White Robed Chief Chapter 417

Chapter 417 Attending A Banquet

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“Who did this?” Leng Feng’s voice deepened.

“Chu Li!” a masked man in black spoke and with a widened mouth, he spat out blood, drenching his black band black.

He took down his black band, revealing his thin face. White as a sheet, with no flush of blood.

“Uncle Yi, Chu Li did this alone?” a Prince shouted.

Yi Lixing slowly nodded. “It’s him.”

As he spoke, he closed his eyes and continued to channel in order to suppress the violent blade force.

This blade force was substantial, as though a miniature sword was cutting through within, chopping off his internal organs. Yi Lixing’s channeling to recover could not keep up with the speed that this miniature sword was hurting him at. His injury was getting more severe.

He took out a porcelain bottle and poured out two pills and dumped them into his mouth.

The Princes all were upset. “Chu Li, how dare he!”

Leng Tao said, “It’s impossible. He alone took care of fourteen masters?”

“Was there anyone else?” asked Leng Feng.

The fourteen masked men were focused on their healing and did not respond.

Leng Feng was awkward and unusually enraged. “This Chu Li sure has some guts! But fourteen people can’t beat him, it’s just”

He shook his head.

The fourteen men in black kept their anger within as they did not have the face to say anything more. They bit their tongues.

They were fourteen Grandmasters encircling. Not only did they not take care of Chu Li, but they were also wounded by him to this extent. It was embarrassing, to say the least, or else they would have long rebutted Leng Feng.

Leng Feng stood there, frowning without saying a word.

He really could not imagine how fourteen Grandmasters could not defeat Chu Li and were deeply wounded by him. Now Chu Li would be famous in the Fairy’s Capital, maybe even the world!

“Do not speak of this incident. Or else, nobody’s gonna look good.” Leng Feng swept his gaze over the Princes and finally fixated on the fourteen Grandmasters.

The Princes all nodded.

“Right, this can’t be spread! We cannot let Chu Li become famous!” Leng Tao raised his voice.

Leng Feng glared at him viciously.

Leng Tao shut his trap in embarrassment.

He currently hated Chu Li to the core yet feared him so. Chu Li hit people without warning. He only dared to go behind his back. He had no guts to face him head-on.

Leng Feng took a deep breath and shifted his head to look at everybody. “Everyone is capable of keeping secrets, right?’

“Of course,” all of them responded in unison.

“Whoever dares to leak this out will face my wrath!” scoffed Leng Feng.

All of them struck their chest in a gesture to guarantee the non-exposure and vowed that this never happened.

In the afternoon of the second day, Chu Li was reading in the Tianshu Courtyard when there was an announcement coming from the outside. The chief of the Imperial Residence of King Jing has paid a visit to guide Chu Li the way.

A middle-aged handsome man was sitting in the hall and Chief Zhou was accompanying him with tea and chitter chatter.

“Chief Zhou, the Head Chief of your Imperial Residence has quite the reputation. It is impressive for the Imperial Residence of King An to have such a talent. Definitely a sign of flourish and prosperity.” the handsome man put down his cup and chuckled.

“Oh no, Chief Zhang is too polite. I wonder if something’s the matter with Consort Lu seeking the Head Chief?… As far as I know, the Head Chief has nothing to do with your Imperial Residence?” Chief Zhou laughed.

“About this we as subordinates wouldn’t know. Perhaps the princess saw what a heroic young man he is and wanted to see for herself.” Zhang Ci, the treasurer of the Imperial Residence of King Jing chortled and waved his arm.

“I see! The Head Chief is a rare hero. Perhaps the princess eyed his talent and wants to solicit Head Chief as her in law, haha!” Chief Zhou smiled.

“Oh, it is not proper to make such a joke! The marriage of the Young Lady is not something we as subordinates can joke about.” Zhang Ci quickly waved his arms.

“The way I see it, the talent of our Head Chief could match up to the Young Lady Ying.” smiled Chief Zhou.

