White Robed Chief Chapter 442

Chapter 442 Transfer

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Chu Li said in a serious manner, “Deputy Commander, if I don’t make a move, then I’ll have to be obliged to be on guard, and I won’t be able to pay a visit to the both of you? I really hope that you’ll excuse me, Deputy Commander, I really can’t bear and swallow my anger!”

“Hmph, swallow your anger!” Xu Huande sneered.

“As a secret guardian, I’ve been officially appointed by the Emperor himself. The Emperor has also made it clear that it’s just a part-time duty so it’s just another identity for me,” Chu Li shook his head and sighed, “There are loads of trivial matters in the imperial residence, but I really have no time to attend to those. I’m only here at the House of Secret Guardians to pay a visit to the both of you, Commanders.”

When the two of them heard what he said, they became even more outraged and thought, what high-sounding sentiments!

“According to what you just said, the Emperor is putting you in the House of Secret Guardians to do nothing at all?” Fu Mengshan asked with a friendly smile, “There are limited numbers in the House of Secret Guardians, there’s not a single idler at all!”

Chu Li said, “I guess there’s no other way, I better request the Emperor to resign from this duty.”

“What high-sounding sentiments!” Xu Huande gritted his teeth and sneered and cast a sidelong glance at him coldly, “Do you think that the House of Secret Guardians is your imperial residence, such that you can come and go as you please?!”

Chu Li raised his brows, “Oh? Am I not allowed to leave?”

“Once a secret guardian, forever a secret guardian!” Xu Huande said coldly, “As a secret guardian, you will know too much, and it will be closely related to the stability of the imperial court. Thus, you’re not allowed to withdraw yourself unless you’re dead!”

Chu Li laughed and said, “Since I know nothing at all now, I can just withdraw myself, right?”

“It’s too late!” Xu Huande said coldly, “From the moment you stepped foot into the House of Secret Guardians, you’re destined to be one of the House of Secret Guardians!”

Chu Li shook his head, “I think that the Emperor will approve my resignation!”

“Go ahead and try then!” Xu Huande sneered and said, “If you manage to resign your duty as a secret guardian, I will kowtow to you three times!”

“I dare not!” Chu Li waved his hand, “I’m overwhelmed by your gift, Commander Xu!”

Xu Huande gritted his teeth and sneered, “If you can’t resign?”

“Haha” Fu Mengshan waved his hand as he laughed and said, “All right, all right, Elder Xu, stop teasing Young Chu already!”

He stood up and stepped away from the armchair, and walked towards Chu Li and smiled at him, “Don’t worry, Young Chu, just know that you’re an officer in the imperial residence now. I know that Prince An has quite a number of matters for you to attend to so you won’t be overloaded with work here.”

“Thank you very much then, Commander!” Chu Li smiled, “Commander, I just want to clarify, previously when I discovered the disciple from the Holy Church of Light, it was merely a coincidence. It was certainly not because I had some ability, I just suddenly felt that he was a little suspicious.”

“Oh, you felt that he was suspicious? That’s capability right there,” Fu Mengshan laughed out loud and said, “There were so many people present, why didn’t anyone notice that he was suspicious, but you happened to notice, Young Chu? That’s a talent!”

Fu Mengshan thought to himself he dared to look for Prince Bao just because he felt that someone was being a little suspicious? He thought that he’s lying to a child!

Chu Li shook his head and laughed as he said, “I’m flattered, Commander.”

Fu Mengshan said, “How about this, I won’t arrange any work for you. You will only be in charge of the Holy Church of Light and track down the disciples of the Holy Church of Light in Fairy’s Capital.”

Chu Li laughed instantly.

Fu Mengshan was not mad at all. He smiled and looked at him, “Young Chu, is something wrong?”

Xu Huande said, “Commander, this is an important matter. Are you putting him in charge? I think it’s better to be more cautious.”

“What do you think, Young Chu?” Fu Mengshan smiled and asked.

Chu Li replied, “Commander Xu is right, it’s better to be prudent. For one, there are too many matters to deal with in the imperial residence. I’m incapable of dealing with so many matters simultaneously. Moreover, I was just lucky that time, I won’t be so lucky every time.”

“No, no, no,” Fu Mengshan waved his hand and said with a smile, “Young Chu, I believe that you weren’t just lucky, it’s a real skill.”

Chu Li laughed and said, “Commander, I’m extremely grateful that you think so highly of me. I’m just afraid that it will be beyond my reach and that I will ruin the plan, which will cause the Emperor to be dissatisfied with you, Commander. It will be my fault then!”

