White Robed Chief Chapter 439

Chapter 439 Bestowing Responsibility

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Chu Li realized that the Forbidden Palace did not have the number of protectors that anyone imagined.

He initially thought that the Forbidden Palace had strict security with many top-notch masters. It should be a place full of strength and ferocity, even a fly would not be able to enter.

Now that Chu Li saw it, he found out that the number of protectors at the outer layer was similar to the Imperial Residence. The number increased only as they got nearer to the Empress and Grand Empresss palace.

He saw more than ten high-level grandmasters.

These grandmasters were mostly hiding in the dark, or in the buildings, or around the corners. Those servants in the palace would never realize their presence when they walked past.

Chu Li nodded.

No wonder this was called the Forbidden Palace. Although there were not many protectors around, it still was more secure than the Imperial Residence. The Grandmasters inside were also much more powerful than those Grandmasters found in the Imperial Residence.

He saw both the Empress and the Grand Empress. The Empress was around thirty years old and had a pretty face, even prettier than Xiao Shi and the rest. The Grand Empress was around forty years old, but she still had her charm and beauty.

They looked at Xiao Shi.

Chu Li activated the maximum ability of the Omniscient Mirror to see what they were thinking.

The Empress was feeling satisfied as she looked at her pretty daughter-in-law. She was also proud of herself as she was the one who managed to arrange this marriage.

The Grand Empress was also satisfied. Xiao Shi seemed elegant, pretty and gentle, and she felt like a really good wife. Her grandson was extremely lucky to marry such a lady.

Chu Li slowly kept the mirror away.

The Emperor was not within the five-mile radius; thus he could not see him in the mirror.

Chu Li felt that he was lucky.

Without knowing the capabilities of those Enlightened Masters, Chu Li did not want to see the Emperor in case he exposed his capabilities. The situation he was in now would gain him nothing in front of the Emperor.

As Chu Li kept the mirror away, he closed his eyes and rested.

This time he was just giving some suggestions, but the rest was all Xiao Shis idea. To enter the palace and meet the Emperor to question the things the Secret Guardians were doing was all a plan to keep up the pressure and teach the Guardians a lesson.

Xiao Shis tactic was not something a normal girl could do.

After this, no Secret Guardians would dare to enter the An Imperial Residence.

After two hours, Chu Li heard something and looked at the door.

Consort Lu and Xiao Shi were exiting the palace while the others were following behind.

Xiao Shi entered the carriage with the help of Xue Ling and Yang Xu.

Chu Li was ready to get the carriage going when Lu Yurong slowly moved towards him and looked at him with a wicked smile.

Chu Li knew she could look beyond the disguise, so he removed the hat and looked at her.

Lu Yurong said, Congratulations, the new Secret Guardian of the Forbidden Palace!

What? Chu Li was shocked.

Lu Yurong still had her veil on which covered her face. Her smile was faintly visible through it. From today onwards you will be one of the Secret Guardians, and you will be able to show off your power, isnt that something to merit congratulations?

What is going on here? Chu Li was confused.

Lu Yurong laughed. The Emperor gave you the post of a Secret Guardian to avoid being pestered by the others!

Is this his form of reparation? Chu Li replied.

Lu Yurong smiled and continued, There will be a lot of benefits when you become one of the Secret Guardians.

Chu Li shook his head.

Those benefits were good for the others, as they would get their hands on some spirit medicine and secret manuals. However, all those were worthless to Chu Li as he was not lacking any of them. The only thing he was lacking was the chance to train his Heavenly Demon Power.

The books in the Forbidden Palace are interesting, Lu Yurong added.

Chu Li got excited.

Lu Yurong covered her smiled.

Xiao Shi said from the carriage, Are we moving?

Immediately, Chu Li replied.

Lu Yurong looked at the carriage and said, I really never realized how powerful Miss Xiao was. Hurry up and move. Dont leave her waiting any longer!

She moved to the other carriage as she finished.

Chu Li moved his whip and the carriage started to move.

Xiao Shi remained quiet for the rest of the journey.

Chu Li also said nothing. He kept his hat on and maintained his disguised until they reached the An Imperial Residence.

All the ladies left and returned to their respective residences.

Only Chu Li and Xiao Shi were left in the courtyard after both Yang Xu and Xue Ling exited.

The lanterns had just been hanged and the courtyard was as bright as day.

Xiao Shi sat at the stone table under the peach tree. The light made her look elegant, and her eyes were pretty and alluring.

The Emperor is really cunning! He is taking revenge! she put down the teacup and sighed.

Chu Li nodded.

For others, it would have been a step towards heaven by becoming a Secret Guardian. But for Chu Li, it would mean even more restrictions.

But being a Guardian can be beneficial too. You will have a lot less trouble, just like having a protective talisman! Xiao Shi continued.

Chu Li said, Is the Emperor for real, or is he just giving me an identity to carry around?

I think it is for real. I told the Emperor that you have a lot of things to handle and will be too busy to do anything else. The Emperor said you just need to manage it as a side job and wont be obliged to go to the Secret Guardian residence. Only go when you are needed and stay at the Imperial Residence at other times, Xiao Shi replied.

Well, the Emperor is very understanding! Chu Li said.

Xiao Shi said, I think he is having a hard time dealing with the Holy Church of Light. He asks you to deal with them!

The Holy Church of Light Best not to taunt them. Chu Li sighed.

The Public-Houses had killed quite a number of martial art masters, and the sects of the martial world hated them. Those in the martial arts world were always ferocious and had always killed without hesitation, but that bloodlust was nothing compared to the Holy Church of Light.

The assassination of martial artists was a once in a while kind of bloodthirstiness and seldom occurred.

The Holy Church of Light treated assassinations like it was something great and good. It was their favorite activity and they were no different from lunatics.

Once you crossed the line, the killing would come without end.

If you tried to kill them as a way to stop them, they would enjoy it even more. Death to them was not the biggest threat, and they were never cautious about it.

Xiao Shi said, You have already taunted them.

We shall see their reactions. If they take a step back, I wont go overboard too. If they keeping seeking revenge, I will fight them till the end! Chu Li replied.

So are you going to the Secret Guardians Hall? Are you taking up the duty? If you refuse the Emperor Xiao Shi asked.