White Robed Chief Chapter 440

Chapter 440 Waist Plate

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As both of them were talking, Xue Ling voice appeared from the outside, “Mr and Miss, someone from the palace has arrived.”

“For what?” Siao Shi replied.

Xue Ling said, “Sending the waist plate for Mr. Chu Li.”

“Ask him to leave it here then,” Siao Shi replied.

“Ok, madam,” Xue Ling left.

Siao Shi said, “They are acting so fast like they are afraid you might change your mind!”

Chu Li laughed, “That is because the Emperor really values me.”

“Hmph, everyone is wicked!” Siao Shi looked at him, “You can simply enter the palace with the waist plate.”

Chu Li just raised his brows.

Siao Shi continued, “You can even meet the Emperor directly with the plate.”

“The Emperor” Chu Li said, “What does he look like?”

As he was talking, he activated the Omniscient Mirror and looked into what Siao Shi had in her mind.

Suddenly a handsome middle-aged man appeared in front of him. He was with a smile and he was approachable.

Chu Li became thoughtful.

The Emperor looked like a normal guy who didn’t know any martial arts. Is he the same type as Chu Li, who can use everything as his cinnabar field?

Siao Shi replied, “The Wmperor? The look on him suggests that he is a pretender!”

“Pretender” Chu Li laughed.

Siao Shi continued, “He is definitely not someone nice.”

Chu Li nodded, “For the Emperor, there will be no differences between good and bad people.”

Xue Ling entered with soft steps and passed a small purple box to Chu Li. The box size was similar to an accessory box and was shining slightly.

Chu Li took the box and opened it. Inside it was a black round plate the size of a palm.

He took it out and examined it.

The plate was almost weightless while being held in the hand. It was lighter than wood, more like a feather. The front was engraved with small words: “Secret Guardian Chu”.

The other side had a mountain carving on it.

From the surface, the plate felt like there were only a few clean and clear carvings, but as it got deeper, the mountain felt like it was emitting some aura and it was getting closer to him.

The longer he looked, the mountain had become real and blocked the sunlight. It was slowly falling onto him.

By now, most people with any sense will throw the plate away and ran away from it.

Chu Li slowly examined and felt the power that came with the waist plate.

“Is there anything suspicious on the plate?” Siao Shi looked at how he examined the plate and asked.

Chu Li moved the plate away and answered, “I wonder who was the one who made this.”

“I think the Emperor made it himself,” Siao Shi replied, “It was his way of letting the Guardians know how much he values them, but also at the same time as a warning to them. Oh, I mean you guys.”

“I see” Chu Li slowly nodded.

If that was the case, his hypothesis will be correct. The power emitted by the enlightened master will be far superior to grandmaster.

“Is there really something weird?” Siao Shi snatched the plate away.

Chu Li just smiled and looked at her.

Siao Shi investigated for a while and shook her head, “It is just a black plate, what is there to see?”

Chu Li smiled, “Trying looking at the mountain for a while.”

Siao Shi flipped the plate and stared at the mountain. After a few breaths, she lifted her head and said, “Is there anything great about this? The skill was just alright, so much worse than you!”

She still remembered the jade carving of the Elusive Ninth Heaven Maiden done by Chu Li. That was a masterful piece of art. This mountain only had a few carvings that barely showed the shape of the mountain, and the technique was so terrible compared to Chu Li.

“ The point is not the technique. It is about the momentum.” Chu Li replied, “I am yet to reach that level.”

Siao Shi asked, “What momentum?”

Chu Li smiled.

He understood that the imposing aura of the mountain needs to be activated by someone. The higher the cultivation level the easier that person will feel it. It was like some kind of formation.

Siao Shi threw the plate back at him and said, “Keep it properly, this plate is not something common.”

Chu Li laughed, “Those in the Secret Guardians only looks at the plate and not the person, is this rumor true?”

“That is what they say,” Siao Shi replied, “If some stranger is holding a plate from someone they know, do you really think they will think he is that person?”

Chu Li replied, “That is true. If I bring this plate to the House of Secret Guardians, they will not try to start anything and kill me right?”

Siao Shi covered her smile, “Are you afraid?”

“I am just finding it interesting,” Chu Li smiled, “I want to know how they will react.”

“Those who are full of themselves will slowly become more stupid,” Siao Shi laughed softly, “Don’t underestimate the stupidity of the guardians. They really can do it so you better be careful.”

Chu Li nodded, “I can’t wait to go and see it for myself.”

The next morning, Chu Li left the Imperial Residence right after he finished his training. He walked along the street towards the west and arrived at a building.

This area was the place where most of the rich and famous of the Fairy’s Capital gathered at. All the houses were huge with a big courtyard, and the whole place was very secure.

Chu Li was looking at one of the houses that were similar to the others. The big tall door that was painted red and with bronze studs. There were two protectors guarding the door. Both of them were in their twenties, and they stood there with their swords.

As Chu Li walked nearer, both stepped in front and stared at him, “Who are you? This place is not for unauthorized people!”

Chu Li took out his waist plate and threw it towards one of them.

The one with round face drew his sword out and caught the plate with the sword.

He moved the plate closer to him and investigated. He kept his sword and looked closely at the plate. After that, he turned and observed Chu Li and said, “You are Chu Li, the newcomer?”

Chu Li also observed him and replied calmly, “Yes, I am Chu Li. Does the plate look fake?”

“Not really,” the round-faced guy replied, “I heard you are really powerful, first-rate?”

Chu Li replied, “Yes.”

The round-face teenager laughed and said, “I don’t care how highly ranked you were. Once you enter our organization, then you will have to start all over again. You are a newbie, not a first-rank, understand?”

Chu Li smiled, “The Secret Guardians have these kind of rules?”

“That is right!” the teenager replied, “Listen carefully. My name is Dong, Dong Qifei. This guy here is Yang Zongwen. We are both your seniors!”

“Dong Qifei” Chu Li softly said.

Dong Qifei yelled, “You know what is the first thing the newcomers do here?”

Chu Li replied, “I am willing to listen!”

“Guard this door!” Dong Qifei pointed at where he was standing, “That will be it. You don’t need to enter anymore. Just stand here and I will bring the news of your arrival to those inside, just a simple information relay.”

Chu Li smiled.

Dong Qifei raised his brows and said, “What are you smiling at?”

The quiet Zongwen had a long face, and his body was long and skinny. He shook his head and said, “Old Dong, don’t be absurd. Let him enter and meet with the commander first before anything.”

“What is the point of meeting the commander!” Dong Qifei said, “The commander doesn’t want to see him!”

Yang Zongwen replied, “It is up to the commander to see him or not. We cannot decide for him.”

“Old Yang, you are always the kind one!” Dong Qifei stared at him, displeased, “I will not believe that. If I can’t handle a newcomer, what dignity will I have in the house!”

Chu Li smiled, “Who gave you the order?”

He felt like all these were laughable. He was speechless when he saw how the Guardians were using these lowly tactics. Laughable really.

“Yo, such courage!” Dong Qifei laughed, “You sounded just like the commander!”

Chu Li considered him.

Dong Qifei was getting angry being looked at, and said, “Hey you, this is not”