White Robed Chief Chapter 441

Chapter 441 Overbearing

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Chu Li suddenly started laughing.

Dong Qifei yelled angrily, “What are you laughing at?”

Chu Li just continued laughing.

“Shut up!” Dong Qifei was furious, “No one is allowed to make loud noises in front of the house, and whoever does it will be killed!”

Chu Li stopped and asked, “Dong Qifei, who do you think you are?”

“You” Dong Qifei’s face reddened and stared at him, “What did you just say?”

Chu Li replied calmly, “I say, who do you think you are?”

“Audacious!” Dong Qifei shouted and drew his sword out, “You are trying to revolt!”

Chu Li smiled, “If you dare to do anything, I will just end you. We shall see by then who can help you!”

“So full of yourself!” Dong Qifei held tightly on the sword. He couldn’t wait to cut Chu Li into two.

Chu Li said, “You are just a beginner in the house, and yet you are ordering everyone you see. Who are you trying to impress?”

Yang Zongwen looked at Chu Li, “Brother Chu, let us ignore this. Don’t fight with him anymore. He was just joking. Hurry up and meet the Commander inside.”

“I am not in a rush,” Chu Li waved his hand and looked at Qifei, “Newcomer rules? Who sets these rules? Let him come here and talk to me. I never knew that the house has these rules!”

“Who do you think you really are here and why should you know all the rules in this house?” Qifei replied.

Chu Li yelled, “Get out of my way!”

Qifei blocked his path and stared coldly at him.

Chu Li remained calm, “If you still block me after seeing my plate, it will be you trying to be unreasonable. Don’t regret later. Once I end your power, I will just tell the Commander that I was joking and accidentally used too much force!”

“That is enough,” Zongwen pulled Qifei away.

He knew that Qifei was left hanging in the air and he needed some way to get out of the awkward situation.

Chu Li was a newcomer, yet he was highly ranked. His position was too high. Even the house cannot just treat him as someone new. Dong Qifei tried to bully the newbies, but he didn’t know who he was dealing with.

This Head Chief Chu was really living up to his name. Overbearing and unreasonable.

He can just use his rank to pressure Qifei. If really wanted to give Qifei a beating, no one can reason with him anymore. And most importantly, his martial art skill was strong and powerful. Qifei will be no match for him.

In the House of Secret Guardians, the two most important things were ranking and the size of one’s fist.

Chu Li looked at Qifei and shook his head, “You are really stupid!”

“I will kill you now!” Qifei yelled. He evaded Zongwen and rushed towards Chu Li with his sharp sword.

“Bang!” Qifei flew away when he was one meter from Chu Li and slammed on the red door.

“Bang!” the door vibrated and opened. Four middle-aged men rushed out from the inside.

As soon as they saw Qifei lying on the ground spitting blood, their faces changed and tried to rush towards Chu Li.

Chu Li kept his fist and investigated these four men.

Zongwen immediately tried to stop them, “Misunderstanding! This is just a misunderstanding! Everyone stop now!”

Chu Li looked at Qifei and shook his head, “You think you have the ability to fight first? You are both stupid and weak. Don’t overestimate yourself!”

Qifei’s face reddened and there was blood coming out from his mouth.

He was both furious and in pain. All his organs were like being cut by a sword. The pain was excruciating as if being cut one at a time. He held them to avoid making any sound. This Chu Li was very cunning and dangerous!

“Who are you?” one man asked.

Chu Li took out his plate and threw at him.

“Chu? Chu Li?” the man asked.

Chu Li gave a fist salute and replied, “Yes I am.”

“Good, really good!” the man laughed, “Beating your mates as soon as you came, you are living up to your name!”

Chu Li smiled, “All of you were hiding behind the door, so you should have heard what happened clearly. You should know who’s right and who’s wrong here, but you are trying to change the facts here I see. Is this the tradition and culture of the secret guardians?”

The man replied, “Have you meet the Commander?”

They had trained the ability to hold their breath. It could have been hard for any ordinary master to know their presence even when they were right in front of him. But Chu Li managed to hear all of them, and this indicated that his martial art was really out of their imagination.

“Just going to,” Chu Li smiled, “Everyone, kindly move away. I am going in.”

“Follow me,” the man replied.

Chu Li gave a fist salute, “Thank you very much.”

The man replied, “My name is Zhe Liang.”

He waved his hand.

Everyone opened the door and he brought Chu Li into the house.

“Don’t blame the others for trying to make it hard for you,” Zhe Liang said, “It was really ridiculous what you guys did at the An residence. Our brothers were killed by you, and we can’t just swallow our pride!”

Chu Li nodded, “That is just a natural reaction.”

Zhe Liang shook his head, “This was all a mistake. Is Sun Yide really that presumptuous?”

“Brother Zhe, you don’t believe it?” Chu Li replied, “Brother Zhe still don’t know how you guys acted when you are out of the house?”

“The guys are definitely full of pride, that can’t be helped,” Zhe Liang replied, “But we have always stayed loyal to the Emperor and will never betray him!”

Chu Li replied, “So that means you guys can act ridiculously and unreasonable just because you people are loyal to the Emperor?”

Zhe Liang looked at him with dissatisfaction, “You really do hate us, am I right?”

“How many people outside are satisfied with the guardians?” Chu Li replied, “The only one who is afraid will only be the Emperor. Besides, even the Emperor may also not be satisfied, that is why he just let that issue go!”

Zhe Liang got serious, “Chu Li, you need to understand that this is not the Imperial Residence of Prince An!”

Chu Li laughed, “The only thing I need to know is that we are still in the Ji Dynasty!”

“Hmph, good. If you are still acting this way after meeting the Commander, I will be truly impressed with your bravery!” Zhe Liang laughed, “Don’t say I didn’t remind you, the Commander has a worse temper than I!”

“Thanks for the reminder!” Chu Li replied.

“Hmph!” Zhe Liang was lazy to talk to him anymore. He entered the main hall with big strides and yelled, “Commander, Chu Li has arrived!”

“Come in!” a calm voice sounded from the inside.

Zhe Liang lifted his hands and indicated that Chu Li should enter now.

Chu Li had already viewed the situation inside the hall with the Omniscient Mirror.

He entered slowly and gave a fist salute, “Hello, Commander and Deputy Commander.”

The armchair on the north had a strong-built old man. He looked calm and poised, just like a teacher. It was hard to believe he was the one commanding those secret guardians.

Below him sat a middle-aged man. His face was black like metal and had no expression. His eyes were cold, and his stare was enough to make anyone felt uncomfortable. He was the Deputy Commander, Xu Huande.

“Hehe, Chu Li,” Head Commander Fu Mengshan smiled, “It will be our honor to have you this outstanding man to be one of us!”

“Commander is overpraising me,” Chu Li gave a fist salute.

“Started to beat someone as soon as you come in. You are really full of pride!” Xu Huande said coldly, “You are trying to give us a reminder of your power I see!”

Chu Li gave him a fist salute, “Deputy commander, I wouldn’t dare to.”

“You wouldn’t dare yet you have already done it!” Xu Huande replied, “You think you can just do anything with your strong martial art? Are you planning to beat everyone here?”