White Robed Chief Chapter 435

Chapter 435 Response

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“The time will come! This Chu Li, will he take the bait?” Sun Yide kept twisting his neck, “I don’t think this idea will work!”

“Then we will force him to take the bait!” Jianghe replied.

Sun Yide slammed the table, “Yes, we will force him to it, I don’t believe he won’t follow our orders!”

Jianghe stared at him and said, “Little Sun, don’t try to be suspicious, we cannot do this the hard way!”

“No,” Yide replied, “We can only use brute force against him brother Zhao. Being soft will be useless! It will definitely be useless!”

“What kind of hard tactic are you thinking?” Jianghe asked, “Are you planning to fight him? Can you beat him?”

“I can’t, but I don’t think I need to I guess?” Yide replied.

Jianghe understood him.

Once Chu Li started to fight, the secret guardians will have a reason to catch him. Sun Yide will be no match for him, but how about a group of secret guardians? Who dares to go against the will of the Secret Guardians? Rejecting will be the same as opposing the Emperor!

Jianghe replied, “He is an intelligent guy, he will not fight with you.”

“What if I was to target Siao second-lady?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Jianghe quickly rejected the thought, “No one is to land a hand on Siao second-lady!”

“I won’t touch her, but how about frightening her a little?” Sun Yide smiled wickedly again, “Think about it. If I were to aim my attacks on Siao second-lady, what will he do?”

“He will make sure you learn a lesson!” Jianghe replied.

Sun Yide laughed, “That’s right. Haha. By then no matter how clever he is, he still has to do as we say!”

“You” Jianghe shook his head, “You always use your intelligence the wrong way! Fine then, you can try. Once he lands his attack, don’t fight back and act injured!”

“Brother Zhao, don’t you want to try to find out more about this Head Chief?” Yide smiled, “Don’t you want to know what kind of ability he has, and try to figure out how many Secret Guardians are required to take him down?”

“If he intends to kill, we are those in deep trouble!”

Yide laughed, “Even he will not have the courage to do something to us!”

“ Alright. We will do as you suggest.” Jianghe said, “But don’t forget, only try this if he doesn’t take the soft way!”

“Of course!”

Jianghe seemed worried.

“The Princess will see you now!” Song Sansi entered the main hall, and told the two men.

He observed the two men. This was the first time Secret Guardians came to their house, and this wasn’t something good.

“Hehe. Your Princess finally has the time to see us!” Sun Yide laughed.

“Both Guardians,” Song Sansi replied, “The Princess is feeling weak and tired recently. Both of you came at the wrong time. The Princess was resting just now. I hope both Guardians can forgive her!”

“Don’t worry about it, we will never be angry at the Princess.” Sun Yide replied, “The Princess never complained about us disturbing, we are really thankful with that. Thank you very much!”

Song Sansi looked at his reactions, and smiled. But deep inside he was really scared, because he knew these two had no good intentions.

Three of them entered the Tianshu Courtyard.

Siao Shi, Yang Xu, Xue Ling, Song Liuying, Xue Ningyu, Leng Qiu, Leng Jing and some servants were in the courtyard.

Other than them, Princess Lu, Lu Yurong and Leng Ying were also around with their servants.

The courtyard was filled with a hint of flower scents surrounding the all of them.

They were all sitting, and observed the two of them.

Siao Shi and Yurong both had a veil on their faces.

The most beautiful faces were covered, yet the whole courtyard was filled with beauty.

Leng Qiu and Leng Ying were curious. They heard of the Secret Guardians of the Forbidden Palace before, but they never met one. The chances of meeting them in the residence is almost impossible.

“Princesses.” Yide and Jianghe gave them a fist salute.

Yide and Jianghe noticed Princess Lu’s presence, but they didn’t give too much thought on it. If they were in the Prince Jing’s residence, they will be more cautious, as Prince Jing had the biggest chance of becoming the Emperor.

But now they were in the residence of Prince An. Princess Lu and the rest were just visitors. As long as they didn’t do anything bad they would be fine.

Plus, she is yet to be the Empress, thus no need to worry so much.

Siao Shi softly asked, “What is your purpose of coming here?”

Jianghe answered, “Is Head Chief Chu around?”

“Chu Li?” Siao Shi replied, “He is in isolated cultivation.”

“Isolated cultivation?” Jianghe asked.

He never expected this answer.

Sun Yide laughed, “Princess Siao, isn’t it such a coincidence? Chu Li decided to go for isolated cultivation when we arrive?”

Siao Shi looked at him and said, “So what you mean is that, he knew that both of you will come over, so he decided to start his isolated cultivation earlier in order to avoid you guys, is it?”

“Such events, we can’t help but suspect it,” Sun Yide looked back at her with disrespect.

Siao Shi hid her beauty, and he hated the public-houses. However, he still felt that Siao Shi’s eyes were so beautiful, and felt like they wanted to pull him towards her and made him fall for her.

He maintained his focus and thought about his younger brother’s death.

Siao Shi continued, “If that’s the case, you Secret Guardians are not so secretive anyway. Your movements can be easily obtained by someone, and Chu Li received the news, allowing him to hide before you come! But, you Secret Guardians do seem to have so much pride!”

“Princess Siao we don’t mean it that way!” Jianghe quickly interrupted, “We are just following the upper order, and want to ask Head Chief Chu’s help in investigating the oppositions from the Holy Church of Light!”

“Order?” Siao Shi looked at Jianghe, “Emperor’s order?”

“This” Jianghe was stunned.

This wasn’t the Emperor’s order, but the deputy commander’s.

Siao Shi continued, “If this was the Emperor’s order, Chu Li will come out even if he is in isolation. But this is not his order, so forget about it. He is a first grade officer, and will not be easily commanded by anyone. Did I say anything wrong?”

She looked at the both of them, “If there’s nothing more then please help yourself. I am also very tired!”

Jianghe replied, “Princess Siao, those in the Holy Church of Light is causing a lot of trouble. All the Princes are under their threat. Is Head Chief Chu willing to let them die without offering his help?”

“Oh?” Siao Shi was surprised, “I didn’t know that investigating the Holy Church of Light was part of his duty! He is the Head Chief of the public-house am I right? When did he become a Secret Guardian or someone from the army?”

Jianghe was stunned.

Sun Yide was started to get annoyed.

Siao Shi had her ways with words, and both of them were no match for it. Seemed like the only way to do this was the hard way.

Jianghe straighten his face and replied, “Princess Siao, investigating the church is our responsibility, and we also have the duty to get anyone to help in the investigation!”

“You both have really high authority isn’t it.” Siao Shi replied, “As a first grade officer like Chu Li, feel free to move him around. I have a weak body, and it has been a long time since I last met the Empress and Grand Empress. Two days later I will be entering the palace, and I should personally ask them about this.

Jianghe and Yide got serious.