White Robed Chief Chapter 443

Chapter 443 Make A Move

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Dong Qifei looked extremely reluctant, but since both the Commander and the Deputy Commander had agreed to it, and as a newcomer, he could only obey their orders conscientiously.

His internal organs were still hurt from before, and when he saw Chu Li’s sullen face, he moaned and groaned to himself and cursed himself for his bad luck. He thought to himself that he would suffer hardships from then on!

Yang Zongwen looked at Dong Qifei and groaned to himself as well. Sure enough, karma struck them fast!

“Commander, Commander Xu, we shall leave now!” Chu Li did a fist salute.

Fu Mengshan said, “Zhe Liang, help Young Chu to settle down. Look for a courtyard for him according to the best criterion!”

“Yes, Commander!” Zhe Liang responded in a hoarse voice.

The four of them left the main hall.

Zhe Liang led the way and turned around to take a glance at Chu Li.

Chu Li laughed, “Brother Zhe, do you have something to say?”

“I didn’t think that the Commander values you so much,” Zhe Liang scoffed and said, “However, you better be wary, I’m advising you out of good intentions.”

Chu Li said, “I’m all ears.”

“The Commander’s temper is not as good as it seems,” Zhe Liang said coldly, “If you manage to complete your task, the Commander will be very kind to you. But if you fail to do so, he would not show mercy at all when he punishes you!”

Chu Li laughed and said, “If I fail to complete my tasks, how will the Commander punish me?”

“He will just send you off to a remote area far away,” Zhe Liang said, “Or leave you in the house to deal with trivial matters. In short, he has many ways.”

“Is it such a bad thing to deal with trivial matters in the house?” Chu Li smiled and looked at him, “Like you, Brother Zhe?”

“This is a punishment!” Zhe Liang scoffed and said, “I have to stay inside the house for half a year because I made some mistakes. Or else, I would already be carrying out tasks long ago!”

“What’s so good about carrying out tasks?” Chu Li asked.

Zhe Liang said, “We run things here based on a military system and military meritorious services are important. With military meritorious services, you will have everything!”

“Military meritorious services” Chu Li pondered.

“When you achieve military meritorious services, you get promoted, and only when you get promoted, you will obtain better drugs and secret manuals. You will even get chance to pick something from the secret store,” Zhe Liang’s eyes glowed, “In a word, military meritorious service is the most valuable!”

Chu Li nodded slowly.

An encouragement technique like that was not very strange. It was of strict ranking.

Zhe Liang led them to a courtyard and pointed at a rather dilapidated courtyard, “This is it. The place is a bit dilapidated, but it’s nice because of its quietness.”

Chu Li smiled and said, “A small team of people gets such a treatment?”

The residence was huge. When the five of them entered to look, there were many houses, but there were more people.

Initially, Chu Li thought that he would be sharing a house with other people. He did not think that he would be given an entire courtyard. It was a treatment given to sergeants.

“The Commander personally instructed me to do so,” Zhe Liang said, “Are you satisfied?”

Chu Li smiled and said, “This courtyard is quite nice.”

Zhe Liang said, “If you have any inquiries, ask away, but there’s actually nothing much to ask since the Commander has already briefed you. You just have to do your work.”

Chu Li nodded and glanced at Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen, “Clean up the courtyard, that will be all for today, I will return tomorrow.”

Right after that, he left the House of Secret Guardians.

Zhe Liang, Dong Qifei and Yang Zongwen looked at one another. They did not think that Chu Li would just leave like that.

After Chu Li left the House of Secret Guardians, he paced along the avenue casually. He placed both his hands behind his back, his white robe fluttered in the wind.

He felt strange as both the Commander and the Deputy Commander from the House of Secret Guardians seemed to not have any killing intentions towards him, which was totally out of his expectations.

After Siao Shi murdered two secret guardians from the imperial house, logically, the two Commanders would certainly not give him good looks. They might even be prepared to plot venomous schemes to recover lost grounds and to regain respect after being beaten.

Unexpectedly, not only did they not show any killing intents, they earnestly looked forward to him to uncover disciples from the Holy Church of Light.

The House of Secret Guardians utterly detested the Holy Church of Light. One after the other, they had lost ten over secret guardians to the Holy Church of Light.

In order to feel out the Holy Church of Light, a total of ten over secret guardians worshipped the Holy Church of Light.

Nonetheless, the Holy Church of Light had a unique method to screen through those men. Out of the sixteen secret guardians, none of them survived. All of them died one after another. Hence, the House of Secret Guardians hated the Holy Church of Light to their bones and treated them as their greatest and most hated enemy.

