White Robed Chief Chapter 43

Chapter 43: The Visit

"Is there no other way?" Su Ru furrowed her brows and stared at him.

Chu Li sighed, "Chief, even you know. This is the only way."

"No!" Su Ru shook her head, "You're not allowed to leave the Public House!"

Chu Li was lost in thought.

There was another way to do it, which was to assign more Protectors to him so that the Temple of Tempest would not dare touch him.

But if that were the case, it would get way too many people involved. The spirit land itself was being completed in secret, and no outsiders could know of its existence, let alone Glory's Will.

Not many people knew of Glory's Will, but he could not assume that was the case for everyone. There were always people who excelled and surpassed expectations. There was no guarantee that no one else knew about Glory's Will. They could have figured it out based on the movement of Crimson Sunset and Thorned Beauty.

The temptation of Glory's Will was too large. There would be many who would envy it and that alone would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble, so he had to bring it out in secret. He definitely wouldn't involve too many people.

Su Ru had not given up yet, "Would a branch of it really not help?"

Chu Li shook his head, "It could definitely stay alive, but when will it grow into adulthood? A sapling isn't useless, but we can't possibly wait another twenty years, can we?"

These three trees needed to be at least twenty years old, as those that were younger than twenty years had auras that were far too weak. Therefore, they were of no practical use.

The branch of Glory's Will was almost dead. It was only still alive thanks to Chu Li's spiritual energies nourishment. It was definitely going to die if it did not get any physical support soon. Chu Li's innate power alone was not enough.

Su Ru clenched her white teeth and did not say a word.

"How about we did it the completely opposite way?" Chu Li asked.

"How?" Su Ru leaned her soft body forward.

"Let's have a fanfare. When is Lady Siao exiting the Public House?"

"What are you trying to do?" Su Ru stared at him with her clear eyes. Lady's Siao Qi's whereabouts were a secret that no one knew of, except her.

"The next time Lady Siao leaves, I will blend in among the Scribes and follow her to the Black Eyes, move the tree, and bring it back. How's that?"

Siao Qi's Protectors and Scribes were the most trustworthy candidates. He would not have to worry about any possible information leaks.

"This...." Su Ru thought to herself for a while, "This is quite a good idea.. not bad!... Hmm, it isn't bad!"

The more she thought about it, the more viable it became. With Lady Siao's Protectors around, the Temple of Tempest would not do anything reckless. Killing Chu Li himself and killing the Emperor's daughter were completely different. No matter how arrogant the Temple was, they would have to consider it wisely.

"Have Lady Siao leave as soon as possible!"

"Hmm.. I shall discuss this with Lady Siao. You prepare yourself for now.. Departure would probably be in a few days!" Su Ru stood up; she knew that Lady Siao was going to visit her aunt.

Chu Li followed her and left the hall. He saw Xue practicing her fist under the Crimson Sunset. It was the eight forms that Chu Li had taught her previously. It was not suitable to train the Crescent Cryptic during the day, but the eight forms were fine.

Xue quickly stopped as she saw Su Ru walking out. She sent her away along with Chu Li.

Su Ru waved her delicate hand and flew away, disappearing into the woods.

Chu Li returned to the courtyard and sat in the pagoda.

Xue served two plates of dessert and two plates of melons. The treatment of users in the Guardian of Jade was extremely good. The East Garden was far less enjoyable.

Chu Li was practicing his Delusion Split in the East Garden the next morning when Su Ru flew into the small courtyard and waved her hand. "Get ready. We're leaving now."

"Now?" Chu Li sheathed his sword.

"Mm. We're leaving immediately. Is there anything you need to prepare beforehand?"

"... There's nothing."

"We shall leave now then!" Su Ru turned and left. Lee Yue walked out from the hall and smiled.

"Chief, have some tea!"

"Not now!" Su Ru waved off her hand.

"Can you handle the East Garden all by yourself?"

"Of course!" Lee Yue pounded on his chest.

"If you can't handle it, I can get someone to help you." Su Ru said.

"Chu Li has something to do over there, and he can't leave for some time."

"No problem!" Lee Yue quickly waved his hand.

He was very clear on who he was. He was an annoying person because he was too talkative. He just could not keep his mouth shut. Even though Chu Li was able to stand it, other people could not. In the end, it would have still ended horribly. It was better to leave it at the current status quo. It may be a little tiring, but at least it was free and easy.

Chu Li brought a huge parcel and left the East Garden with Su Ru. Both of them galloped out on a horse and passed through Chongming Town. When they got out from the town they caught up with a group of people.

A group of Protectors in grey clothing surrounded Siao Qi as if she were a moon among many stars. When they saw Su Ru appear, they made way for her.

Chu Li followed Su Ru and approached Siao Qi.

Siao Qi was riding a white fine horse in her white gown and her dark green cloak, which made her look valiant and formidable.

"Let us ride together," she waved her delicate hand as she saw Chu Li coming.

Chu Li wrapped his fists as he followed beside Su Ru and walked side by side with Siao Qi.

Four Protectors in grey were leading the group as the vanguard. Four elderly men were beside them and another twelve riders were placed behind them.

Chu Li looked around and remembered all of their faces. There were six elderly men, fourteen middle-aged men, and none of them could be considered young.

He was speechless. The Public House was powerful indeed. Fourteen innate masters and the six elders who were possibly grandmasters. The grandmasters ofthe Martial Art Circle were the head of sects!

