal Highness, for your kind gesture.” Chu Li nodded.

Prince Bao smiled narrowly at Lu Yurong.

Lu Yurong was stunned as she pointed at herself. “Your Royal Highness, you don’t mean me?”

Prince Bao chuckled. “So you’re saying that I should carry Chu Li?”

“All right then. Count this as paying you back for saving my life.” Lu Yurong looked at Prince Bao and then at Chu Li.

If it were not for Chu Li’s timely warning and appearance, it would be her that was deeply wounded.

Chu Li smiled. “Thank you, Miss Lu.”

“Chu Li, don’t be a stranger. No need for Miss Lu, just call her Yurong, am I right? We’ve been through turmoil together. Don’t be a stranger.” Prince Bao chuckled.

Chu Li shook his head and burst out into laughter. “I dare not offend.”

Lu Yurong tensed her face and scoffed.

Prince Bao saw her firm attitude and chortled. “All right then. I’ll head on first. There are still matters to take care of there. No rush for you guys though.”

He did not wait for a response from Lu Yurong and left as fast as an arrow.

Chu Li burst out into laughter again.

If the Yi Public House and Ren Public House were to team up, the Imperial Court would not be the happiest.

Chu Li was clear on this and so was Lu Yurong so the relationship between the two would not be too close.

Moreover, the Yi Public House and the Huay Public House were united through marriage and if they were to have some sort of relationship with the Ren Public House, the Imperial Court would not sit idly by and let them be.

Prince Bao who was so astute and careful would of course know. His thoughts were worth to be pondered.