The reason that Commander Fu Mengshan from the House of Secrets Guardians was so kind and friendly to him was because he wanted him to capture those disciples from the Holy Church of Light.

When Fu Mengshan stated that as long he captured one of them, Chu Li would be able to take a rest for the year and not bother about the matters of the House of Secret Guardians. It was just a lie.

Fu Mengshan’s true intention was to see what Chu Li was truly capable of, whether he could actually capture any disciple from the Holy Church of Light.

Once he identified that he had such capabilities, then regardless of what method, he would make him do something about it to capture all of the disciples from the Holy Church of Light and send them all to the Ultimate Land of Bliss.

Chu Li was hesitant on whether he should go all out to annihilate all disciples from the Holy Church of Light.

All the disciples from the Holy Church of Light who stepped foot into Fairy’s Capital had ill intentions. They were malicious, and they killed with injustice.

At first, Chu Li did not want to speak out as the disciples from the Holy Church of Light were all madmen. Once provoked, he would not be able to rid himself of that huge trouble. He wanted to leave it to the House of Secret Guardians to deal with.

By the looks of it, he was being too positive. The House of Secret Guardians was absolutely clueless in finding the disciples from the Holy Church of Light and they were going nowhere.

Therefore, the two Commanders evolved an idea around him, hoping that he would be capable enough to search for the disciples from the Holy Church of Light.

Chu Li hesitated. He knew that he had to exterminate the disciples of the Holy Church of Light, but he must really put good consideration into when he should make a move.

For the time being, his foundation was not stable yet. Once he really provoked the Holy Church of Lights and make them go mad such that they would look for revenge, would he be able to handle it?

After much thoughts, he felt that he had no confidence of success.

He had to accumulate powers at once. Once he was assured that he could defend himself, then he would be able to go against the Holy Church of Light. If he made a move now, it might be too early, and he might risk implicating people around him in danger.

While he pondered on his way back into the imperial residence, he saw Jiang Kuai through the Omniscient Mirror.

Jiang Kuai was dressed in green. He sat in his courtyard with a look of hardships and he seemed to be very anxious as he kept looking at the door from time to time.

Xue Ling was fanning the small furnace, where white steam evaporated from it.

Chu Li teleported and appeared at the entrance of the courtyard. Then, he pushed the door open and entered.

Jiang Kuai stood up abruptly and did a fist salute as he said, “Chief!”

Chu Li waved his hand. When he saw his serious and sullen face, he knew that he brought some bad news, “Sit and talk! What happened?”

Jiang Kuai followed Chu Li to the stone table and sat down. Xue Ling served them tea in teacups then stood behind Chu Li.

“Chief, bad news,” Jiang Kuai’s handsome face was masked with a dense look. He said in a hoarse voice, “We’ve lost six Protectors from our residence and it happened in these three days!”

Chu Li asked, “Did you manage to save them?”

Jiang Kuai shook his head slowly.

Chu Li frowned, “Didn’t they bring along the Spirit Blessing Pills?”

“The Spirit Blessing Pills were snatched away,” Jiang Kuai replied in a low tone.

“Snatched away” Chu Li’s face turned dark, “It looks like it’s going to be endless until the last ditch!”

The Spirit Blessing Pill was not almighty. If the opponent happened to be very strong, the Protectors from the House of High Dukes would not be able to escape even if they perform secret skills. Moreover, their Spirit Blessing Pills were snatched away. Even if they took the Spirit Blessing Pills, it would be pointless since they would be killed again, which would end the lives of the Protectors from the House of High Dukes completely.

Jiang Kuai said, “The eldest master has given orders. All the Protectors have to retreat to the House of High Dukes and are not allowed to leave.”

“The perished ones are Innate Masters?” Chu Li frowned.

Grandmasters could not be easily killed.

Jiang Kuai replied, “Three of them were Innate Masters, the other three were Acquired Masters.”

Xue Ling said softly, “Master, if all the Protectors retreat to the House of High Dukes, won’t we become blind instead since we won’t be able to know anything?”

Sure enough, that decision would damage their morale and made them weak and would disrupt the dignity of the House of High Dukes. Logically, no matter how many Protectors were sacrificed, they should not be making that decision.

Chu Li shook his head, “Does the eldest master have any clue?”

Jiang Kuai sighed, “The eldest master predicts that those people are from the imperial court. It was most likely done by the secret guardians from the imperial house.”

“Secret guardians from the imperial house?” Chu Li thought for a while and nodded, then he shook his head again.