White Robed Chief Chapter 421

Chapter 421 Secret Skill

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Tian Shi gave a small smile but did not respond.

“I think the disciple of the Holy Church of Light is really one of the maids,” Lu Yurong said.

“Miss Lu is very smart,” Tian Shi said. “It’s a shame that smart people never live long.”

Lu Yurong said, “Do you actually want to kill His Royal Highness? Or are you just trying to protect that disciple of the Holy Church of Light?”

Tian Shi remained silent.

Lu Yurong smiled. “If you want to save that disciple of the Holy Church of Light, we can think about sparing her life. However, you’ll have to give up on your revenge. Her life will be exchanged with yours. You’ll remain working in the imperial residence. How does that sound?”

Tian Shi frowned at her.

He mused at how frightening Lu Yurong was. She was vicious in her calculations.

He contemplated in his heart. Was he here to save her, or was he here to take his revenge on King Jing?

Lu Yurong said, “You won’t be able to kill His Royal Highness as long as I’m here. That person on your mind also won’t be able to escape, and you won’t be able to have your revenge either. It’s a lose-lose situation, so why not just choose to save one?”

King Jing said in a low voice, “Tian Shi, if you promise not to seek revenge anymore, I can pretend as if nothing happened here!”

Tian Shi let out a sigh and shook his head. “Your Royal Highness thinks highly of me. But I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. I cannot live under the same sky as the person who killed my father. If I don’t take my revenge on you, I won’t be able to face my ancestors as a son of my father!”

“Senior Tian, you’re a wise man. Why must you drive yourself into this corner?” Lu Yurong said hurriedly. “His Royal Highness is fair and just. If your father died by His Royal Highness’s hands, there must be a reason to justify it!”

“Even if there’s a reasonable explanation, my revenge cannot be left unfulfilled,” said Tian Shi.

His figure suddenly wavered as if it had been submerged underwater and melted to become part of the water.

In an instant, it was as if he became another person. His movements were as quick as lighting, and King Jing was not able to evade in time. Something hit him on the chest with a loud noise.

“Ah!” Blood spurted out of King Jing’s mouth.

“Your Royal Highness!” Lu Yurong’s beautiful face sank, and she said coldly, “In that case, we shall give you what you ask for now. Men!”

“Here!” Eight Grandmasters charged into the residence and lunged towards Tian Shi.

However, Tian Shi moved as quick as a flash of light and broke through the eight people surrounding him in an instant. He appeared in front of King Jing.

Lu Yurong also appeared in front of King Jing, and their outstretched palms collided.

“Bam!” A muffled sound rang throughout the space as a result. Lu Yurong’s light blue robe fluttered for a second there, but she remained standing on steady feet, shielding King Jing.

Tian Shi backed down two steps, frowning at Lu Yurong.

He knew that Lu Yurong was a master, but he did not expect her to be this good. His own technique was already considerably powerful, and yet he could not defeat her. Her inner energy was abnormally pure to the point of being extremely bizarre. It had affected her immediately once it entered her body.

Lu Yurong knotted her eyebrows and scoffed, “You’re pretty good!”

She waved her hand.

The eight Grandmasters’ faces were solemn. They were no match for Tian Shi in terms of speed, and their profound cultivation skills were proved useless against him.

They initially wanted to charge forward once again. However, they halted in their steps and merely surrounded him when they saw the wave of a hand from Lu Yurong.

Lu Yurong flipped her fair palm lightly, and her face began to glow and glitter.

The complexion on her face started to change. It looked as if her face was really made up of white jade.

Her entire being looked like it had been carved out of white jade. Not even a trace of humanity can be seen on her.

Tian Shi’s figure wavered like he was submerged at the bottom of a lake, his figure smudged and faint. The others were unable to discern properly where he was. Trembling in the air, he appeared to be at once substantial and dreamlike.

“Ping!” Tian Shi transformed into a beam of light and managed to shoot through Lu Yurong’s body. He stood in front of King Jing in an instant and thrust out his palm. A stream of light shot out and towards King Jing’s body.

“Bam!” Lu Yurong once again appeared in front of King Jing and managed to block his attack.

Tian Shi’s body shimmered brightly, and he stumbled backward.

Lu Yurong appeared in front of Tian Shi in a flash. She thrust out her palm that was as flawless as white jade. The movement was light and completely effortless as if the whole thing was child’s play.

