White Robed Chief Chapter 415

Chapter 415 Trade

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Once Chu Li returned to the little gazebo, Leng Qiu and Leng Qing checked him out.

Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu wanted to speak their minds but in the end, held their tongues.

Xiao Shi side glanced him as if he had always been here and had never left.

Chu Li’s wounds were almost healed and could not be seen from his appearance.

“Young Lady, we should head back now,” Chu Li said.

“Leave now?” Xiao Shi looked at him with her eyes as clear as autumn’s waters.

Chu Li added, “There’s nothing much to see at the end. You’re tired too.”

“All right then.” Xiao Shi nodded lightly and shifted her head towards Song Liuying and Xue Ningyu.

“You should leave first. We’ll stay here so as not to be impolite.”

“I’ll leave it to you,” Xiao Shi answered.

Chu Li closed fist saluted. “Consort Song, Consort Xue, you should return with Consort Lu to the town before anything happens.”

Song Liuying smiled. “Head Chief is worried about Leng Tao and the rest?”

These youngsters were hot-blooded and would do just about anything.

Chu Li nodded.

Song Liuying continued, “It is better to fend. All right, we will return to the town with Consort Lu.”

Xue Ling led the horses over. Chu Li, Xiao Shi, Yang Xu, and Xue Ling returned to the town.

Lu Yurong who was not far off saw this and immersed in her thoughts before pulling Leng Ying in. “Let’s return with them.”

“But it hasn’t ended yet. I want to see if Big Brother wins,” Leng Ying yelled in a struggle.

Lu Yurong couldn’t care less about her struggle. “He can’t win. Let’s go.”

Consort Lu pursed her lips and laughed, waving her arm. “Just follow your cousin sister back now.”

“Mother!” Leng Ying was forced up the horse unwillingly by Lu Yurong and the two rode away.

“Why is this? Cousin sister, why must we follow him?”Leng Ying pouted her lips and snorted resistantly.

She stated with disdain, “What’s so good about him anyway?”

The two were still conversing when they caught up with Chu Li.

Chu Li swept his gaze over to Lu Yurong and smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill anyone.”

Lu Yurong remarked coldly, “You go your way and I’ll go mine.”

Chu Li continued to smile. “What a coincidence.”

Leng Ying sat on the horse, cast a sidelong glance at him and scoffed.

Lu Yurong mentioned, “Chu Li, the Princess has requested your attendance tomorrow at the Imperial Residence.”

“Oh? Your idea, I bet?” said Chu Li.

No matter how tolerant Consort Lu may have been, she would not invite him who had quite a conflict with her son. It was obvious that Lu Yurong required his help to look for disciples of the Holy Church of Light in the Imperial Residence of King Jing.

Lu Yurong said, “If you accept, the invitation will arrive today.”

“It’s fine; The standard of the Imperial Residence of King Jing is too high, I can’t reach it.” Chu Li shook his head.

Lu Yurong’s eyes narrowed.

Four horses traveled in a row with Xiao Shi in the middle and Chu Li beside her. Lu Yurong and Leng Ying were on the other side of Chu Li.

“Speak, what are your conditions?” Lu Yurong scoffed.

“A little help.” Chu Li smiled.

Lu Yurong blurted out coldly, “Your little help usually amounts to something big. Be clear on it.”

Chu Li explained, “Isn’t it the Young Master’s wedding next month?”

“Hmph, the same as before? Not seeking trouble at the Yi Public House is considered as help!” Lu Yurong frowned.

Chu Li grinned as he shook his head and looked at her firmly.

Leng Ying felt her brain cells wasting away as she looked at both of them in confusion.

However, she could completely relax as judging by the way they talked, it clearly wasn’t romance. It was more like enemies battling their wits out.

Lu Yurong frowned for a moment before snorting. “How many?”

“Just as before. Too much would be troubling you.” Chu Li smiled.

Lu Yurong took a deep breath. Her bountiful bosom bobbed excessively as she scoffed. “All right, I agree.”

Chu Li responded, “Let’s make it clear, it’s only to find the Holy Church of Light.”

Chu Li estimated the snitches in the Imperial Residence of King Jing would not be any less.

