White Robed Chief Chapter 414

Chapter 414 Probe

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Lu Yurong dove into the woods and after a moment, she took out a long stick, about the height of a person and as thick as a newborn’s arm and passed it to Chu Li. “Let’s go.”

“Go like this?” Chu Li burst out into a fit of laughter and did not extend his arm.

Lu Yurong swept her gaze at him, and rebutted coldly, “Then how do you want to go?”

Chu Li replied, “Just by the sleeve. There’s no need to guard against me that way. I’m not a pervert!”

“No way!” Lu Yurong snorted.

Chu Li gave in helplessly. “I’ll just move on my own. The wound is not that severe.”

“All right, it’s up to you. Then I’ll head off first,” Lu Yurong said dully.

She tossed the long stick aside and glided away.

Suddenly, Chu Li coughed a few times. It appeared that his injury was acting up.

Lu Yurong stopped in her tracks and turned to give him a cold glare. “You with the surname Chu, are you moving or not?”

Chu Li shrugged it off. “You should leave first.”

“You should take the lead.” Lu Yurong scoffed.

She was worried in case that there would be an ambush. Chu Li was injured and if something were to happen, the blame would be on her.

Chu Li smiled. “You may not be able to catch up with me.”

“Try me.” Lu Yurong smirked coldly.

Chu Li stepped onto a treetop and glided forward like a gentle breeze without a taint of worldly sin, seemingly slow yet at a quick pace.

Lu Yurong followed closely behind.

Chu Li raised his voice, “That Prince Feng is thinking of how to take care of me!”

“And who was the one who offended him?” Lu Yurong taunted.

Chu Li shook his head. “Well, if we were to go down to it, it is because of you. He thinks that there’s something between us or else I wouldn’t even be worth mentioning.”

Lu Yurong snorted. “It was you who hit Leng Tao that Leng Feng thinks you’re arrogant. People who are arrogant can’t stand others being arrogant so you two are fated to be enemies. Don’t you dare drag me into this.”

“I’m arrogant?” Chu Li shook his head and smiled.

Lu Yurong blurted out coldly, “Do not underestimate Leng Feng. He may not be mature but the influence he holds in his hands is not weak. A knife held in the hands of a child, if it’s sharp enough, it can still kill.”

Chu Li questioned, “The forces of King Jing are powerful?”

“What do you think? Don’t think about prying any information out of me!” Lu Yurong responded dully.

“I think your move to support King Jing is not a wise one. Any royal offspring would be wary of the High Duke’s Public House. Even if he is your uncle, he would never treat the High Duke’s Public House to be his own,” Chu Li mentioned.

Lu Yurong scoffed.

Chu Li smiled. “You’re very smart. How could you not know unless you’re using King Jing.”

“We’re just using each other. Just as the two of us, aren’t we mutually using one another?” Lu Yurong asserted dully.

Chu Li added, “It’s better if it remains as beneficial ties. Clear and concise, not a waste of time.”

Lu Yurong peered at him. “You have someone you like Xiao Shi?”

Chu Li grinned. “You have a wild imagination.”

“Xiao Shi is the first beauty of the Great Ji Dynasty. You’re a male. How can you not fall in love with her? Anyone could tell that.” Lu Yurong snorted.

Chu Li shook his head. “It’s really a misunderstanding.”

“If it isn’t Xiao Shi then Xiao Qi? It really is Xiao Qi?!” Lu Yurong was surprised and sized him up.

Chu Li said, “You really do not plan to marry all your life?”

“Yes.” Lu Yurong glanced at Chu Li and replied dully.

Chu Li shook his head. “The Empyrean Fairy Power really is causing some harm.”

Lu Yurong gawked at him. “What martial arts are you cultivating?”

“Infinite Azure Sea,” Chu Li retorted.

The two of them fought, schemed and probed at each other but found they comprehended each other profoundly. Two incredibly smart people talking was easy yet difficult. The battle of wits really stirred their minds.

Once the two glided their way back to the enclosure, there was still no outcome from the cavalry. At times, they were entangled in battle and at times they were ambushing. The five cavalries were playing their quick-wittedness and craftiness at full scale.

Leng Ying was getting bored of watching. She had no interest in all these battles and fights.

Her eyes wandered around with an absent mind when suddenly, her gaze lighted up as she stood up promptly.

She gave Consort Lu a scare. “What happened, Ying Er?”

Leng Ying stared at Chu Li and Lu Yurong with wide and meticulous eyes.

“They’re finally back.” Consort Lu let out a sigh of relief.

Ever since Lu Yurong left, she had started to bite her nails.

Leng Ying went forth to Chu Li and peered at him. She ignored him and turned to Lu Yurong. “Cousin sister, why are you with him?”

Lu Yurong returned with a question of her own, “Has His Royal Highness returned?”

“He just returned. Cousin sister, why are you with him again?” Leng Ying scanned past Chu Li who just glided back to Xiao Shi’s side and scoffed.

“Some official matters. Stop fooling around and let’s go.” Lu Yurong brushed her off.

Consort Lu looked at her with concern as she came over.

Lu Yurong lowered her voice, “Aunty, once Young Feng returns, please let him know to have his disreputable company stay put and avoid offending Chu Li.”

Consort Lu stared at her with astonishment.

Lu Yurong explained, “Chu Li is currently wounded. If Young Feng and the gang were to offend Chu Li, he may be off on a killing spree.”

She saw through Leng Feng and his pal’s dandy tactics in one glance. It was child’s play.

But the knife held in a child’s hand could be sharp enough to kill as well as stir major trouble.

Chu Li was injured and to upset Xiao Shi would provoke him to kill in order to set an example. That would be a major deal.

Consort Lu smiled. “Since when have you cared about Head Chief Chu?”

“Not caring about him. He’ll be of use soon. We can’t risk raising any tension.” Lu Yurong shook her head.

“Mm?” Consort Lu grew curious.

Lu Yurong explained, “That traitor field officer Zhou from earlier is a disciple of the Holy Church of Light.”

“The Holy Church of Light? A religious sect from the Li Dynasty?” Consort Lu thought.

“The Holy Church of Light is terrifying. It is hard to protect against them,” Lu Yurong said seriously.

Consort Lu fell deep into thought. “Head Chief Chu would tell. You’re saying that our Imperial Residence ?”

She scanned her surroundings and bit her tongue.

“It’s possible! So we need his help to search,” Lu Yurong added.

“This is major news. Your uncle may not agree with it.” Consort Lu frowned.

“I will convince uncle. They could be secret guardians of the Imperial House. Who would uncle look for to investigate?” Lu Yurong said dully.

Consort Lu nodded lightly and was engrossed in her thoughts.

Leng Ying was listening quietly at the side with her eyes wide open but did not butt in.

A moment later, Consort Lu sighed and shook her head. “Sigh Young Feng is still far off.”

She did not see any improvements in Leng Feng even after cultivating for a year at the frontier. Compared to Lu Yurong, it was the difference between an adult and a child.

Lu Yurong was naturally bright and talented and she couldn’t be used in comparison. Yet there was Chu Li, who he could not match up to.

“You are too doting on him. A flower in a garden, how can he make it?” Lu Yurong said coldly.

“Aren’t you from the garden too?” Consort Lu smiled.

Lu Yurong let out a smile.

That was quite true. She was naturally smarter than anyone else and she needed not to go through any hardships.

Leng Feng was the kind that no matter how much effort he put in, it would not come to anything. He was not naturally gifted nor did he have a mature character. His success was limited.