White Robed Chief Chapter 436

Chapter 436 Framed

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Siao Shi was threatening them!

As a Secret Guardian from the Forbidden Palace, they will only obey the words of the Emperor. They will never listen to the words of anyone else.

But, the Emperor had more people to take care of other than the Secret Guardians, and they include both the Empress and Grand Empress.

If Siao Shi really went and reported to them, even if the Emperor can forgive them, the deputy commander will definitely punish them.

Siao Shi’s word was pointing at their weakness.

“Princess Siao I believe this is just a misunderstanding!” Jianghe replied, “This time everyone from the General Resident, Ministry of War and us the Secret Guardians couldn’t manage to discover any clue from this case even after a triple investigation. However, Head Chief Chu somehow managed to solve it with just a single look. His actions were really miraculous and surprised everyone it made us felt shameful, and we know that asking for an outsider’s help will further disgrace us. But for the safety of the Prince and the Fairy’s Capital, we have to come and ask for Head Chief Chu’s assistance, and we hope the Head Chief can be moved by our sincerity and choose to help us!”

Siao Shi slowly replied, “If that’s the case, if he refuses to help, it will be putting the Princes and Fairy’s Capital in danger, and he would have committed a big sin, am I right?”

Jianghe felt that the things that she said was like a sword, and it kept stabbing at his main weaknesses.

“Princess Siao, I wonder if his cultivation is more important, or the safety of the Princes is more important?!” Sun Yide laughed, “I don’t think we need to debate on this?”

Siao Shi replied, “So if he doesn’t come out from his cultivation, that will endanger every Prince?”

“Head Chief can always train his martial art anytime he wants right?” Yide replied, “Why must it be now then?!”

“You are right,” Siao Shi replied, “But why must Chu Li help you?”

“This is to protect the Princes, and will only take a bit of his time only.” Sun Yide felt like he was starting to be on the offense. He felt like he managed to push this girl around, and he was happy with his contribution, “I thought this was something that should be done? Can this bargain work?”

Siao Shi calmly replied, “Chu Li as the Head Chief, he is always busy working for this house. Even if that’s the case, he still pushed aside all the responsibilities during his cultivation. You two just come running and say for the safety of all Princes and force him to go with you two? He is holding the responsibility for the Imperial House, not for the Princes! Besides, the safety of the Princes is important, does that mean ours aren’t? The Imperial House needs him to stay, previously there was an assassination, and I think you guys must have heard of it right? If he helps you, those assassinations will come back again, and it will be worse than before. You two just thought of the Princes, then forget about the safety of the whole Imperial House?”

“Princess Siao you are over exaggerating right?” Sun Yide laughed.

“Do you even have a brain?” Siao Shi replied, “If he really does agree to help, those from the church will come and take their revenge against the Imperial House, and all these are life-threatening, who can help to stop them? Expecting you useless Guardians? You guys need to worry about those Princes, I need to take care of the Imperial House!”

“Princess Siao, we are just trying to fight those in the church, it won’t put the Imperial House in danger.” Jianghe tried to ease the tension.

Siao Shi replied, “Then are they going to take their revenge on you guys?”

“If they want to, they will not be coming for the Imperial House. Princess Siao doesn’t have to worry.” Jianghe explained.

Siao Shi laughed, “What are you saying? Why do we the Imperial House need to bear the risk? Besides, you guys are useless, even those from the church will be lazy to deal with you guys as you guys pose no threat to them. But Chu Li is different, he is a threat, and they will definitely try to get rid of him. So we the Imperial House are in their way of their vengeance!”

“Princess, we cannot agree with what you have said,” Sun Yide said, “If everyone has the same mentality, then no one will be fighting against the church. If everyone is worried about their revenge, then let them just kill everyone!”

“Bullshit!” Siao Shi, “You Guardians are the peasants of the emperor. If you don’t solve this who should? Chu Li is our people. Just because your Guardians’ words, then you want to take him, this first rank officer away from our house? Dream on!”

“Princess Siao,” Jianghe gave a fist salute, “I am sorry for our incompetence. We don’t want to disappoint the Emperor, that’s why we need Head Chief Chu’s help.”

“I don’t want to argue with you two anymore,” Siao Shi waved her hands, “just one more thing as long as I am the Princess here, you two can continue to dream on. Yang Xu, send them off!”

“Yes, madam!” Yang Xu replied and moved towards the two of them.

Sun Yide started laughing.

Everyone was stunned. His laughter was full of disrespect.

Siao Shi just looked at him calmly.

Sun Yide stopped laughing and said coldly, “I really learned a lesson. Those in the House of High Duke truly are full of pride!”

Siao Shi didn’t reply and waved her hands. She meant that she didn’t want to waste any more time with them, and left.

Yang Xu said, “Please!”

“What, I am one of the Secret Guardians from the Forbidden Palace, I can’t say anything here?” Sun Yide yelled.

Siao Shi was starting to feel annoyed, “So many things to say. Alright then, say what you want to!”

Sun Yide said, “Last year two Secret Guardians entered the Yi public-house, but one died inside!”

Siao Shi replied, “So what you are saying is the public-house killed him?”

“Killing someone from the Forbidden Palace in your territory, it is hardly possible that you guys do not know about this.”

“To allow someone from the church to enter the Fairy’s Capital, it is also hard to believe you guys had no idea!” Siao Shi replied, “Everyone was suspicious that you guys are the partner of the church!”

“Shut up!” Sun Yide stared at her and shouted.

Siao Shi just looked at him.

She turned towards Princess Lu and said, “Sister Lu, those Guardians are really full of pride right? They can treat us Princesses like a criminal?”

Princess Lu looked at Yide with displeasure, “What is wrong with you? You come here with bad intentions, and keep twisting and turning, are you guys here to ask for the help of the Head Chief? I don’t think this is an invitation, this is forcing it?!”

Zhao Jianghe immediately replied, “Princess Lu I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Little Sun here is just worried about the safety of the Princes. That is why he is so impatient. We really need the help of the Head Chief.”

“We don’t want to offer our help, what can you do?” Princess Lu is displeased, “Then you guys got annoyed and bring out something from the past to force us to comply, is that right?”

“This” Jianghe was stunned, “Of course not.”

Princess Lu continued, “You two can treat us from the House of High Duke this way, then we can imagine how unreasonable you guys can be towards those normal officers, is this how the Emperor treats everyone? I think it is time for us to talk about this to the Grand Empress!”

“I wouldn’t dare to,” Jianghe grabbed his fist, “We have been impolite, and I hope both Princess Siao and Princess Lu will forgive us! If the Head Chief refuses to help us, we will not force him to do so. We shall leave!”

He grabbed Sun Yide and tried to pull him away.

Sun Yide faced Siao Shi, and he was filled with anger. His thought was all about his younger brother’s death, and he can no longer suppress his fury. He yelled, “No one else managed to recognize those from the church, but Chi Li managed to, why? Why does he have such detailed information about those from the church! Hehe. Yet he refuses to catch them. It is so obvious, he is from the church, and the one before is someone he hated only! Princess Siao are you sure you want to protect him? Let me tell you, you guys have no power over this issue. This is the Fairy’s Capital, not your House of High Duke!”