White Robed Chief Chapter 425

Chapter 425 Allure

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Xu Ning gave a small smile. “Fa Xiang, how would you know that I didn’t try to convince His Royal Highness?”

Fa Xiang answered solemnly, “If you really did state the advantages and drawbacks clearly, King An would never try to cultivate the Asura Power Technique!”

“His Royal Highness is someone with a very strong will. Let’s not talk about me for a second here. I believe that even you can’t get him to change his mind.” Xu Ning said.

“Hmph, how would you know?” Fa Xiang said coldly. “You didn’t try your best to stop him.
How would it be possible for you to persuade him if you regard the matter with such indifference?”

“Fa Xiang,” Xu Ning shook his head. “You’re good with your words, and I admit that I’m nowhere better than you at the skill. However, His Highness is now in a critical phase of his cultivation. He cannot be bothered, and it’s impossible for him to listen to your advice now. Please just leave!”

“Xu Ning, you should know the consequences for cultivating the Asura Power Technique!” Fa Xiang’s thick eyebrows scrunched up together, and his face reddened with anger. “Those from the Titanium Temple really doesn’t care for the lives of others. You’re all insane!”

“The Asura Power Technique is inherited from the Tempest Temple,” Xu Ning said, his face expressionless.

Fa Xiang scoffed, “The Tempest Temple sealed the Asura Power Technique away because we sympathize with the people! You lot from the Titanium Temple are assisting people who are cultivating the Asura Power Technique instead of stopping them. What a heinous crime!”

“The Tempest Temple always says they sympathize with all beings. If you really have such compassion for us, then you would’ve abolished all the martial arts in this world. That would be true compassion! Instead, you cultivate the martial arts on your own and stop others from doing so. Is this the kind of sympathy they preach at the Tempest Temple?! At the end of it all, you guys just wanted to stop His Royal Highness from cultivating the technique. Too bad His Royal Highness can’t hear our arguments from the residence.” Xu Ning said plainly.

“If that’s the case, I can only force my way in!” Fa Xiang continued coldly. “Xu Ning, I know that the Titanium Temple possesses impressive divine powers, but the Tempest Temple isn’t just for show either. Let’s duel!”

Xu Ning shook his head. “There’s no point in dueling. I won’t let you pass even if I lose.”

“Xu Ning, you’re really forcing me to make a move here!” Fa Xiang shook his head and said in a deep voice, “Fine, just let me chant one song. Let it be a blessing to all the living creatures out there!”

He sat down on the floor right after he said that.

Xing Ming followed suit. Ignoring the mud on the ground, they started chanting.

Xu Ning looked at the both of them and said, “Fa Xiang, it’s useless. His Royal Highness is firm in all his beliefs. You won’t be able to convince him this easily!”

Fa Xiang was already murmuring under his breath. He had begun chanting, and Xing Ming parted his lips to follow.

Their voices were so low that it was almost inaudible in the beginning, but it gradually got clearer as time went by.

Lu Yurong glanced at Chu Li, and he nodded lightly.

The battle had begun. Fa Xiang and Xing Ming’s chanting was used to counter the Asura Power Technique. The only question was whether the chanting would produce any effects at all.

As time passed, the chanting grew louder and louder. It sounded like copper bells ringing thunderously in people’s ear. At the same time, though, they were sobering words that were able to clear away the clutter in one’s mind and the gloom in one’s heart.

Xu Ning sat quietly on the cattail hassock, not bothering the two of them.

The Buddhist Scriptures reverberated through the air as if the deities in the sky were all chanting along. The sounds of their chant could be heard everywhere.

The two monks looked solemn and emanating from them was a faint shimmering of light. It looked like Buddha himself had arrived, making one feeling the uncontrollable urge to convert.

Chu Li activated the Omniscient Mirror to clear his mind and stay alert. He listened calmly as if he had come to a profound realisation of some sort.

A warm and gentle glow radiated from Lu Yurong’s face, making it looked like white jade. She was also using the Empyrean Fairy Power to defend herself from the power of the dharmic base.

After a long time, the chanting of the Buddhist Scriptures came to a stop.

The two monks pressed their palms together and did not move. They looked solemn and untouchable.

Xu Ning broke the silence and said lightly, “It’s useless, the Buddhist Scriptures will only work on normal people. It won’t work on His Royal Highness as he has already cultivated to the point where his consciousness won’t be easily affected.”

“Xu Ning, I’ve brought one of the Heart of Asura,” Fa Xiang said while taking something out from his arms.