“Young Chu, how about this?” Fu Mengshan smiled and said, “After all, you’ve just entered the residence. I can’t demand so much from you. As long as you capture another disciple from the Holy Church of Light, you will be allowed to do whatever you like. Within this year, I won’t assign you to anymore task, what do you think?”

“Commander, you’re being very nice to him!” Xu Huande sneered and said, “Only one task in a year, and it’s such an easy one.”

Chu Li said, “Commander, does each secret guardian has a certain amount of task to accomplish?”

“That’s not the case,” Fu Mengshan said, “They’re just never idle anyway. The House of Secret Guardians has always been short of hands and lacking manpower.”

“If you can’t even carry out such a simple task, you won’t have to request a resignation from the Emperor. We will let the Emperor know directly!” Xu Huande said coldly, “Let the Emperor transfer you out of the Imperial Residence of Prince An!”

Chu Li laughed, “If that’s the case, I can only test my luck then.”

“This is how it’s going to be,” Fu Mengshan said, “Your primary task is to eliminate all disciples of the Holy Church of Light from the imperial residences. You must inspect all the residences. If there is none from the imperial residences, proceed with the houses of the high officials from the imperial court.”

Chu Li replied, “Yes.”

Fu Mengshan said, “There won’t be many hands that can be transferred to you. How about two men?”

“Two” Chu Li thought for a while then said helplessly, “Two will do then!”

“Haha” Fu Mengshan went up to him and tapped on his shoulder, then praised him, “Nice and straightforward, Young Chu. Your way of doing things really suits my taste, this is the best. You can just randomly pick two men, but of course, they have to be free from tasks now.”

“I’ll take those two on guard then,” Chu Li said.

“You” Fu Mengshan pointed at him then shook his head and broke into a laughter, “You have a mind of a young man! The two of them are new in the residence. They are still very green, and their temper is not polished yet. They are impulsive and will ruin your plans easily.”

Xu Huande said coldly, “Let me remind you beforehand. It is forbidden to massacre one another in the House of Secret Guardians. If you do that, you will not be forgiven!”

“I won’t go as far as to kill them,” Chu Li said, “Don’t worry, Commander Xu, I will help to polish their temper.”

“Very well, sorry for the trouble then,” Fu Mengshan smiled and said, “I’ll hand those two over to you. You may burnish them but don’t do anything to them. Should anything happen, I’ll hold you responsible!”

Chu Li did a fist salute.

“Zhe Liang!” Fu Mengshan called out loud.

“Yes, Commander!” Zhe Liang’s voice could be heard from outside.

“Call the two of them on guard to come in,” Fu Mengshan commanded.

“Yes,” Zhe Liang replied, his footsteps faded away slowly.

Fu Mengshan said, “In the House of Secret Guardians, we implement a military system with a captain, corporal, sergeant, centurion, deputy commander, and a commander. Although you’re from the higher class, you’ve just entered the House of Secret Guardians, so you’ll start from being a captain.”

“Thank you very much, Commander,” Chu Li said.

In no time, the two men followed Zhe Liang into the main hall.

“Greetings, Commander, Deputy Commander!” the two men bowed respectfully.

Fu Mengshan sat on the armchair and said in a hoarse voice, “Yang Zongwen, Dong Qifei, from today onwards, you’ll be assigned to Chu Li’s team.”

“What?” Dong Qifei called out involuntarily.

Yang Zongwen looked shocked as well. He looked at Fu Mengshan, then looked at Chu Li.

Chu Li put on a serious face and looked solemn.

Dong Qifei said quickly, “Commander, am I not under Captain Zhang?”

“From today onwards, you’ll be transferred to be under Chu Li,” Fu Mengshan smiled and said, “Captain Chu is an outstanding youth who is renowned in the Fairy’s Capital. If the both of you follow him, you will have great opportunities to perform commendable services!”

“Commander!” Dong Qifei called out hurriedly.

“That’s enough!” Xu Huande said in a low tone, “It has been set!”

Chu Li looked towards Dong Qifei with a serious face, “Is your talent being put to waste if you’re transferred to be my team?”

Fu Mengshan said, “Young Dong, Young Yang, you know the rules of the House of Secret Guardians. The secret guardians are like military forces if you disobey orders with no valid reason, don’t blame the rules of the house for being ruthless!”

“Yes!” the two of them did fist salutes.