He had arranged Zhou Feiyang in the mix and he was doing quite well currently. Although he did not become King Jing’s right-hand man, he had built some foundation there, which was one steady step forward.

Lu Yurong pondered. “Apart from the Holy Church of Light, for every extra person you find, I will send you an additional man.”

“Regardless of either Residence?”

“Yes. No matter if it were from any forces. Any additional man found is another man from my side,” Lu Yurong exclaimed.

“All right. This matter has to be kept secret or else I will be the world’s number one enemy and be in a tight spot.” Chu Li smiled.

“But of course! Do not reveal anything from today.” Lu Yurong laid her sights on Xiao Shi and then at Leng Ying.

“Yes.” Leng Ying knew the severity of the matter and nodded.

Xiao Shi looked on forward without glancing their way as if there was no such person as Lu Yurong.

Leng Feng stormed madly towards Consort Lu.

Although he was protected by armor, an unopened front sword stabbing at his body did not feel all that good. He was aching all over. Even after taking the pill from the Residence, the ache did not go away.

He returned to the gazebo and looked around.

Consort Lu said, “Don’t bother to look. Lu Yurong and your sister have returned to town.”

“Why the rush to leave so early?” Leng Feng was disappointed.

“If it isn’t for your friends ruining things? Feng Er, you had a bunch of people kicking up a fuss with Chu Li, right?” Consort Lu wasn’t in the most pleasant mood.

“Mother It’s just a little fun, there’s nothing to it,” Leng Feng responded helplessly.

“Hmph, fun! You know about the traitor?” Consort Lu snorted dully.

“I heard. I didn’t think there would really be traitors. These people at the Imperial Court are getting more useless by the second!” Leng Feng answered.

“This Zhou Zhixiong is a disciple of the Holy Church of Light and is a Grandmaster. If he wasn’t discovered, killing you would be a breeze!” Consort Lu continued.

Leng Feng frowned. “The Holy Church of Light?”

“You know about that as well?”

“Of course, I do. It is the number one sect of the Li Dynasty. It is said to be better than the Titanium Temple! I didn’t think Zhou Zhixiong was a disciple of the Holy Church of Light.” Leng Feng’s expression became solemn.

“It could be possible that he was here to kill all, you Princes. Chu Li basically saved all of your lives,” Consort Lu said.

Leng Feng nodded slowly.

Although he did not want to admit it if Zhou Zhixiong really was from the Holy Church of Light, it would certainly be cumbersome and perhaps he really was after him.

Among these Princes, Leng Feng was the most important and would become the main target. He would not be able to escape.

“I’m telling you to stop seeking trouble with him,” Consort Lu said.

“I know, Mother,” Leng Feng answered helplessly.

“If you are disobedient, then you are to head to the frontline for another year.” Consort Lu widened her eyes.

She knew how her son was. He probably was taking a perfunctory attitude, so she had to be firm.

“Yes, yes. Leng Tao was slapped by Chu Li in front of Imperial granduncle and he did not say anything?”Leng Feng jumped in immediately.

“Serves Leng Tao right. Your Imperial granduncle was merciful enough not to punish him severely. Tomorrow I’m inviting Chu Li over as a guest,” Consort Lu added.

“What?!” Leng Feng’s tone hit a high pitch.

Consort Lu glared at him.

Leng Feng asked immediately, “Mother, why did you invite him over?”

“Think over yourself.”

“Don’t tell me to apologize and compensate? Why?” Leng Feng did not control the volume of his voice.

Consort Lu was disappointed.

“You’re not very sharp. If you had a tad of Lu Yurong’s brain, then I can completely be at rest.” Consort Lu shook her head and sighed.

Leng Feng scoffed. “Mother, you are underestimating me.”

“You let impulse take control. A real man tolerates. You? Get busy now and have your disreputable company lie low. Do not provoke Chu Li,” Consort Lu continued.

“Yes.” Leng Feng left in a sullen mood.

Yet he did not intend to have his people stop. The more Consort Lu conveyed this, the more it triggered his anger towards Chu Li. He wanted to teach Chu Li a lesson.

Even if trouble brewed, Leng Feng could push the blame onto his people. He had spoken but they did not listen so there was nothing he could do about it. It was not as though they could punish him to the frontline for a year because of this.