Innate masters in the Martial Art Circle were already powerful masters. They could run amok in the outside world, but they became relatively normal when they were in the Public House. Chu Li was already an innate master at his age and it was indeed impressive, but he was merely an innate master. He could have instantly vanished into this group of Protectors.

Chu Li activated the Omniscient Mirror and had a look at what they were thinking.

These people were loyal and reliable, but he could not just leave them alone. No defensive line that existed was unbreakable, and no one was invulnerable. As long as their weaknesses were exploited, it was impossible for them to not betray their masters.

After a quick check, Chu Li let out a short breath. This group of people was indeed reliable.

They looked incredibly serious, and they had not looked up even once. But they were quietly withholding their curiosity. A curiosity of their identities, and whether they were Lady Siao's lovers.

Chu Li broke into a smile, they really had the guts to think that!

He quietly rode his horse and did not mutter a word.

Su Ru could not help but look at him.

Chu Li was pretty good at holding back! She had not told him where they were going but he had not shown even a hint of curiosity? Riding on a horse without even muttering a word was incredibly unbearable, but he was able to tolerate it? He was truly abnormal.

Chu Li already knew where they were going. They were headed to the Snowing Mountain to visit Lady Siao's aunt, Lady Siao Yueling.

While basking in the beautiful sunshine, they moved along the main road. The sounds of the hooves were loud, and they left a trail of dust clouds behind them. It looked like a yellow dragon spiraling around.

This continued until mid-afternoon, when Siao Qi waved her hand.

"Let's all take a break!" Su Ru exclaimed.

The crowd slowly reined in their horses. Eight of them had spread out to all sides to check the terrain while the other twelve surrounded them, looking around and keeping their guard up.

The four Protectors quickly returned. The crowd then moved into the woods. They untied their horses and allowed them to feast on grass and have a drink of water. Siao Qi and her two companions were still surrounded at this moment.

Surrounding Siao Qi had already become an instinct for them. They acted this way no matter where they were. It was natural and even casual for them to do so. It was already a subconscious action by now.

"Chu Li, we're headed for the Snowing Mountains. We estimate that it'll take three days," Su Ru sat next to Chu Li and flipped her beautiful fringes. "You're not angry that we didn't tell you, are you?"

Chu Li smiled.

"It was a rule, I understand. But why the Snowing Mountains?"

"Lady Siao's aunt is in the Snowing Mountains."

Chu Li did not ask any further.

Siao Qi was wearing a clean and tidy white gown. It was not travel-worn whatsoever. Her expression was incredibly free and natural.

"We'll go and find that tree on our way back."

"It's such a coincidence that it wasn't far away from the Snowing Mountains," Su Ru smiled, "And it was actually on the same route!"

Avoiding the same route while traveling was a common tactic for Protectors, unless there was no other way.

"That's great," Chu Li smiled as he replied.

"That's right, Aunt Siao Yueling is amazing, don't say anything stupid, you."

Chu Li raised his eyebrows.

"If you make our Great Aunt unhappy, she isn't going to be nice!" Su Ru said.

"I'll just stay outside then."

Su Ru pursed her lips and smiled, "Of course we'll have to bring you to meet her. Aunt Siao Yueling is such a pretty lady!"

Su Ru noticed from the corner of her eye that Siao Qi was glaring at her. She quickly shut her mouth.

"It's not that serious, you'll just have to be a little more careful with your words," Lady Siao cautioned.

"Yes," Chu Li politely answered.

Three of them had a nice chat, drank some water, and continued their journey.

The group of Protectors started to become more curious about Chu Li's identity. There were not many people who could be this close with Lady Siao, and to have a leisure chat as well? Which man did not tremble at the sight of Lady Siao? Others dared not even say a word!

They found a forest to stay the night in, and luckily, it was just the start of autumn.

The reached the bottom of the mountain by the fourth afternoon.

It was a strange and prominent mountain peak. Halfway up, the mountain's greenish base started to be covered by white snow, forming a snowy peak amidst the clouds. They could not see the top of the mountain.

Even though Chu Li had the Omniscient Mirror, he still could not perceive the great view of the peak.

They tied the horses well and levitated through the tree branches. There was no road in this mountain range, so they had to walk on the tree branches.

At this point, the Protectors knew that Chu Li's levitation was not so bad. They initially thought that he was a mere Scribe who knew nothing of martial arts. Chu Li's appearance was very deceptive!

Fifteen minutes later, they arrived at a Taoist Temple that was hidden in the woods.

The walls of the Taoist Temple were dappled and it had an ancient vibe, as if it had weathered many years. The words "Temple of Wonders" were very elegant and graceful, it had evidently been written by a woman.

Chu Li analyzed it. The Taoist Temple was cloaked by the woods. There were no roads on the mountain, meaning no one would come here. It was actually a good place to isolate oneself from the world.

As they landed, the door of the temple sprung open. A graceful lady with a horsetail whisk in hand appeared. She was about thirteen or fourteen. Her voice was very melodious.

"Sister Xiao! Please enter!"

"Young Shu what's Aunt Siao Yueling doing now?" Siao Qi asked.

"She's making tea. She had guessed that Sister Xiao and her friends were arriving."

Swee was incredibly energetic. Her eyes were bright and active. She was an attractive girl, and with eyes like hers, she could make tons of men go crazy over her!

"Su Ru and Chu Li, follow me."

They walked into the temple.