White Robed Chief Chapter 416

Chapter 416 Take On

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Chu Li listlessly said, “Young Lady Lu, they are here.”

Lu Yurong frowned. “Why don’t you leave with everyone else? Perhaps they would disband themselves and avoid this mess.”

With her around and their aunt talking there, no matter how unwilling Leng Feng may be, he would withdraw his men to avoid this dispute.

However, based on Leng Feng’s haughty character, even if he did not succeed this time, there would always be a next time.

Chu Li must have known about this and decided to resolve it early on to prevent future troubles.

Chu Li smiled.

Lu Yurong mentioned, “Let me take on it later.”

“We can run but we can’t hide. If I don’t take care of them now, there will be a next time.” Chu Li calmly looked at the faraway woods.

Lu Yurong’s elegant brows were tied in a knot.

She could sense the chill from Chu Li’s tone.

“Bang! Bang!” Two dull crashes were heard.

Two giant rocks fell from the sky and onto the pathway. The earth shook.

The crack troops on this pathway had joined the hunting ceremony and were busy slaughtering in the enclosure, hence both side of the pathway were empty.

The two large rocks were the height of a person and boxy in shape, blocking the road from left to right.

For the horses that Chu Li and the rest were riding on, they could easily leap over the rocks.

“Bang! Bang!” Another two large rocks flew from the woods and landed on the pathway.

The two large rocks accurately landed in front of the earlier two rocks. This way, even the horses could not leap over them, completely sealing off the pathway.

Chu Li pulled on the reins and halted his horse.

Xiao Shi, Yang Xu, and Xue Ling halted their horses as well.

Chu Li turned to look at Lu Yurong. “I need to trouble you to protect the Young Lady.”

“I will handle them!” Lu Yurong immediately cut in.

She has a bad feeling about this that Chu Li would act recklessly this time.

Chu Li extended his arm and pressed on the handle of his blade. “I’ll go If they were to really hurt the Young Lady, I don’t care whether this involves a prince!”

“… Alright then.” Lu Yurong frowned and nodded.

She had always felt that Chu Li fancied Xiao Shi so if Xiao Shi were to be harmed, Chu Li would go berserk and kill everyone.

Chu Li slowly got down from the horse and shifted his head to Xiao Shi to smile. “Do wait a moment, Young Lady.”

Xiao Shi calmly looked back at him. “Watch yourself.”

“Understood.” nodded Chu Li.

Fourteen masked men in black charged out of the woods, running their Light-body Technique towards Xiao Shi.

Chu Li lightly scoffed. A water ball dropped to his chest and instantly triggered a surge of endless energy.

He flashed and appeared behind a masked man and with the flicker of his foggy blade light, it penetrated the chest of the masked man in black.

The next moment, Chu Li flashed and appeared behind another person. One flash of his foggy blade light and another chest was penetrated.

Chu Li had mastered the Seven Forms of Godly Sword, wielding the forces of the Seven Forms of Divine Blade completely.

With the aid of Heavenly Demonic Power, the speed of his blade was quicker and more powerful. Two Grandmasters had not even reacted when they took a direct stab.

Chu Li’s figure flickered nonstop. With every flash and appearance behind a masked man in black, it was one swing of his blade. No one escaped his wrath.

Facing Chu Li, they were like kids that never learned martial arts as they could not bring up even an ounce of resistance.

Lu Yurong watched on with chills all over her body.

Seeing the current cultivation level Chu Li was at, the three masters from the Holy Church of Light should be long gone without being able to activate their secret skill and finally ending up in the Ultimate Land of Bliss.

Chu Li had intentionally masked his cultivation level to ascertain the disciples of Holy Church of Light. He is quite the schemer. He rather get himself hurt than reveal his talents.

The fourteen Grandmasters had yet to dash to Xiao Shi and they were already down by seven people.

They grew frustrated and could not even bother to charge at Xiao Shi. There was no longer any meaning to deal with Xiao Shi, escaping was not in Chu Li’s mind. He was out here to kill them. Hence, they had better cling onto their lives.

The remaining seven gathered together in a hurry, with their backs against each other, guarding against Chu Li’s sudden appearance.

Chu Li smiled coldly. His body flashed and appeared in front of one of the masked man, drawing his sword to stab.

Three masked men pushed out their palms in an attack at once.

The misty blade light flickered and Chu Li glided backward.

One masked man held on to his head and collapsed. A sword had drilled through his chest.

This time, Chu Li did not attack from behind. Instead, he went face to face.

With the supplement of the Heavenly Demonic Power, Chu Li’s speed increased. Their palm energy was still in midair when his sword infiltrated and retreated safely before charging at another person.

In the blink of an eye, another three masked men collapsed.

“Retreat!” The remaining four saw that they were at the disadvantage and yelled. They ran towards four different directions.

Their figures expanded. It seemed that they had initiated the secret skill and glided afar like a fog.

Chu Li caught up to them one by one, stabbing them in the chest.

Lu Yurong stared at Chu Li’s sword with a solemn face.

She was considering if she could escape such swordsmanship when faced with it.

Lu Yurong could protect her vital points but it was impossible to completely dodge the attacks. Chu Li’s sword was too fast. The same could be said for his technique as well. Alarm bells would ring but his sword was faster than she could react.

Fortunately, Chu Li only stabbed at their right chest.

As the protector of the Imperial Residence, there was no shortage of miraculous pills and medicines. Grandmasters had an abundance of life force. Taking the spirit medicine, they could recover in no time but would lose the energy to move in a short period of time.

Chu Li swept his gaze over the masked men in black on the ground and shook his head. He glided back to Xiao Shi’s side. “Young Lady, let’s go.”

Xiao Shi pursed her lips into a smile. “You’ve become soft.”

“Indeed.” Chu Li smiled and shook his head.

Xiao Shi gazed at the men in black on the ground with a calm demeanor.

She had experienced life and death many times and could not care less about these people’s lives. If Chu Li were to eliminate them all, she would not say a word more.

Lu Yurong looked at these men in black. These were crack troops of many Imperial Residence yet they had suffered such an ending.

“Xue Ling,” called out Chu Li.

Xue Ling answered and came before the four large rocks. Both her hands stuck to a piece and slowly lifted. The large rocks that were taller than her were lifted by her without sweating.

Her divine power originated from the Art of White Tiger.

Chu Li responded, “Once we’ve passed through, put them back.”

“Yes.” Xue Ling pursed her lips and smiled.

Once Chu Li and the rest rode their horses past these large rocks, Xue Ling moved these rocks back to their original spots. She then leaped onto her horse and returned to town with the group.

Leng Feng and his gang ended the hunting ceremony and returned in a hurry. They wanted to rush ahead of Consort Lu and all these women.

Leng Feng could not wait to witness Chu Li’s plaintive cries and vent his anger.

Leng Tao followed behind him with enthusiasm. All the Princes were excited.

Chu Li had once again gained reputation from the Hunting Ceremony.

All the more resentful they felt and they hoped that Chu Li would tumble. If he could be beaten up by their protectors, to an unsightly exhibition, that would be even more pleasing!

Once they stopped in front of the four giant rocks, they saw a floor of masked men channeling cross-legged.

These masked men in black had taken spirit medicine and immediately crossed their legs to channel. They did not even have the time to hide in the woods.

The blade force in their bodies was flowing fiercely. Their injuries kept adding up and the time was ticking.

“What is the meaning of this?” Leng Tao cried out loud.

The fourteen men in black were still in their places and could not attend to their questions.

Leng Feng’s face darkened by a few shades.

All of them looked for their own protectors. The protectors were always by her side, even when they were masked, they could still be recognized.