White Robed Chief Chapter 432

Chapter 432 Name Extend Of Chap

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“Then just let me hide.” Chu Li chuckled.

“How are you going to hide?” asked Lu Yurong.

Chu Li replied, “Isolated Cultivation. I’ll follow His Highness King An footsteps and cultivate in isolation. Thank you, Your Royal Highness!”

King Jing waved a hand dismissively and smiled. “You’ve helped me before. How could I let you suffer as I watch? Alright then, I won’t disturb you any longer. What you youngsters talk about are very different from what I like to talk about.”

Chu Li gave him a fist salute.

Lu Yurong’s face was expressionless.

Once King Jing left, Lu Yurong glared at Chu Li.

“We should start preparing for the wedding ceremony. When will the helpers from your High Duke’s Public House arrive?” Chu Li laughed.

Lu Yurong frowned. “You still haven’t found out who tried to assassinate Young Master Song?”

Chu Li shook his head.

“It’s still useless even when you’re using your divine power?” Lu Yurong asked.

“Young Master Song is dead.”

“Such extreme methods! I think the wedding ceremony this time might not be a success as well!” Lu Yurong furrowed her brows. “The imperial court might attack in the dark. All factions have their strategists, and they’ll definitely grab the opportunity to act. Seems to me that the Yi Public House has officially become our common enemy!”

“Do you have any suggestion, Miss Lu?” Chu Li said.


“Then we have to move the wedding forward,” Chu Li replied. “Let the wedding be over with before we are to do anything. The rest of the ceremony can be organized later. The others will have nothing to say to this plan.”

“This is not a bad idea.” Lu Yurong nodded. “But it’ll be seen as a sign of surrender.”

Chu Li sighed. “If that’s what it’ll be then let it be. Eldest master is madly in love with Miss Song. If anything were to happen that cause them to not be able to stay together The consequences are unthinkable!”

“Xiao Tieying may not approve!” Lu Yurong scoffed.

Chu Li just laughed.

He had the ultimate weapon to deal with Xiao Tieying, and that was Xiao Shi.

No matter how strong or powerful Xiao Tieying was, he would be defenseless when it came to his sister. He would have to give in at the end.

“Bang!” There was a muffled noise. Leng Feng had kicked the door open and barged inside. He strode towards Chu Li in anger.

Chu Li snickered, “Eh, I thought Prince Feng is dead?”

Leng Feng pointed at Lu Yurong with a grave expression and shouted, “Young cousin sister, why did you meet with him again?”

Lu Yurong spared him a glance.

Leng Ying ran in, desperately catching her breath. She looked at Lu Yurong worriedly. “I couldn’t stop him, elder cousin sister.”

Lu Yurong waved a hand. “It’s fine, just let him be.”

Leng Feng scoffed, “Elder cousin sister, it looks like you have fallen for this guy. What’s so good about him?”

Lu Yurong didn’t even look at him.

Chu Li looked at Lu Yurong. “Is he the scribe of your Public House?”

“Yes, just a lowly servant,” Lu Yurong said.

Chu Li replied, “I see your Public House doesn’t seem to have strict rules to follow. Even a lowly servant like him gets to have such power? It really blows my mind!”

“Chu Li, I’m still an imperial crown prince no matter how lowly I am!”

Chu Li sighed. “An imperial crown prince Why don’t you shout like that when you meet with the disciples from the Holy Church of Light? Let’s see if they’ll let you live!”

“Hmph, so what if that’s the case?” Leng Feng said, his voice low. “I’m the imperial crown prince, and I’ve enough protectors around me. The disciples from the Holy Church of Light won’t be able to come near me! Chu Li, someone like you only deserve to be nothing more than my protector!”

Chu Li turned and said, “If I slap him, will the High Duke’s Public House get back at me for him?”

Leng Feng could not help but step back. He was instantly furious at his own cowardness. He shouted, “Alright then, come and try. Try and slap me, I”

“Piak!” Chu Li reached a hand out and slapped him.

Leng Feng’s eyes widened in disbelief. He held onto his face.

Leng Ying’s bright eyes were widened as well.

Lu Yurong just shook her head, knowing very well that this would happen.

“Men!” Leng Feng screamed.

“Yes, sir!” Six protectors responded by entering the hall.

Leng Feng pointed at Chu Li and ordered with gritted teeth, “Kill him!”

“Yes, sir!” The protectors replied gravely and rushed toward Chu Li.

