White Robed Chief Chapter 422

Chapter 422 Sharing The Same Fate

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Lu Yurong pressed a palm forward lightly.

A turbulent wave of power surged from the void all of a sudden. It condensed before her palm where the outline of a fist was forming. The power from the void never stopped pouring in. The flow of it grew faster and faster until it finally condensed into a jade white fist.

It looked to be exactly the same size as Lu Yurong’s right hand as if the fist was carved from white jade by using her hand as the model.

The process seemed slow, but in reality, it was extremely quick to solidify. The jade white fist disappeared abruptly and reappeared the next moment in front of San Niang’s chest. It vanished inside her chest without a sound.

“Ah!” San Niang tilted her head up and spat out a stream of blood.

She was flung into Tian Shi’s chest as if a rope had tugged her fiercely from behind.

“San Niang!” Tian Shi called to her.

Lu Yurong pressed a palm forward once again.

Power from the void condensed into a jade white fist before her palm again. It appeared in front of Tian Shi’s chest in a second and vanished without a trace the next very much like a drop of water falling into a field plagued by drought.

Tian Shi was slammed back against the wall, a mouthful of blood spraying from his mouth. He fell softly over San Niang.

San Niang forced her eyes to stay open and smiled up at Tian Shi.

Tian Shi struggled to raise his hand and wipe away the blood from her mouth. His handsome face was graced with a very small smile. He whispered gently, “San Niang, we can no longer escape! I wasn’t able to give you everything you wanted in this life, but I’ll definitely repay you for your love in the next one!”

A content smile tugged on the corners of San Niang’s mouth. “I’m happy just being able to lay in your embrace. The heavens did not treat me badly.”

“San Niang” Tian Shi exhaled, staring deeply into her eyes. “We shouldn’t have met. If you haven’t met me, you wouldn’t have lost your life.”

“I’m very happy that we got to meet.” San Niang’s voice grew weaker, but her smile was sweeter than ever. “Because of you, whatever I do brings me happiness. Because of you, this world is perfect. I’ve not suffered at all.”

“San Niang” Tian Shi shook his head lightly.

San Niang spoke weakly but clearly, “It’s a shame that I’m useless. I wasn’t able to save you even after learning the Holy Church of Light’s Martial Art. I thought that I would be able to come to your rescue if you ever encountered danger when you were avenging your father. If you didn’t come across any troubles, I would’ve still stayed by your side. We would escape to wherever we wanted It’s a shame that I didn’t cultivate properly the Holy Church of Light’s Martial Art.”

“San Niang, you foolish girl” Tian Shi reached out and stroked her pale face, smiling. “I could only live to avenge my father in this life. I’ve never considered that you would be by my side forever. I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Lu Yurong’s face grew pale. The two palms she condensed earlier had emptied out everything inside of her. Now she was left feeling weak and fragile.

If she were not in the Imperial Residence of King Jing, she would not have dared to demonstrate this secret skill.

San Niang’s face bore a sweet smile. Her breathing was beginning to slow.

Tian Shi sighed softly. “San Niang”

He caressed her face, his hand trembling. Tears were streaming slowly down his face.

His caress eventually came to a stop. He sat very still without moving. Life had left him.

The main hall was silent. Everyone was staring at the two of them, not able to say a word.

Lu Yurong’s bright eyes were darting around, but her face was devoid of any emotion.

After a moment, King Jing let out a sigh. “Bury these two!”

“Yes.” The eight protectors fist saluted, lifting the two people out of the main hall.

Lu Yurong sat down in an armchair, seemingly deep in thought and not moving a muscle.

King Jing’s expression was solemn. There was not a trace of happiness on his face to indicate that they had just gotten rid of two assassins.

After a long while, King Jing heaved a long sigh. “Losing Tian Shi is like losing one of my arms. Tian Hong I really can’t recall this person!”

“Uncle-in-law, he’s not one of your people.” Lu Yurong’s expression was grave. “If he were to try anything in the future, the loss would be unfathomably devastating. It’s better to get rid of him now.”

“Yes.” King Jing patted the arm of his chair, sighing again. “It truly is a shame He really has a one-track mind.”

