White Robed Chief Chapter 428

Chapter 428 Golden Lohan

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King An took a deep breath and threw the long knife aside. He sat at the stone table, looking hopeless and depressed.

Xu Ning stared at him quietly. Another spurt of blood gushed out from his mouth.

“Revered Sir, please go and treat your wound.” King An turned and spared him a glance. Waving a hand, he smiled miserably. “I don’t need a guardian anymore.”

Xu Ning said, “Your Highness, are you worried about your future?”

“There’s nothing to worry about. Chu Li doesn’t dare to kill me,” King An scoffed.

Xu Ning said, “Your Highness, it was just your Asura Power Technique that was crippled.”

“Hmm?” King An turned his head to glare at him.

Xu Ning said calmly, “Your Asura Power Technique is crippled, but your other martial arts are still there. Don’t you realize it, Your Highness?”

King An channeled his inner energy. After a moment, a joyous expression appeared on his face. “They’re still here!”

Xu Ning said, “I shall leave now, Your Highness.”

“Please rest well, Revered Sir!” King An replied hastily.

Xu Ning pressed his palms in front of his chest. “You may cease to worry about Head Cheif Chu for a while, Your Highness. Xing Ming’s palm energy cannot be removed easily. His wound will be difficult to heal. It’s just like when Your Highness was hit by Miss Lu’s palm energy.”

King An laughed delightfully. “This is good news!”

A small smile flickered across Xu Ning’s face. He turned and took his leave.

King An sat at the stone table quietly. The smile on his face was fading.

Without the Asura Power Technique, it was impossible for him to kill Chu Li. If he was not able to kill him, there was no use for him to retain any martial arts!

The joy of not having all his cultivations crippled dwindled and hatred began once again to fill his heart up.

“Tempest Temple…Tempest Temple!” King An muttered to himself. Each word was uttered through clenched teeth. He could not help but wish to destroy the Tempest Temple right this second and killing every single monk there! He wanted to build a tower with their bald heads!

“Amitabha Buddha ” a chant of Buddha’s name could be heard.

King An turned his head and looked. His expression darkened. “Who are you?!”

“I’m Fa Yuan.” An elegant monk landed swiftly in the courtyard. He said softly, “To show our apology, we would like to present to you this antique study, Your Highness.”

“Hmph, is the Tempest Temple really this kind?” King An sneered.

Fa Yuan said, “As long as Your Highness doesn’t cultivate the Asura Power Technique, our temple will definitely not interfere. Does Your Highness still wish to cultivate? This Golden Lohan’s Power doesn’t pale to the Asura Power Techniqueit could even be more powerful than it!”

“Impossible!” King An scoffed.

Fa Yuan said, “The temple usually keeps a respectful distance from the imperial court with each of us minding our own business. But the Emperor has been eyeing us covetously, desiring to inherit our techniques. Our temple has no choice but to defend ourselves. If Your Highness manages to succeed the Emperor’s throne, you’ll just have to remember that it was the temple that had passed this technique down to you. That’ll be more than enough!”

“Is there really such good deal?” King An furrowed his brows as he looked at him.

Fa Yuan said, “The Golden Lohan’s Power’s ferocious and overbearing. There’ll be a rapid progression to your cultivation as long as you cultivate it. If you wish to maintain the vigorous speed of cultivation, you need a profound dharmic base. You have Xu Ning by your side, Your Highness. You may ask him anything anytime you want, he’ll be a great help to your cultivation.”

“Is it as good as the Asura Power Technique?”

Fa Yuan said calmly, “If it can’t compare to the Asura Power Technique, our temple wouldn’t pass it down to you, Your Highness. But it must remain a secret. It needs impartation of enlightenment. You can take your time to decide, Your Highness.”

“Golden Lohan’s Power” King An muttered.

Fa Yuan said, “One of the seniors from the temple succeeded in cultivating this technique. He’s now invincible and has lived over five hundred years.”

“Can it overpower the Asura Power Technique?” King An asked.

Fa Yuan nodded slowly. “The Asura Power Technique is a technique used to kill while the Golden Lohan’s Power is to cultivate an invincible body. It all depends on one’s cultivation level to decide the victor. There isn’t much of a difference between the techniques.”

