White Robed Chief Chapter 437

Chapter 437 Kill

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“Hehe” Xiao Shi started laughing. She covered her mouth and laughed hysterically, yet her laughter was clear and sounded pleasant.

Lu Yurong was shaking her head.

Consort Lu stared at Sun Yide with a straight face and looked at Zhao Jianghe.

Zhao Jianghe remained silent.

“Oh, so you two aren’t here to ask for Chu Li’s help but to come and arrest him. You guys lied about intending to ask for his help to get him to go with you! Alright then, go ahead and arrest him. I know where he is, but I won’t tell you. So are you guys going to arrest me as well?” said Xiao Shi.

“Why not!” Sun Yide shouted.

“Presumptuous! Who gave you the right to be so wild here!” said Consort Lu.

“Consort Lu, this is an issue regarding the Holy Church of Light. We have no choice but to do so! We kindly ask for your forgiveness if we have offended you!” Sun Yide replied.

Consort Lu said, “Chu Li has saved the lives of so many Princes, yet you are getting jealous instead of grateful. Is this how you Secret Guardians act?”

“He is suspicious!” Sun Yide shouted.

Consort Lu continued, “If that’s the case, are you going to arrest Princess Xiao for questioning?”

“ Erm, if Princess Xiao refuses to inform us where Chu Li is hiding, we will take the necessary actions! For the safety of all the Princes, we have to do this!” Sun Yide replied with a fist salute.

“All you are talking about is the safety of the Princes. Stop acting so noble and justified! As if the Princes are more important than the Princesses. Without the Princesses, where can the Princes come from!” Consort Lu said.

Sun Yide said, “I cannot agree with your words Consort Lu.”

“Shut up!” Xiao Shi yelled.

Sun Yide looked at her with his small eyes. It was filled with a killer instinct.

Xiao Shi looked at Consort Lu and said, “Sister Lu, Chu Li is one of the students from the church, and he is the Scribe of the High Duke’s Public House and also the Head Chief of this Imperial Residence. Meaning to say that both the Imperial Residence and Public House are suspicious These Secret Guardians are really full of themselves. They think that they can just put any crime on anyone with just their words. Is this the true intention of the Emperor? I want to talk to him face to face!”

“Sister Xiao” Consort Lu was cautious.

Xiao Shi continued, “I want to ask the Emperor, who do these Secret Guardians think they really are, and how they can just label a First Rank Officer as a criminal, label both the Public House and Imperial Residence as suspicious. Are these the orders of the Emperor, is he trying to eliminate my Public House and the Imperial Residence?!”

“Seems to me that the Emperor really gave you guys too much power! Then let us enter the palace and face the Emperor, I will be your witness!” Consort Lu looked at Sun Yide and said.

“Thank you, Sister Lu!” Xiao Shi replied.

“Hold it! Princess Xiao you cannot leave!” Sun Yide said.

“Where are my protectors?” Xiao Shi asked.

“Yes, madam! Princess, please give your orders!” Ying Wuqiu replied from the outside and came to the entrance of the Tianshu Courtyard.

“Bring some people, catch them, and remove their martial art skills from them!” Xiao Shi commanded.

“Yes!” Ying Wuqiu replied quickly.

“How dare you! Princes Xiao, don’t you dare to act reckless, this is not your Public House!” Sun Yide widened his eyes which were full of killing aura and yelled.

“This is not a Public House. This is the Imperial Residence! How dare you be so presumptuous here. Render him powerless, if he resists, kill him!” Xiao Shi replied.

“Yes, Princess!” Ying Wuqiu replied.

“Princess Xiao, you dare to be so lawless! We are the Secret Guardians from the Forbidden Palace, and it will never be up to you to decide what to do with us!” Sun Yide shouted.

Sun Yide did not believe that Xiao Shi would kill him, no matter how brave she was.

“So what if I decide to do what I want to! If the Emperor wants to punish me, he will only tell me off. I will kindly receive my scolding, but I will first kill you, you lowlife. If not, everyone will come to my residence and be ridiculous!” Xiao Shi said.

Ying Wuqiu brought in six men, including Liu Xing, Xiang Feixue, and Huo Yuhao.

Two men were standing in front of Xiao Shi to protect her in case the two Guardians decided to take action before they could react. The other four were surrounding the Guardians.

Zhao Jianghe knew the situation was getting out of control. If it continued, he really would be dead.

He immediately smiled and said, “Slow down everyone, this is all just a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!”

Ying Wuqiu looked at Xiao Shi.

Xiao Shi waved her hands and commanded, “What are you doing standing there doing nothing, do you need me to repeat myself?”

“Yes, Princess!” he replied.

Xiao Shi continued, “If they fight back, kill them, don’t need to care what they say!”

“Yes, Princess!”

Xiao Shi turned and said, “Sister Lu, there is nothing interesting about killing people. Let us enter the house to avoid being splashed by the blood.”

“Alright then.” Consort Lu nodded and looked at the six men.

She never knew that Xiao Shi would be so brave enough to kill those Secret Guardians.

If this really happened, it would not be a small issue. Those Secret Guardians had a high hierarchy. It would not be good for anyone to kill any of them.

Once they entered the house, Consort Lu immediately asked, “Are you really killing them?”

“Of course, what is Sister Lu worrying about?” Xiao Shi laughed.

“They are the Secret Guardians from the Forbidden Palace and the bodyguards of the Emperor. At least we need to think for the Emperor and not be too reckless.” Consort Lu shook her head.

“They are all getting more and more ridiculous thanks to that! It is time to teach them a lesson!” Xiao Shi replied.

“Err Sister Lu, your position is a sensitive one. You need to be more cautious!” Consort Lu shook her head again.

Xiao Shi was not just the wife of King An. She was also the second daughter of the Yi Public House. Her identity would change how everything works.

“Be cautious about what? The more cautious I am, the guiltier I will look. I will do what I need to do. Those people come to my house and bully me, yet I am the one that needs to hold my anger back, then what is the point of being a Princess?” Xiao Shi retorted.

“You” Consort Lu gave an awkward smile.

She admired Xiao Shi’s straight-to-the-point personality, as she never had any small thoughts like other girls, and this made their interaction more truthful.

When interacting with Xiao Shi, Consort Lu could say whatever she disliked, instead of letting it be in her mind and accumulate to some other day and explode all out. Making everything clear was always something nice to do.

“Princess Xiao! We don’t have any bad intentions, little Sun here was just confused just now and simply said something out of hand. Princess Xiao doesn’t need to listen to him!” Zhao Jianghe yelled.

Xiao Shi looked at Consort Lu and shook her head. “So these are the Secret Guardians? So much integrity!”

“Princess Xiao, be careful of your Public House if you dare to kill me!” Sun Yide yelled.

Xiao Shi calmly said, “Ying Wuqiu, where are all your capabilities. Hurry up and finish your job, I don’t want to hear them speak anymore!”

“Yes, Princess!”

“Xiao Shi, you will not have a peaceful death! The Emperor will avenge us!” Sun Yide yelled.

Xiao Shi scoffed. “These protectors are useless!”

Consort Lu was getting restless. Xiao Shi was for real these time. It would be big news if she killed both the Guardians!

“Bang bang!” It was silence after.

Ying Wuqiu’s voice came from the outside, “Princess, both of them are dead!”

Xiao Shi calmly replied, “Alright, let Chief Zhu send the bodies to the officer in charge and say these two crazy men said they are from the Secret Guardians and wanted to assassinate me.”

“Yes,” Ying Wuqiu answered and left.

Leng Ying was so nervous that her face had turned pale. Lu Yurong held her hand and smiled at her.