White Robed Chief Chapter 438

Chapter 438 Entering The Palace

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Consort Lu sighed. “Did we really just kill them?”

She was still in shock, everything seemed so surreal.

Xiao Shi said, “Sister Lu, let us go out and take a look.”

“I think I’ll pass” Consort Lu replied.

“Let’s go.” Xiao Shi held her hand and both of them left the house. Lu Yurong and the girls followed her.

Ying Wuqiu and the others were trying to carry the corpses of the two and were getting ready to head out, but stopped when they saw the ladies entering.

Xiao Shi asked,” Dead?”

Ying Wuqiu gave a fist salute and answered, “Princess, I have confirmed that they are completely dead.”

“They can’t be saved right?” Xiao Shi asked.

She pulled Consort Lu to the corpse and observed the two. Both their eyes were wide open, filled with anger and refusal. They had died with open eyes, and they could never have believed that Xiao Shi really had the courage to execute them.

Ying Wuqiu said, “They will never come back to life even if they eat those Spirit Blessing Pills. Don’t worry Princess!”

“Eh, if Chu Li was here, he would have chopped their heads off. I can’t look at something so gory so we shall skip that. Anyway, do anything you can from stopping them coming back to life!” Xiao Shi said.

“ Yes, we shall wait for another hour before sending them to the officer of the Fairy’s Capital. By then no one can save them!” Ying Wuqiu replied.

“That’s is good. Alright then, go ahead.” Xiao Shi waved her hand.

“I will withdraw myself first!” Ying Wuqiu gave her a fist salute and brought the others out.

They had seen the corpses with their own eyes. The ridiculous and reckless Sun Yide had completely been silenced. He was lifeless and could not say anything or make any sound. His recklessness was no match when it came to death, and the truth was somewhat disheartening.

Consort Lu had accepted the fact that both the Guardians were dead.

She suddenly felt that she had wasted the years prior to this. Consort Lu never understood the true power of a Princess and she had never used it. Being a Princess or a Princess at home was really different!

But as Consort Lu looked back, even if she knew before she would not have had the heart to order someone to be killed. Xiao Shi was from the Public-House where killing was really common.

Consort Lu thought about her niece, who also had the same personality. Killing someone was easier than killing an ant for her, as she never looked at someone’s life as something significant.

Consort Lu shook her head. She really did not have the capability to be this kind of Princess.

Lu Yurong scoffed.

Xiao Shi asked, “Miss Lu, what do you think?”

“You really made a huge mess,” Lu Yurong answered.

Xiao Shi calmly smiled. “Is this trouble?”

“ True, for you, this is just something small,” Lu Yurong replied.

Regardless of which identity Xiao Shi used, either as the wife of King An or the Second Lady of the Public-House, killing two Secret Guardians from the Forbidden Palace was just a small matter. The most the Emperor would probably do is just say a few words, or maybe he would not even do anything.

The outsiders were afraid of the Secret Guardians because they were afraid of the Emperor. If they were not afraid of the Emperor, why would they be afraid of the Guardians then?

Even if the Emperor was fierce, Xiao Shi was his daughter-in-law. As long as she did not try to overthrow the Emperor, she would not be killed. No matter how displeased the Emperor was, he would not kill someone from the Public-House.

Xiao Shi said, “I want to enter the palace and ask the Emperor what is he trying to do!”

“You want to make this even bigger?” Lu Yurong asked.

Xiao Shi replied, “I was forced to!”

Xiao Shi hated these wicked tactics that the Guardians were using. They were trying to label Chu Li as a criminal and kill him. If she did not make a big deal out of it, the others would think that she was just a decoration in the public house!

She wanted to teach those Guardians a lesson and embarrass the Emperor, and see who else would dare to come and cause trouble after that!

Lu Yurong just stared at her and said, “They were trying to target Chu Li and you killed them? You are being really nice towards Chu Li!”

“This is just natural!” Xiao Shi retorted.

Something was going on between the two ladies and the others felt it.

Chu Li suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Tianshu Courtyard and entered. He gave Consort Lu a fist salute and said, “Thank you, Princess!”

Consort Lu shook her head lightly and said, “I didn’t help much.”

Chu Li smiled. “As long as Consort Lu is around, there will be a witness. It will be troublesome if we reasoned with the Guardians without any proof, and they will definitely deny everything!”

“If the Emperor asks, I will answer truthfully!” Consort Lu replied.

She was originally being cautious with the Secret Guardians, as she felt that they could not be taunted.

But now that Consort Lu saw how Xiao Shi did not even regard them as anything and killed them with ease. She suddenly felt that she had been too cautious previously, and it was pointless. She realized that as a Princess, the daughter-in-law of the Emperor, these Secret Guardians were nobody to her.

Chu Li expressed his thankfulness to her with a fist salute.

Lu Yurong moved her sight from Xiao Shi towards Chu Li. “Chu Li, good tactics. Letting Miss Xiao here be the spearhead in this situation, only you can do such a thing!”

But those who called themselves men would never leave a lady alone and save himself from trouble instead.

Chu Li was lucky. He just hid aside and watched everything while allowing the prettiest lady in the Ji Dynasty to deal with those guardians.

Chu Li said, “If I was the one teaching them a lesson, it will be full of trouble.”

He never thought that Xiao Shi would really kill them. Chu Li just wanted her to get them to leave.

Chu Li understood that those two guys were digging their own graves. They were trying everything to arrest him as a criminal. If not, Xiao Shi would have just insulted them and sent them packing. She would not have killed them.

“Hmph, aren’t you afraid of others saying you need to be protected by ladies?” Lu Yurong insulted him.

Chu Li replied, “Let them say what they want, in the end, these two are dead!”

“Will the Secret Guardians just swallow this and let this go? They can’t do anything to Princess Xiao, but they can definitely do something to you right?” Lu Yurong asked.

“Then we will have to see who has the best tactics,” Chu Li answered.

Xiao Shi calmly said, “I am not afraid to kill them if they dare to enter the Imperial Residence!”

Lu Yurong sighed while shaking her head.

Xiao Shi’s actions were rough but effective.

Xiao Shi along with Consort Lu and the Protectors exited the Imperial Residence.

Chu Li could not follow blindly. He told the others he was cultivating in isolation and appearing in broad daylight now would certainly be too brazen.

The Forbidden Palace was not far from the Imperial Residence. It was about a mile away and the carriage arrived after a short while.

Chu Li was disguised as the carter, and the bamboo hat he wore covered his face.

The carriage stopped at a large door.

The red walls around were around ten meters high, and the door was wide and tall, enough to allow two carriages to pass through at the same time. The door was black in color and did not seem to be made out of wood. As Chu Li got closer to the door, his sword got more eager to fly out.

The door had a magnetic power, but anything metal was not allowed to pass through the door.

The Jing Imperial Residence had Consort Lu, Leng Ying, and Lu Yurong, while the An imperial Residence had Xiao Shi, Song Liuying, Xue Ningyu, and both Leng Qiu and Leng Qing. All of them were standing in front of the door.

A servant immediately ran to inform the others.

As according to the law, they should have informed the residence prior to their arrival and only enter once both the Empress and Grand Empress has approved.

But the Empress and Grand Empress would not send them back when they came and waited directly outside the palace.

After a while, one of the Head Chiefs from the Forbidden Palace came and invited them in with a smile.

Chu Li and the rest of the protectors could only remain outside the Forbidden Palace as they were not allowed to enter.

Chu Li sat on the carriage with his face-covering bamboo hat. He observed the red walls and imagined the situation inside the palace.

Unfortunately, the palace was very huge and the Omniscient Mirror could not manage to cover all areas.