“How about the cultivation speed?” King An asked.

Fa Yuan answered, “Nearly the same as the Asura Power Technique, maybe even faster.”

“Why haven’t I heard about this technique before?” King An frowned.

Fa Yuan smiled. “Our temple usually passes down this kind of technique through enlightenment. It won’t be passed down to outsiders, so no one else knows about it.”

“All right, I shall trust you just this once!” King An said in a low voice. “Pass it to me now!”

“Understood,” Fa Yuan said slowly. “Please clear your mind and do not resist, Your Highness.”

He sat in front of King An and pressed his palms together. Then, he raised his right hand and placed it on King An’s head.

King An instinctively wanted to resist, but he forced himself to remain motionless.

He knew that he was taking a huge risk, but he dared to bet on it because Xing Ming did not kill him just now. He would risk it just so he could kill Chu Li!

If it was someone else, he was sure that they would not dare to kill him, but the Tempest Temple was a different matter entirely. They were not afraid of his father. Even if they really wanted to kill him, his death would have been meaningless because the Emperor would not be able to avenge him anyway.

Chu Li sat in the courtyard quietly. He saw Fa Yuan entered the Cultivation Courtyard, passing down the Golden Lohan’s Power to King An.

He shook his head and smiled.

The way the Tempest Temple handled things really made him speechless. They crippled King An’s Asura Power Technique but passed down to him one of their best techniques, the Golden Lohan’s Power. Even the Emperor would be speechless.

The Tempest Temple was not afraid of the Emperor, but they did not want to enrage him either. They were trying to take and give properly so that there was nothing for him to be picky about.

They also managed to avoid falling into his scheme with this move. Apparently, there were capable people in the Tempest Temple as well. They were able to see right through him and prevented him from getting what he wanted.

He sat there in the courtyard without moving and activated the Omniscient Mirror to an extreme degree, wanting to get a share of the inheritance too.

Fa Yuan placed his right palm gently on King An’s acupuncture point in the middle of his head.

King An’s body trembled. A rumbling noise roared in his head, and his mind turned blank instantly.

After some time, a picture of the Sleeping Buddha appeared gradually in his mind. It was bathed in golden light as if it was carved out of gold.

The golden light faded slowly. The Sleeping Buddha started to turn purplish gold.

He was lying sideways in the void with his eyes closed. A hint of a smile lingered on his lips. He looked utterly at ease, his breathing long and slow.

After some time, the Buddha stood up and performed a fist technique with his eyes closed. Then, he lied down sideways once again and fell asleep while breathing slowly.

King An woke up and realized that he was lying on the stone table. He felt as if he was lying in a pool of warm water and warm spiritual force was flowing through his entire body. It was difficult to describe how comfortable he was. Never in his life had he felt this refreshed and pleasant before.

“The Golden Lohan’s Power!” He smiled, got off the table, and started to perform the fist technique he was just bestowed with.

The fist technique was strong and overbearing. All of the fallen leaves and flowers on the ground were like waves in the ocean, rising and dipping, rolling and ebbing, following the movements of his fists.

After performing the fist technique, the warm spiritual force in his body had seeped into his bones entirely.

There was a numb feeling in his bones. When it disappeared, he felt as if his body had suddenly become extremely powerful. It felt like his power had ascended into another stage.

Chu Li was waking up slowly at this point. He could feel the strange spiritual force in his body.

The energy of the Heavenly Demon in his precordium appeared and swallowed the spiritual force in one go.

Chu Li’s eyebrows rose. He never thought that the spiritual force cultivated from the Golden Lohan’s Power was so refined to the point it was able to enter the eye of the Heavenly Demonic Energy. It seemed like it was something unique that was worth cultivating.

On the other hand, he was not worried about King An. He had ceased to pose any threat. Now that he had acquired the Golden Lohan’s Power, he would surely return to practicing Isolated Cultivation.
He stretched his body lazily and used the All-Seeing Divine Power to look for Xing Ming.

The palm energy was still in his body. The reason why Chu Li did not remove it was that he could use it to activate the All-Seeing Divine Power. He had his eyes on the Heart of Asura.