“Bam!” Tian Shi took another two steps back, his body shimmering.

Lu Yurong’s face was devoid of any emotion. Her gaze was neither sad nor happy. She shot her palm out again.

Tian Shi wanted to avoid the attack, but the small white hand managed to predict accurately the direction he was planning to dodge to even before he moved. He was forced to take the blow.

“Bam bam bam bam” Lu Yurong’s small white hand delivered blow after blow on Tian Shi’s right palm continuously.

The glow on Tian Shi’s body quivered erratically, becoming brighter and brighter.

The onlookers shook their head while sighing. Tian Shi had most likely cultivated some kind of mystical technique that made his body movements abnormally fast. It was just really unexpected and unfortunate for his opponent to be Lu Yurong, though.

“Bam!” Tian Shi’s body finally failed to block the attack, and his chest got hit by a fist.

Lu Yurong simply stared at him. She raised her right palm up and then slammed it down slowly.

“Bam!” A red shadow suddenly flashed past and shielded Tian Shi by blocking Lu Yurong’s fist. It was a woman dressed in a pink gown.

Tian Shi cried in surprise, “San Niang!”

The woman in the pink gown was beautiful and elegant, but her eyes were clear and cold.

“Tian Shi, you shouldn’t have done it!” she demanded.

Tian Shi shook his head, a bitter smile stretching over his handsome face. “Indeed, I shouldn’t have done it.”

He initially planned on killing King Jing and causing a huge scene. He thought he could take his revenge while at the same time accomplishing San Niang’s mission for him without having to reveal her identity. However, he neglected to take Lu Yurong into account. He never thought that he would not only fail to kill King Jing, but even San Niang’s identity had to be revealed. In this case, it would get in the way of her plans.

“Can you move?” The pink-gowned woman said. “Let’s get out of here!”

“I don’t think I can. You should go ahead!” Tian Shi said while shaking his head. “I’ve already predicted that this day would come. I’m finally able to close my eyes in peace!”

“How can you close your eyes when you have yet to take your revenge!” The pink gowned woman said. “We’ll definitely be able to escape!”

“You’re the disciple of the Holy Church of Light, right?” Lu Yurong asked.

“Indeed,” the pink-gowned woman replied plainly, “the person you’re looking for is me!”

“Are you here to assassinate His Royal Highness?”

“… You can say that.”

“I don’t think you are.” Lu Yurong shook her head. “You’re not here to assassinate His Royal Highness, so what are you doing here? Are you here for Tian Shi? You like Tian Shi, is that it?”

A look of surprise was written all over the woman’s face.

Lu Yurong said, “He came here for revenge, and you came here to save him. Do you think he’s worth the effort? Is he worth losing your life over?”

“What has that got to do with anything?” San Niang asked quietly.

“If he gives up on his revenge, we’ll let you go. You two can live your lives free and unfettered. However, he had chosen to avenge his father. Do you still think he’s worth it?”

“If he gives up on his revenge, then he’ll no longer be the person I like,” said San Niang.

Lu Yurong shook her head with a sigh. “Love really makes people crazy. We’ll just have to see how capable you are then. The secret skills of the Holy Church of Light are very powerful. I hope to learn a thing or two from them!”

San Niang swept past Lu Yurong in an instant and stood before King Jing.

King Jing scoffed in anger. He had become the victim who was being bullied at every turn now. It infuriated him greatly.

Lu Yurong appeared before San Niang. The whiter her face glowed, the more it resembled a white jade and the quicker her body movement technique was.

“Bam!” Two palm energies collided with each other. The resounding noise was akin to a peal of thunder.

King Jing’s clothes fluttered, and he narrowed his eyes involuntarily.

Both Lu Yurong and San Niang’s robes billowed. Their palms collided with each other once again.

“Bam, bam, bam, bam” San Niang’s palm energy grew fiercer, but Lu Yurong was equally powerful. Her attacks also became fiercer until it expedited her secret skill.

Suddenly, Lu Yurong whistled softly. It sounded as if it was coming from the heavens above.

Her aura underwent changes, and no longer did it resembled a normal human being’s aura. Her muscles were like ice, and her bones were like jade. Her eyes were bright and piercing. She looked like a fairy from Gu She Mountain who would flutter away with the wind at any moment up to the fairy palace in the heavens.