Lu Yurong watched as Chu Li dodged all the attacks with ease even when he was being surrounded by six men. She said plainly, “How dare you still call yourself an imperial crown prince in the High Duke’s Public House? Don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Chu Li was not in a rush to take the protectors down. He wanted to see how Lu Yurong would handle the situation.

“Of course I won’t mention my identity in the High Duke’s Public House, but this is the imperial residence!” Leng Feng put his hand down. With his cheek burning with pain, he spat icily, “Don’t worry, I won’t be a disgrace to my father! I’ll kill this Chu Li!”

He had never been struck by anyone since young, not even by his father. Now he had been slapped by a mere scribe. How could he face the world if he did not kill him!

Lu Yurong nodded. “Right, kill him then. I also wanted to kill him!”

Leng Feng rejoiced at once after hearing her words.

“If you killed him, uncle-in-law will reward you lavishly!” Lu Yurong said.

“Really?” Leng Feng asked hastily.

Lu Yurong said, “Yes, once you kill him, uncle-in-law won’t have to think about how to please him in order to get him to speak for your house.”

Leng Feng’s expression changed.

Lu Yurong said, “I’m not the one who invited him this time. Uncle-in-law was the one who did. You take care of yourself. I’ll be leaving now!”

She turned to leave as she finished. “Don’t embarrass yourselves, stop now!”

All six protectors hesitated but eventually moved away.

Leng Feng glared at Chu Li with dissatisfaction.

What did this fellow had that made his father valued him so much?

Chu Li shook his head and exhaled through his mouth. “Prince Feng, from what I observed, you and Leng Tao are not that different from each other. Both of you only know to eat and drink. What else have you got other than your identity as the imperial crown prince? You’re useless, have no character, and a disgrace to King Jing!”

“Everyone go! Kill him!” Leng Feng roared.

“Piak!” Lu Yurong gave him a slap on the face all of a sudden.

“Young cousin sister!” Leng Feng was astonished.

Lu Yurong said coldly, “Stop playing around. You’ve humiliated the Imperial Residence of King Jing enough. Leave!”

“Young cousin sister, you” Leng Feng widened his eyes in disbelief and gaped at her.

Lu Yurong looked at him icily. Her face was devoid of any emotion. “I’m not your young cousin sister now! Prince Leng Feng is dead. You’re just a servant in the Public House. Get out of here now!”

Leng Ying was so scared that her face had turned pale. “Young cousin sister” she called out shakily.

Lu Yurong did not bother to look at her. She continued to peer at Leng Feng. “You only know how to act presumptuously all the time. What meaningful things have you done before? Useless!”

Chu Li said, “Miss Lu, the imperial crown prince has always been living lavishly. Can he handle a servant’s work?”

“If he can’t do it, then he’ll not have anything to eat!” Lu Yurong forced a wry smile. “I want to see if he’s willing to starve himself to death! Someone come and get the prince out of here!”

“Yes.” The six protectors looked at Leng Feng, their movements reluctant.

Leng Feng put his hand down suddenly and raged, “Young cousin sister, are you crazy? You slapped me because of him?!”

He got slapped twice in a day. The one thing he couldn’t stand the most was how his young cousin sister had humiliated him in front of everyone, and her words were so harsh!

Lu Yurong waved her hands. “Men!”

“Yes, miss!” Two beautiful maids swept gracefully into the courtyard.

“Get him out of here, and send him to the High Duke’s Public House immediately. Don’t delay even a minute!” Lu Yurong commanded.

“Yes,” the beautiful maids replied. They moved towards Leng Feng, carrying along with them their aromatic fragrance.

Leng Feng took a step back. He knew that these two young cousin sister’s maids only listen to her orders.

“We’re sorry, Prince Feng!” Both maids smiled, slapped his shoulders suddenly and carried him away.

The six protectors exchanged helpless glances with each other. They gave a fist salute and left.

Chu Li burst into laughter. “You’re so cruel! He’s supposed to be an imperial crown prince to you!”

“He needs to learn his lesson before he can become someone useful!” Lu Yurong scoffed. “You went overboard too!”

“I have tolerated him for quite some time already.” Chu Li shook his head. “I just hope His Royal Highness will forgive me.”

He slapped Leng Tao because King Chen had already seen him as an enemy.

King Jing tried to please him just a few moments ago. He then slapped his son in return. Although it was very inappropriate of him, he really could no longer wish to tolerate Leng Feng. Whatever, he had already slapped him anyway.