Zhang Ci shook his head. “If your words were to land on the Princess’ ears, it will anger her. It’s better to be careful with your words.”

He was cursing him within. What a statement, talking about matching up to our Young Lady Ying. How dare he speak of this.

Chu Li entered the hall at a slow pace.

Chief Zhou wiped away the smile on his face and stood up solemnly. “Head Chief!”

Chu Li nodded and closed fist saluted at Zhang Ci. “Sorry to trouble Chief Zhang with the long wait. Let’s proceed.”

“Yes. Head Chief, please.” Zhang Ci stripped away his smile and closed fist saluted with seriousness.

Chief Zhou immediately jumped in, “Head Chief, do you need to bring along a maid?”

“There’s no need, I will return shortly,” answered Chu Li.

“Yes.” Chief Zhou nodded.

Chu Li’s fame was rising in the Imperial Residence. He as the treasurer dared not slack to prevent Chu Li from getting dirt on him and replaced.

Chu Li followed Zhang Ci out of the Imperial Residence and rode horses for more than a kilometer and a half before arriving at a vast Imperial Residence.

With yellow tile bricks and a red roof, it was certainly magnificent and grand looking.

The Imperial Residence of King Jing did not seem too different from the Imperial Residence of King An. The exterior looked the same but the aura surrounding the entire Residence was different. It was brilliant and stronger than that of the Imperial Residence of King An. Its imposing grandeur was mightier and forceful.

A little door beside the residence was opened and Leng Feng brought a group of people out. Taking about twenty steps, they arrived near Chu Li.

Leng Feng closed fist saluted and dully greeted, “Head Chief Chu, this way please!”

Chu Li closed fist saluted. “Prince Feng, please.”

Leng Feng waved his arm and the people that were behind him all retreated by a few steps.

The two walked at the front, heading towards the door at the side.

Chu Li frowned but did not say anything.

According to the rules, the Imperial Residence should open their main entrance and not go through this side door with the rank he was at.

Leng Feng did this on purpose to slight his pride. Chu Li felt it was immature but gave no thought to it. There would be a day when he would come begging for help.

“How are the protectors of your Imperial Residence?” Chu Li passingly asked.

Leng Feng frowned and coldly blurted out, “They’re great, thanks for asking.”

Chu Li let out a smile. “If they can’t take it anymore, let them come and seek me.”

Leng Feng narrowed his eyes and gave him a death stare.

Chu Li returned the favor calmly.

The scribes and protectors lightened their footsteps and held their breaths. They were on tenterhooks.

“Hey! Just you wait.” Leng Feng scoffed.

Chu Li smiled.

He was confident with his blade force. They were not capable of vanquishing it. They would be suffering by the minute and the injury inflicted would worsen. Sooner or later they would not be able to take it and seek him out for help.

“Leng Feng!” Lu Yurong and Leng Ying came out.

She was dressed in a bluish white gown while Leng Ying was in a pale pink gown as they trod in.

She saw Chu Li and him enter from the side door and instantly darkened her beautiful porcelain face.

Leng Feng frowned. “Cousin sister, why are you here?”

Lu Yurong swept her gaze at him in disdain and dully said, “You may leave, leave Chu Li to me.”

“Leave him to you? Cousin sister, you’re a female. It is not appropriate. It’s better that I attend to him.” Leng Feng snorted.

“It seems that I need to inform Aunt. Improper and reckless.” Lu Yurong frowned.

“Cousin sister! There’re outsiders here.” Leng Feng became angry out of embarrassment as he lowered his voice.

Lu Yurong shifted her head to Chu Li and closed fist saluted. “Head Chief Chu, this way please!”

Chu Li smiled. “I’m finally able to witness the manner of the Imperial Residence of King Jing. It really is a standard beyond reach.”

Lu Yurong answered, “He knows nothing. Head Chief Chu, please do not take offense.”