His face was written all over with regret, and he had not stopped shaking his head.

Lu Yurong did not say anything.

“Are you alright, Yurong?” King Jing appraised her and asked in concern. “Did killing them expend too much of your power?”

“The secret skill of the Holy Church of Light is indeed impressive,” said Lu Yurong. “We had to get rid of her before she had fully mastered the technique. If we are unable to suppress her power, the entire imperial residence will be in calamity!”

“Is it that impressive?”

“Prince Bao knows this the best,” said Lu Yurong. “Even a person like him couldn’t suppress it.”

“I’ve made a decision. Bury those two, and tell the public that Little Feng was assassinated!” King Jing announced gravely.

Witnessing Lu Yurong’s wield of her Martial Art had made him thought about his own son. He finally made the decision to not care about anything else and just toss him into the Public House. Whether he would ascent to become a dragon or remain a weak bug will depend entirely on his luck. If he continued to live like this, he would only become a piece of trash.

Lu Yurong nodded. “Uncle-in-law is wise!”

“I’ll leave him in your hands. How you deal with him will be entirely up to you,” said King Jing. “I’ll not question your methods!”

Lu Yurong let out a small smile.

Early the next day, Lu Yurong cultivated by herself in her own courtyard to soothe her body. After one night, the extreme fatigue she felt had disappeared. The Empyrean Fairy Power was truly amazing.

After she finished cultivating, she put on a loose light blue robe and entered the gazebo.

The sun outside was bright, and the weather was really pleasant. However, she was not in a good mood at all. She felt sluggish and could not muster up the energy to do anything.

Her two maids noticed how low her mood was and did not attempt to disturb her. They moved silently when serving her tea and placing the fruits on the stone table. They stood to the side without saying a word after doing so.

“Bam!” The doors had been pushed open violently.

Leng Feng stormed angrily into the courtyard and the gazebo. He demanded loudly, “Younger cousin sister, was this your idea?”

Lu Yurong glanced at him calmy. “What idea?”

“It was supposed to be the assassins who died. Why are the rumors saying that I’m the one who’s dead?” Leng Feng screeched. “I’m still alive. Why am I being killed off?!”

“It’s uncle-in-law’s decision. You should go ask him instead. Don’t bother me!” Lu Yurong waved a hand to dismiss him, picking up a teacup and taking a small sip.

“If it was father’s decision, then it must be yours as well, right?” Leng Feng scoffed. “Throwing me into the Public House to work as a servant Younger cousin sister, what are you thinking?”

Lu Yurong sipped her tea and did not bother to look at him.

“I know you must think I’m an eyesore!” Leng Feng said. “Is my presence disrupting your plans with Chu Li?”

“Yes.” Lu Yurong nodded, putting down the teacup. “You’re right!”

“What’s so great about that Chu Li?” Leng Feng’s handsome face was flaming red. He shouted, “He’s just a mere scribe. Your taste has gotten worse. How could you be interested in someone like this?!”

Lu Yurong stared openly at him. “You think you’re better than Chu Li?”

“Of course!” scoffed Leng Feng.

Lu Yurong said, “You think your Martial Art is stronger than Chu Li’s? You think you’re wiser than Chu Li? What else can you do besides being His Royal Highness’s son?”

“You” Leng Feng’s face grew even redder.

Lu Yurong asked, “I’m no match for Chu Li. How about you? Can you even take a hit from me?”

“Younger cousin sister, don’t go overboard with your words!” Leng Feng warned. “You think I’m that incapable?”

“Yes, you’re that incapable!” said Lu Yurong. “How about this? If you’re able to take a hit from me without getting injured, you won’t have to go to the Public House. However, if you’re unable to take it, you’ll have to go there obediently to work as a servant!”

“Alright, whatever.” Leng Feng agreed.

“Are you ready?” Lu Yurong asked.

“Bring it on!” Leng Feng brought his hands up to his chest defensively. “I’m different from who I was a year ago!”

Lu Yurong thrust out a palm.

“Bam!” Leng Feng was flung out of the courtyard.

“Shut the gates!” Lu Yurong scoffed.