Chu Li’s eyebrows twitched. It was the Heart of Asura!

This was a useful item. He had managed to cultivate to the third stage of the Heavenly Demonic Power with only one Heart of Asura. If he were to acquire another one, it would not be a problem for him to reach the fourth stage even if he could not reach stage six.

“Nice one, Tempest Temple!” Xu Ning sneered.

They could not win by force and were now trying to tempt them with possessions. The schemes of the Tempest Temple were always this shameless!

Fa Xiang said, “We shall let His Highness King An decide on this!”

Xu Ning replied, “The Tempest Temple should have more Heart of Asura, is that right?”

Fa Xiang shook his head. “This is the last one!”

“All right!” Xu Ning nodded calmly. “I shall report this to His Royal Highness and let him make his own decision!”

“Thank you!” Fa Xiang pressed his palms together in front of his chest.

His expression was calm and unruffled. It was very unlike his previous look of an enraged Buddha. He looked like a wholly different person now.

After chanting the Buddhist Scriptures, Fa Xiang and Ming Xing’s spiritual force changed. Ming Xing stood very still to the side. He resembled Xu Ning in several aspects, one being that it was very easy to forget about his existence.

Xu Ning turned around and entered the Cultivation Courtyard.

Chu Li said, “Great Master Fa Xiang, what was the scripture you chanted?”

Fa Xiang pressed his palm together in front of his chest. “It’s the Great Compassion Scripture.”

Chu Li sighed. “The Great Compassion Scripture, huh. Great Master, do you mean this scripture can be used to control the Asura Power Technique?”

“That’s right.” Fa Xiang sighed. “The Asura Power Technique’s killing intent is too strong. It requires the dharmic base to suppress it. It’s too bad that King An doesn’t cultivate any Buddhist Scriptures. Without the cultivation of Buddhist Scriptures, his cultivation of the Asura Power Technique is indeed a recipe for disaster!”

Chu Li said, “Is Great Master Fa Xiang afraid that His Royal Highness will become someone who only knows how to kill?”

“If a normal person cultivates this Martial Art, the result wouldn’t be as disastrous. The temple will just send some martial arts masters to suppress them.” Fa Xiang shook his head. “However, His Highness King An is a different story altogether. If he succeeds in cultivating the Asura Power Technique, the people will be in big trouble!”

“Why would you say that, Great Master?” Chu Li smiled as he said, “There’s still the Emperor and the Enlightened Masters who’ll be guarding him. Even if King An successfully cultivates the Asura Power Technique, I believe it would still be possible for them to suppress him. Am I right?”

“My greatest concern is that the Emperor will have no intention to suppress him and will instead assist him in his reign of terror!” Fa Xiang said in a deep voice.

Chu Li lifted his head and looked towards the imperial house.

“As soon as the killing starts, all the blame will be put on our temple. It’s indeed karma,” Fa Xiang said.

Chu Li heaved a sigh and shook his head. “If that’s the case, then why not just destroy the Asura Power Technique?”

“We might not be able to the control the Asura Power Technique now, but it doesn’t mean that we’ll never get to control it,” Fa Xiang said and shook his head. “The Asura Power Technique is like a treasured swordwe can’t dominate it now, but it might be of use to us in the future. It’ll be a waste to simply destroy it!”

“His Highness King An’s cultivation level will advance rapidly should he consumes the Heart of Asura. He’ll never be able to get more powerful than that, right?”

“You’re correct.”

“I’m just afraid that His Highness won’t eat it.” Chu Li shook his head. “His Highness’ cultivation of the Asura Power Technique is progressing rather quickly at the moment.”

“Let’s see what King An decides!” Fa Xiang said in a deep voice.

The doors of the Cultivation Courtyard creaked opened again.

Xu Ning said, “Fa Xiang, everyone, come in!”

Chu Li held out his hand and said, “Great Master Fa Xiang, Xing Ming Master, please!”

He smiled at Lu Yurong. “Would you like to come in as well, Miss Lu?”

“Of course.” Lu Yurong squeezed into the space in front of him and entered the Cultivation Courtyard.

King An placed his hands behind his back and looked at everyone icily. His gaze was as forbidding as the unsheathing of a sharp treasure sword. An imposing aura permeated from him.

His eyes brightened as his gaze found and lingered on Chu Li.

Chu Li exclaimed to himself how well his cultivation level has progressedhis gaze was as unwavering as if it were made of solid matter.

Fa Xiang pressed his palms together in front of his chest. “Greetings, Your Highness, I’m Fa Xiang.”